June 10, 2019

RCC 42: Stop Stalling and Get on the Boat

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Women like Freya Stark remind us to ask ourselves, “What is my ‘boat’—and what is stopping me from getting on it?”

Are you dreaming about graduate school? Entrepreneurship? A new relationship? A new career? A fabulous, soul-exploding journey around the world? A sabbatical so you can finish your book? Leading a workshop for the first time in your life?

What is the boat that you want to board? What is your ship of dreams?

If you noticed that today’s episode is a little shorter than the previous ones, you’re right.

I’m sending this from Positano and I wanted you to hear this message.

For a long time, I’ll admit, I was waiting for someone else to create my dreams (aka The Silver Fox).

I had a deep, intense craving — travel! — but instead of creating travel experiences for myself? I placed all of the power into somebody else’s hands. Not fair. To either of us.

After that realization dawned on me, I vowed: never again.
I hope you make the same pledge to take personal responsibility for your own happiness.
I hope you “get on that boat.”

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey.

Hello. Hello. When Freya Stark was a young girl, she was given a copy of the book Arabian Nights. She devoured it and wanted more. Books became her portal into the wild, thrilling world outside of her bedroom, and as she grew older, she developed an intense desire to travel. She yearned to explore every corner of the earth, especially the Middle East, but there was just one problem.

Okay. There were six problems. She had numerous health issues. She had no formal education. Her face had been disfigured in a horrible accident. Her parents' marriage was in shambles. She was born in 1893 and of course, let's not forget, she was a woman. And women like Freya simply don't trek into the Arabian wilderness, now do they? But that's exactly what she did.

Over the course of her extraordinary life, Freya trekked across parts of the Middle East that no Westerner had ever visited before. She explored deserts and valleys in Arabia. She served in the British Ministry of Information during World War II. She wrote over 24 books chronicling her adventures, and received several awards from the Royal Geographical Society. She lived to be a hundred years old.

Side note, can you say #shero plus #girlpower plus #ladybosstothemax? I'm so inspired by this woman's story, I can barely stand it.

Cue the Amazon ordering frenzy. I need all of Freya's memoirs ASAP. So just for a moment, take yourself right into Freya's story. Imagine that you're

34 years old, there's a ship sailing to a far away city called Beirut, and you've got a ticket to ride. You're standing on the dock staring at that boat. This is it. Your chance to finally visit the East to change your destiny forever, just like you've always dreamed of doing.

Can you imagine what Freya must have been thinking and feeling at that exact moment? Can you imagine all of the anxieties that surely must have been running through her mind? All the reasons to cancel or postpone this wild, crazy trip? All the reasons to go home instead of getting on that ship?

And yet, despite everything, Freya found the courage to get on that boat because of that one decision, that one moment of courage, that one moment of, "Hell fucking yes," instead of, "oh, maybe later." Freya's life and history would never be the same.

Women like Freya remind us to ask ourselves, what is my boat and what's stopping me from getting on it? Are you dreaming about graduate school? Entrepreneurship? A new relationship? A new career? A fabulous soul-exploding journey around the world? A sabbatical so you can finish your book? Leading a workshop for the first time in your life? What's the boat that you want to board? What's the ship of your dreams? Have you been waiting on the dock, staring at the boat, coming up with reason after reason to not get on it for months, maybe years? Your entire life? Aren't you tired of waiting?

There will always be one million reasons not to get on that boat, and you can easily come up with two million more. Your brain is just so good at inventing reasons not to act, not to stretch, not to move, but this is your life. The only one you've got. It's time to stop stalling on the dock.

Do it to challenge your courage muscles. Do it to set a bold example for other women and girls. Do it an honor of Freya or the shero of your

choosing. Do it most of all for yourself, for your happiness, for your life. Sister friend, it's time. It's been time for a long time. Even though you're scared, even though conditions are not perfect, they never will be. Even though 1000 excuses are gripping you tightly, even though it's uncomfortable, even though nobody gets it except you, despite everything, you just know it's time to get on that boat.

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