April 22, 2019

RCC 35: Rewiring Your Emotional DNA to Make $100K with Lin Eleoff

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Confronting your money blocks is one of the toughest things to tackle as an entrepreneur. Whether you realize it or not, you probably have baked-in beliefs about money and your ability to make money that are putting an upper limit on what you’re able to achieve. How we feel about money is wired into our emotional DNA, but there’s good news – you can rewire that emotional DNA and blow past your own wildest money-making dreams.

Joining me today to talk about her 100K DNA is my longtime friend and fellow lipgloss aficionado, Lin Eleoff. Lin is a life coach who also happens to be a lawyer, author, and entrepreneur. She challenges women to WOMAN UP when building their businesses, and believes that starting your own business is an AFGO of epic proportions (Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity).

Lin and I talk about how she rewired her emotional DNA when she wanted to start making more money. She shares the phrases she once used to cop out of reaching her potential and how she worked through some of her sneakiest money blocks. Lin and I also discuss disrupting the dieting and coaching industries and why female entrepreneurship is changing the world.

Because mind, body, and business are intimately connected, my challenge for you this week is a two-parter: I want you to see if you can incorporate some movement into your daily routine three times this week. And I want you to ask yourself the following questions about any money blocks you may have:

  • Do I have some beliefs about money and my ability to make money that I need to do some work on?
  • Are there any thoughts and belief systems I could kick to the curb?

Then, drop by the Rich Coach Club Facebook Group and tell us about your movement & money beliefs!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The four biggest life & business lessons I’ve learned from being a runner for the past eleven years.
  • What Lin means by emotional DNA and how she changed her money mindset.
  • How settling for comfort prevents you from pushing through your money blocks.
  • The phrase Lin had to leave behind in order to break through her own glass ceiling.
  • Why Lin trusts herself to get back on track if she finds herself having a bad day or emotional tantrum.
  • Why discomfort is the price of admission if you want to do amazing things.

Listen to the Full Episode:

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey. You're listening to episode 35, here we go.

Happy day, coaches. I’m so excited that you’re joining me for today’s episode because we have so many juicy things to discuss with my guest Lin Eleoff. So, Lin talks about having 100K DNA, which is so sexy. And I can’t wait for you to hear her explain what that means. Do you think you’ve got the emotional DNA to make 100K or beyond?

She talks about rewiring your emotional DNA to get there. Holy Moses, I love this because just recently I was with one of my clients who hired me to scale her business. And she set a monetary goal and within the first quarter of this year she has almost reached the goal she set for herself for the entire year. And when I asked her what she credited that to, other than amazing coaching – I’m kidding – she said that it was a lot of the money mindset work that she had been doing. And that, my friends, is something that we’re going to dive into.

You’ll hear from Lin, who talks about how she overcame some of her own money blocks – little benign thoughts like, oh it’s only money, or I’m not in it for the money. How many of you listening have told yourselves that; oh I’m not in it for the money?

So, we’re going to talk about rewiring your emotional DNA and you’re going to want to hear from Lin for a multitude of reasons. I’ve known her – we were trying to figure it out.  I think we’ve known each other in this business for a decade and she has such an interesting background. She’s an award-winning television news journalist. She’s an internet business attorney turned entrepreneur. She’s a master certified coach.

And the other thing you need to know about Lin, other than she’s incredibly smart and talented, is that she and I have a love for all things sparkly and lip gloss. So without further ado, let’s dig into your pep-talk, and then we’ll move onto this amazing interview you’re not going to want to miss.

Alright, coaches, so you know that, if you’ve listened to any of my podcasts, I used to be a professional couch potato and a junk food junkie. So, this would have been 12-13 years ago. And I went on my own journey with health and fitness, and what’s interesting is this former couch potato became a runner. And I can’t believe it’s been 11 years, and there’s so many correlations for me between health, movement, and business.

It’s just so hard to believe for me that I’ve been running now for 11 years. And it all started with doing a little 20-minute Pilates video in my house and then doing a slow walk to a power walk to this slow shuffle jog from my house down to the local park. And I remember the day that I heard myself suggest to myself that I go from power walking to giving running a try.

And my feet pounded the pavement with all the speed and power and velocity of molasses dribbling out of a cold jar. I wasn’t fast. I’m still not fast, but I wasn’t fast, it wasn’t easy, my legs burned, my brain winced at the intensity and started complaining almost immediately, trying to convince me to stop and just go home. Shut up, brain.

I mean, it was really, really hard, and I wasn’t sure I could do it. But there was this deep wise powerful voice inside of me that kept saying, “Just try it. Just see if you can do it, Susan.” And I decided to listen to that voice instead of the voice saying stop. And I remember reaching the edge of the park and I was drenched in sweat and feeling so proud of myself.

And then later, on Google Maps, I learned that I had run a mile and a half; a mile and a half. Oh my god, listen, to me, that was, like, pretty far. Alert the media, Hyatt’s heading to the Olympics. I felt completely stunned and amazed. Like, did I do that? Because I honestly didn’t know that my body could do that.

And of course, I immediately wondered, what else can I do? A spark of curiosity was ignited and I haven’t stopped running since. Since that very first jog to the park, running has become a cherished daily ritual. It’s how I start my day. It’s how I clear my mind. It’s become one of my greatest teachers and there are so many lessons that running has given me that directly translates into business. And it would be tough to fit them all into this podcast and your pep-talk, but today, in honor of my runaversary, here are some of the greatest lessons that I’ve learned from 11 years of sweaty sneakers, and as my daughter Cora will tell you, horrendously stinky workout clothes.

Number one, stay in the mile that you’re in. Don’t agonize over how many miles are left or lament over how far you’ve already gone. Don’t succumb to the inner voice that whines and says, “Come on, that’s enough already.” Stay present in the mile that you’re in; left foot, right foot, repeat.

Now, this is so true for business too because if you’re looking at how many miles you have yet to go to accomplish what you want to accomplish, you’ll get exhausted and quit. And then the same thing can happen if you’re like, “Oh look at everything I’ve already done. Isn’t that enough?” We don’t stop when we’re tired. We stop when we get the results that we want, so stay in the mile that you’re in.

Number two, you always have 25% more in reserve than you think. This is a big one for me. Every time I feel like I seriously can’t run anymore, I urge myself to run a little bit further, another 25 seconds, another 25 meters, 25% more speed for this last minute, go.

What’s interesting is that every single time I discover that I have a little more energy in the tank than I think I do, even thought my brain might be saying, “Oh, so boring, this is so hard, enough already, stop.” That voice isn’t necessarily telling the truth.

I don’t have to stop, actually. I can keep going, whether it’s running, writing, marketing, or coming up with a new creative business offering. There’s always more in reserve. Like, I’ve really learned this on this book tour, that I’m capable, we’re all capable of giving a little more than we think.

Number three, if there’s a big reward that you want, discomfort is the price of admission, yo. Listen, running five miles at 5am in the freezing rain or slush is not exactly a comfy experience. Neither is pitching your book proposal to literary agents and getting rejected. Neither is introducing yourself to a potential client and asking them to hire you. Neither is marching up to that hot guy at the dog park, like one of my clients did a few years ago, to ask him out on a date.

All of those experiences can be highly uncomfortable. Intensity, emotions, vulnerability, but if you’re willing to breathe through the discomfort and act anyway, that’s how you unlock all kinds of rewards. Discomfort is the price of admission and there’s no sneaky discount coupon to get around it.

Number four, you never know who you’ll inspire. When I started running 11 years ago, I was hoping to get in shape, to get fitter and see if I could push myself a little bit harder. I wasn’t aiming to be anybody’s role model exactly. I was still pretty immersed in diet culture back then. And I certainly didn’t see myself as an athlete.

And I learned, this was probably five years ago, I learned that a girl in my neighborhood, she had been watching me run past her house every day for like eight years and she was so inspired that’s he decided to join her track team at school, because of me, me, a former couch potato, uncoordinated, unathletic me.

So when you choose a goal and pursue it with devotion, you never know who you’re going to inspire or whose life you might touch, because you decide to walk, run, dance, write, sing, or launch your own business, you might change the course of someone else’s life. You might inspire a girl to join the track team like I did. You might inspire a girl to become an entrepreneur. You might inspire a girl to stand up for herself or become president one day, who knows?

You never know who might be watching and learning from the example you set. It doesn’t even matter if you’re the best at whatever you’re doing. You inspire simply because you’re doing it.

Now, we’re moving into the part of the show where I give shout-outs to you; shout-outs to listeners, clients, all the wonderful people in my business community. And today, I want to give a shout out to Denise Ellis-Stewart. So, Denise gave me a five-star review on iTunes for Rich Coach Club, and the title is Binge Listening to RCC.

“Here’s the deal, I don’t even have a coaching business and I’m currently binge listening to Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club. There is such fantastic information here that I just can’t help myself. I’ve even listened to a couple of episodes twice. My time is valuable and I’m super picky, but Rich Coach Club is worth every minute. First, the caliber of women that Susan interviews are amazing. Her guests are smart, motivated, and inspiring. And second, Susan asks great questions. She allows her guests to shine. Looking forward to the next season.”

Thank you so much, Denise. So here’s the thing is, I release a new episode every single week, so you don’t have to wait until the next season. And listen, thank you for that amazing review. You guys, you have no idea what it means for a podcast host to have people take the time to leave reviews. So, if you have something to say about the show, please send an email to my team, support@shyatt.com or post a five-star iTunes review about the show, or post something on social media, and you might hear your name on a future episode. I love giving shout outs to folks in my community, so holla at me. Thank you for the love; I love you right back.

Okay, it’s time for an interview. And as you know, I’m speaking with Lin Eleoff. I’ve already told you a little bit about Lin. She is an award-winning journalist. She’s an attorney.  She’s an entrepreneur.  She’s also a mother and she has transformed her business by changing her emotional DNA. So I can’t wait to dive into this juicy topic. Here we go.


Susan: Welcome to Rich Coach Club, Lin Eleoff.

Lin: Susan Hyatt, I am thrilled to be on your podcast.

Susan: So we’ve known each other a long time.

Lin: A long time, yes.

Susan: Has it been 12 years, 11 years?

Lin: It’s got to be 10 years and we bonded instantly over lip gloss. I remember that. I remember that, I’m like so into lip gloss and you were like, “You like lip gloss too?” And we were exchanging colors from the bottom of our bag. It was so fun.

Susan: You know, what’s funny is that I have a new lip gloss sitting right in front of me…

Lin: So do I…

Susan: [crosstalk] at all times, people. Is that, Lin, part of what you call 110K DNA, to always be ready with lip gloss?

Lin: You know what, Susan, I’m so glad you mentioned that because I think selling our coaching services is like saying, “Check out my lip gloss. Susan, do you love this color or what?” Like, that’s how I approach it. It’s as easy as that. And I think, like, that’s not sleazy or slimy or whatever that thing is that coaches are so worried about. It’s like, look at what I’ve got, I can’t wait to share this with you.

Susan: Oh, I love the lip gloss. I talk about it like shoes, shoe sales energy. I love lip gloss. My new one, Lin, have you heard me tell my chicken soup story?

Lin: Oh, I have.

Susan: So it’s like, shoes or chicken soup or lip gloss.  I’m actually loving the lip gloss one. I’m going to roll with that one for a while. So, what do you think in terms of – I have enjoyed watching your success, you’re a published author. You have an amazing podcast yourself. We’ve got links to all that stuff in the show notes for you guys. But there’s something along your journey that shifted in your mindset where you went from someone who was striving to be successful, to becoming a wildly successful coach. What do you think changed for you to allow that to happen?

Lin: You know, Susan, what I think it was is I finally, finally understood what Martha Beck said to me many years ago. She said, “Lin, you just have to figure out a new way to be a lawyer.” Because I was hung up on why would a lawyer want to become a life coach, like, that was so stuck in my head. All Martha would say to me is, “You just have to figure out a new way to be a lawyer.” And I’m like, what does that mean, tell me, tell me. And it took me a while, but I have figured it out. First of all, I’m a life coach who happens to be a lawyer and not the other way around. And then I bring all my life experience to that and I say, this is me. I totally have something that I can offer you, kind of like check out my lip gloss, and I know that if we work together, amazing things will happen. And I got so clear and focused with that so that even if somebody said, nah she’s not for me, nah I don’t like her brand of lip gloss, I’d be okay with that. I’d be like, that’s okay. I really am, and it was a massive shift. It was a massive shift. I just love that.

Susan: I love it too. And I love, first of all, you have such an interesting track record in life, right? Like, you were a broadcaster, you were an attorney, like, you bring all of this wealth of life experience into your coaching practice. And what do you think, when you say – and we were talking before I started the recording – 100K DNA, that is such a gold, platinum, title. I think I know what it means, but what does it mean to be a coach with 100K DNA?

Lin: So, I think what it means is that, first of all, I believe, and I don’t even think it’s a belief, I think it’s a fact that we are all born with our seeds of immeasurable greatness within us. And I think we doubt that. and when we doubt that, that becomes part of our DNA, our emotional DNA, the way we think about ourselves and our place in the world. And so our whole worldview is like our emotional DNA and then we take that and we apply it to everything, whether it’s money, our coaching business, our family, our marriages, all that stuff. And we think it’s a fact, but it’s not. It’s just, as you know, of course, Susan it’s just the way we’ve been trained to think and believe and see ourselves in the world. And I think, when we can change our emotional DNA, we can change everything about our lives. And I think that part of that emotional DNA has to do with money.

And so many coaches who aren’t breaking through that 100K ceiling – it’s like an inner glass ceiling. We keep bumping our heads against it, we don’t even realize we’re doing it anymore. It’s like a fish with water, right? We don’t even know there’s this glass ceiling. We keep bumping it and bumping it and we wonder, what is wrong with me? How come she has it and I don’t? And it really isn’t that at all. You have it, we just need to access it. We need to figure out, like, what is causing you to keep bumping your head against it?

Susan: It’s so true and even in my own life, like, upper limiting and finding myself, like why am I at this plateau? And it’s so interesting because, for me, it’s usually because I’ve decided to settle for comfortable in some way. And it’s like you have to – at least me and my clients – you have to go through the stuff that feels impossible and be willing, be up for it, to break through whatever that plateau is, whatever that threshold is, 100K DNA.  And so, for you, Lin, it sounds like you finally, in your mind, clicked. Like, okay, I have to find a different way to be an attorney, but you’ve grown. Once that clicked, you’ve still continued to grow and grow and grow. What did you have to leave behind or let go of?

Lin: You know, Susan, one of the most crippling things I used to say to myself was, it’s not about the money. I mean, I used to say it’s not about the money like it was some grand statement or gesture. And I was really – I mean, it was arrogant. And I didn’t see it that way. I just thought this is a really clever way to let myself off the hook. Of course, I didn’t realize that, but that’s what I was doing. Like, I fell for my own mind tricks, which made me comfortable, like what you just said. And I think that when we get in that cozy comfort zone where we get to eat Doritos, because Doritos is my favorite worst form of therapy…

Susan: You know what, we have more than lip gloss in common, Lin.

Lin: Oh my god, Doritos and Netflix, oh my goodness, I could completely zone out on everything. And that has its place. It’s not to say that I should never be doing those things, but I can’t hide behind those things. And that’s what I figured out. I’m like, Lin, you’re such a little trickster. You’re hiding. And basically, what it was is my inner six-year-old was in charge of my life. And a six-year-old should never be in charge of a life. And it was kind of like that. And she was the one that was saying those things, like let’s just eat Doritos and have fun and we don’t need to make money, you’re good, you have money.

And I’m thinking later, it’s like, that is letting me off the hook. And by not making money, I’m not holding myself accountable to me and my business. And the money is evidence that I’m going all in, and that really caused the shift for me. And now, in a way, it’s all about the money for me because the money is an indicator that I am all in. And when I back off, I can tell, I want to just go have some Doritos and not make money, and that’s how I know I’m backing off. And it happens all the time. It’s never one and done, it just keeps happening. And then I’ve got to reel myself back in.

Susan: Yeah, I mean, I think you just made another great point too, for all of you listening to this, that coaches who are making great money and creating great work in the world, it’s not like we walk around like Eckhart or Byron Katie, never having a negative thought, never having a situation where we make a choice that is not in the best service to ourselves. We’re messing up all the time and then making choices and going, why did I just decline that opportunity or why did I say I don’t know or why am I eating this, just like you guys. But what do you think the difference is now, Lin, when you find yourself eating Doritos and Netflixing instead of leveling-up? What’s the difference in how you respond?

Lin: I think I respond sooner. I catch myself sooner. So, for example, if I am having, quote en quote, bad day or things just are not going right and my mind is off-kilter, instead of trying to do thought work and writing down turnarounds and all that stuff, I let myself just be in the moment, trusting that this afternoon I may feel different, but certainly by the morning I will feel different, that this isn’t something that has me in its grip, because I think the other part of my mind, the adult woman version of me, I trust that she will step in. And that’s huge for me. This happened just not too long ago where I was like in such a funk. And I was like, what do I do? My mind is all in a whirl.

And I thought, just let it be because we can’t coach ourselves when we’re in the throes of a tantrum or a sandstorm. It’s like, I just need to, whether it’s to go for a walk or watch a Netflix show, whatever it is, I know I’m going to come down and then I can regroup. And I think that is just being able to trust myself to be able to do that just calms me down, makes me feel good. It’s like, okay, have your moment. It’s like your tantrumming toddler in the grocery store; knock yourself out, kid. You’re going to get tired and then we’ll continue; it’s like that.

Susan: Exactly, and so when you think about disrupting the coaching industry, can you say more about that?

Lin: Yes, and I love that you’re disrupting the diet industry and I think I’m disrupting the coaching industry because there are a lot of coaches who are doing what I was doing about money. It’s not about the money, or I need to do my website, or I need to have this done first, and I need that done first. And that’s just talk. And we need coaches to recognize in themselves when they’re not showing up for themselves. And I really think it’s so important for women to – there’s two things, two things that every woman needs, let alone a coach, and that is commitment and to take responsibility for her life. I mean, I think that that is nonnegotiable and if you negotiate with yourself and you let yourself off the hook and you don’t take full responsibility for what’s in front of you, then you’re passing the buck. And at the end of your life, you’re going to look back and say, I’m so disappointed I didn’t give myself a chance to do that. And, Susan, I don’t know about you, but I never want to feel the R-word at the end of my life. Like, I am so afraid of regret. That’s what makes me do stuff that I think, you know what, maybe I will fall flat on my face. Maybe this will be embarrassing.

Maybe I won’t sell out my coaching program. But whatever that will feel like, disappointment, frustration, whatever, that will be nothing compared to what regret’s going to feel like if I don’t even try. I always compare, like, what am I afraid to feel right now and how will that compare to regret at the end of my life? And then I always win. I always end up doing the thing because I don’t want to feel the regret.

Susan: I am so with you on this because one of my favorite mantras is be the woman with the stories, not the regrets. And it’s because of what you just said. And I swear to you, that is something that is so important to me too. I was just interviewing a client named Cole Schafer and he is – I don’t know if he’s going to be on the episode before you or after you, Lin, but he was talking about something similar, only 25 years old and he’s already figured out the pain of embarrassment is more tolerable for him than the pain of not doing the thing.

Lin: Exactly, that is it exactly. And when that clicks for you, oh my goodness, the things that can happen. I mean, yeah, we fall flat on our face, and ouch, it hurts or it stings or our feelings get hurt or somebody says, who do you think you are to be a life coach? And you kind of absorb that and you lick your wounds and you carry on. You don’t let that dictate your life.

Susan: Yeah, and I love, in terms of thinking about this, because everybody who is listening to this podcast, I’m sure – if you haven’t, we’ll put it in the show notes – has read the article that a nurse wrote about the top five regrets of the dying. And she talks about, like, listen, live your life now because here are all the things I hear on a daily basis in hospice, people who are dying. And it’s not stuff like, “Gee, I’m really glad I never went for it.” You know, it’s, “Hey, I wish I had had the courage to go after my dreams,” is the number one, I think, on that list.

Lin: And that’s why I talk about guts; guts, grit, and grace. I mean, I think guts is something – we all have them, we just have to sure them up. A lot of women think, “I just don’t have the guts.” I’m like, “Oh yes you do, let’s pull them out and start using them in your life.”  Because you’ve got to have the guts, then you’ve got to have the grit to get back up more times than you fall down. And of course, you’re going to fall down. Let’s not try not to fall down because that’s impossible. And then the grace to love yourself through the process.

I think that all of these things that present themselves to us, like all these challenges – I call them AFGOs, another freaking growth opportunity – I think that it’s like, if we have the grace to go through the AFGO and love ourselves through it instead of using it as yet another opportunity to beat ourselves up, it’s like I’m going to go through this and I might fall down and I might feel embarrassed and I’m still going to love myself through it and I will get through it. Because, Susan, look at all the stuff we’ve been through, we have so much evidence in our lives. We’re still here, which means we’ve gone through stuff. We’ve fallen down. We’ve kissed the bathroom floor, all that, and then we’ve gotten back up, and every woman has done that, every single woman that I have met has done that.

Susan: Absolutely, and I think, you know, when I talk about diet culture, and women will say the same thing to me in business and in body, they’ll say, well I just don’t think I have what it takes or I don’t have the willpower. And it’s like, are you kidding me right now? Let’s look at everything in your life, like you’re saying, that you handle, for your office, for your community, for your family, and you’re just misdirecting your power. So if you were to take some of your power back, and instead of counting calories and points and all those things and directing that towards what you really want, expanding your life, then hello, all of a sudden, guess what, willpower is not an issue. Focus isn’t an issue.

Lin: But, Susan, don’t you think too though that sometimes when we say I don’t think I have it in me or I don’t have what it takes, it’s like – I think that is a way – like, I think there’s comfort in not taking our power back. It’s like, it’s convenient to not take your power back. It’s not easy to take your power and wield the power of your two X chromosomes, which is mighty. I think sometimes that scares us and we think, nah forget the power, I’m just going to sit here where it’s nice and safe…

Susan: Yeah, and eat Little Debbies and watch my Netflix. No, I agree with you.  And one thing that I have started to say to myself is, like, guess what, you don’t have the luxury to not do what you know you need to do, because it is, it’s like a gross luxury to sit around and say, I don’t have what it takes and it’s never going to happen for me and all that stuff. It feels disgusting, but it’s also like, who are you to think you have the luxury to sit around and do that when you could be out helping people, saving the world, you know, doing all the things we, as life coaches, want to do. Like, you don’t get to sit around and pretend.

Lin: Right, you don’t get to sit around and not water your seeds. You have to water the seeds. That’s why you came here. I don’t want to get all woo-woo on your or anything like that, but that’s why we’re here. We have these seeds. We’re supposed to water them. And if we don’t, then we’re neglecting what we were meant to do. I mean, it’s like you have this contract. I’ll go all lawyer on you, let’s talk contracts. You have made a deal to do something, whatever that may be, and it’s different for everyone, and so many people renege on that agreement. They just say, no it’s too hard, I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided I’d take this opportunity of a lifetime, to back off, and that’s sad.

Susan: Well, it is sad, and it’s also – I mean, I think that if any of you listening to this podcast have been pondering, like – because I have these thoughts too. My husband’s always laughing at me. Scott’s like, okay, whatever. I’ll get super frustrated about whatever it is, book tour, it doesn’t matter, I get irritated. And I’ll say, “You know what, whose idea was this? Oh right, it was mine. And I’m just going to quit everything else and all I’m going to do, I’m just going to stick to a couple of one on one clients and call it a day.” And he’s always laughing and he’s just like, uh-hu, sure, sure that’s what you’re going to do. And it really is just me, like you said earlier, having a tantrum where I’m deciding I’m going to close everything up, I’m going to keep it super small and manageable, quote en quote, manageable. This is a lie I tell myself. I don’t need to work that hard. I don’t need to try that hard.

Lin: Right, you don’t need the money. It’s not about the money…

Susan: I don’t need the money. And it’s just a way for me to vent. And if I were to follow through on that, like, what a disservice to myself. What a disservice to the world. You know, I think about all the time, the thing that keeps me in it is the woman who’s never heard yet that diet culture is something that is set up not in her favor. I think about the business owner who’s never heard there are sustainable ways to have a business and a life. And it keeps me going. So for any of you listening, Lin, what keeps you going when you have those days where you just want to grab a bag of Doritos and watch Netflix and you choose not to and you choose to stay in it? What do you tell yourself to keep you in it?

Lin: So, this is, it’s almost like I have to remind myself. I don’t ever have to talk myself into it. I think that my why is so big and I think that’s what we all need to figure out, what is your why, because it trumps everything. And for me, Susan, and this may sound cliché, but it really is about teaching, coaching, hanging out with women and girls and pointing them to the seeds that they are not paying attention to and are plotting when they are paying attention and watering them. And that’s how I water my own seeds, because I know that there’s so much good in the world when other women are lifting other women up. Like, that fires me up. Now, there are times when I will keep eating the Doritos and I’ll say, okay, I’ll get to that tomorrow, but it’s there and I’d never abandon it.

And another thing too, Susan, I have this program called 100K DNA, but I don’t think we have to strive for 100K. I was working with a woman recently, she said, “Lin, all I want to do is make 10K.” I said, why? And she said, “So that I can take my husband on a vacation every year. I would love to be able to make 10K and go on a vacation.” I’m going, let’s do it. She said, “Oh I’m glad you said that because I thought I had to make 100K.” And I’m like, no, you don’t, but we just need to get your head around whatever it is that gets in the way, and then you’re off to the races. I’m sure you agree with that. Like, it’s not about making 100K, it’s not about losing 10 pounds or 20 pounds. It’s the thing that lights you up about that.

Susan: Absolutely, I mean, 100%. So it’s like, I don’t really – it doesn’t matter to me how much money you want to make, just as long as you know what you want to make and why and what you want to create in the world and why, and if you want to adorn your body or have your body to show up a certain way in the world, just so long as you understand why and that it’s deeply rooted in what you want to create in the world and how you want to be in the world and not just some idea you got from somebody else.  And I actually think that’s why a lot of coaches suffer, is because they’re not doing what you and your client just did, they come up with a goal that’s not even their own.

Lin: Right.

Susan: Well no wonder you’re not going to create and sustain that because you actually don’t even care about, whatever, fill in the blank.

Lin: Right, yeah, you’ve got to buy in, like wholeheartedly. You have to buy in. You’re right, that’s why most goals don’t work, because they’re a good idea but we’re not really into it.

Susan: Right, and you know what, there are so many people that get into the self-help industry because they’ve had such a great experience as a client, but it’s not necessarily their bubbling-over passion to facilitate it for other people. And so it’s, for me, when I have my little tantrums and I’m like, I’m quitting all of it, it’s never going to happen because I can’t help myself. I cannot, honestly, Lin, everybody who’s going to listen to me, locally and beyond, for the next year is going to hear about a recent report that just came out. You know I live in the state of Indiana, and Indiana is ranked 49th out of 50 states for equal pay for women. We make 73 cents to the man’s dollar in the state of Indiana, which the national average is 80 cents. And so if one more person wants to talk to me about how Indiana is fiscally responsible, I am going to shove that report up their butt. And so let me tell you something…

Lin: Do it, Susan, you go, girl…

Susan: I see something like that happening in the world and it’s like, oh I’m just going to go take a nap, I don’t think so. And for whatever those of you listening have, like whatever your thing is that you read or you see or you overhear some woman say it and you’re like, not today, Satan, not on my watch, like that is what can help fuel whatever goals you have. But you have to figure out what that is.

Lin: I think that’s what female entrepreneurship and the internet – thank you, internet, thank you so much for being you, because I think female entrepreneurship is actually what is going to turn that round for women and having it all, if that’s even possible. I don’t think so because not even men can have it all, but having what we truly want as women, like, there’s so much power in being your own boss, as we all know, and having your business and working from home and taking care of your family, doing all those things that matter to us and making money the way we make money, not how men make money, but how we make money. I mean, I think that’s going to, you know, you’re going to light up Indiana and those numbers are going to change, I just know it.

Susan: Well I’m just like, you know, I’m like – I’m not even going to get super political here, but I will – that when our lovely governor became the vice president and everybody wanted to say, I was all up in arms about his religious freedom act nonsense he tried to pass in 2015, and everybody was like, look, Indiana has a balanced budget and… You know how they’re balancing the budget, bitches? They’re balancing it with your 27 cents. No thank you.

Lin: Oh my gosh, I love talking to you. This is so good. This is so good because yes, yes to all of that, ditto. Whatever she just said, it’s me too.

Susan: So, if any of you are Pence fans, I’m sure you will unsubscribe now, I don’t care. So, Lin, when you hear a coach entrepreneur who is trying desperately to get clients, make money, what is the number one piece of advice you want to leave them with today?

Lin: Stop the desperation, because when you come at it from that desperation, no wonder. Who wants to work with anyone who’s exuding desperation? Just imagine if I got on this call with you, Susan, and you could sense that everything about me was desperately wanting to do well on this podcast. I mean, it would just sound awful. It would come across – like, you wouldn’t even want to play it, I’m sure. So I think that’s the number one thing. It’s like, give it up. Give it up. The desperation comes from wanting it to be perfect, from not wanting to fail, from not wanting to hear no, all that stuff. It’s like, would you like to see a really cool lip gloss I have, Susan? I want to show you that. There’s no desperation in that. It’s just like look what I have, do you want some? You don’t? Move on, next. Like that. That, I think, is the number one thing. Does that make sense?

Susan: Oh my god, I love it so much and it absolutely makes sense. But I want to ask you – I think I know the answer, but you may come up with something I am not considering. I always ask my guest – the podcast is called Rich Coach Club. It’s a double entendre because yes, we’re concerned about making money here, but it’s also about living a rich life. And that has nothing to do with money. So, what’s something that helps you feel really rich that either costs nothing or costs very little?

Lin: Ooh, costs nothing or – oh, goodness me, you cannot stump me with this question. So first of all, lip gloss would be the easy answer, so I’m not even going to say that. And I’m going to give you an answer that I know sounds so cornball, but this is the absolute truth and I do this all the time. I hug my kids. And I have two of them that still live at home. I have four kids, my two youngest are still at home and they’re not babies, they’re like 20, 20-something, and they let me hug them whenever I want. And oh my god, Susan, it lights me up. It’s like going to the gas station and filling up. And that costs nothing, and they get right into it with me and I’m so blessed to have that.

Susan: Oh I love that answer. No one has given that answer yet.

Lin: Really? It’s so corny…

Susan: No, it’s not corny at all. Lin, my answer is having an overflowing amount of toilet paper and Nespresso pods. So I’m so boring compared to your hugs. I love it so much. So, we, of course, will have all the links in the show notes for how people can find you and play with you and hang out with you, but what’s your preferred way for people to connect with you?

Lin: So, it’s hard to spell my name for most people, lineleoff.com, but I also have gutsygloriousliving.com. Most people know how to spell that. gutsygloriousliving takes you right to my website and all the goods are there.

Susan: Thank you so much for being here today.

Lin: Susan, I absolutely adore you. I know I tell you this so many times over the years, you’re probably sick of hearing it, but I do, and thank you for having me on your podcast, it’s an honor.


Thank you, guys, for listening to today’s episode. I have a final challenge for you. So I want you to digest what you’ve just heard in today’s episode and I want you to think about, is there some form of movement that you could challenge yourself to do this week three times? I am so big in my work on challenging my business clients to actually get themselves moving because, like me, all those years ago when I started running, when I started moving my body, that helped a mind-body connection that affected my business in a way that no strategy could ever touch.

And after listening to the interview with Lin Eleoff, in addition to adding some movement into your daily practice, I want to challenge you to think about, do I have some beliefs about money and my ability to earn money that I need to do some work on, number one? And number two, are there any thoughts and belief systems that I’m willing to kick to the curb?

I would love to hear what they are. So why don’t you pop into the Rich Coach Club Facebook group where we’re going to have a conversation happening about this. And let’ stalk about what movement you’re adding to your day and what money blocks you’re going to be working on to create that 100K DNA and beyond.

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