May 20, 2019

RCC 39: Communication, Community, and Courage: An Interview with CLEAR Coaches Select Alums

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When I was building my business initially, I was running it like I’d run my real estate practice. But over time, I brought some new strategies into the mix, making my old-school-plus-new-school business style super-potent. As other coaches started to ask me how I’d gotten so much business, I realized that this unique approach could help other coaches build amazing businesses – and help a LOT more people along the way. That realization laid the groundwork for CLEAR Coaches Select.

The CLEAR Coaches Select program closes today, and what better way to celebrate (and convince you to join last-minute!) than sharing an interview with three amazing CLEAR Coaches Select alumni? Jennifer Shyrock, Dr. Errin Weisman, and Mary Houston join me today to talk about the very different takeaways they got from the program and how their businesses have changed since.

We talk about the importance of embedding yourself in a supportive, ambitious community, why you need a communication plan ASAP, and why you should be making big investments in yourself and your business. And each coach shares her best tip for you listeners, especially for those of you who are new coaches or are wanting to take your business to the next level. Don’t miss out on this round of CLEAR Coaches Select – we’d love to have you!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to tell if you’re playing it safe in your life and your business.
  • Why it’s important to honor the integrity and creative process of each individual coach.
  • How to choose and develop a communication plan that’s a right fit for you and how you like to show up.
  • Why it’s important to remember that you can’t bootstrap forever – you might have to hire help eventually.
  • What Jennifer, Errin, and Mary each took away from CLEAR Coaches Select and how it’s impacted their businesses.
  • Why having a community and a sense of courage are essential as you’re growing your business.

Listen to the Full Episode:

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey. You're listening to episode 39, here we go.

Alright everybody, today I've got a really big treat for you. I sat down for a casual interview with three of my Clear Coaches Select clients to talk about their experience with the program and success after learning some of my business tips and tricks.

And I asked them things like what was your biggest shift during the program, what's your number one tip for any entrepreneur who's thinking about investing in something for their business, and I also share my own personal shifts that have happened this year within my own business. Because let's face it, it really doesn't matter what level you're at in business. Every level there's a new devil, I like to say.

Every level, there's new barriers to break, a new ceiling to smash through, and that includes me. And I'm very honest about some of my own struggles building this business and some of the mindset shifting that had to happen for me this year to really take Susan Hyatt Inc. to the next level.

But before we get to the interview, it's time for your two-minute pep talk. Here's your two-minute pep talk for the week. This is the part of the show where I share some encouragement and inspiration to get your week started off right. And I try to keep things to 120 seconds or less.

Are you playing it safe in your life and in your business? Are you keeping things neutral and bland? Are you deluding your opinions or treading hyper cautiously to avoid offending anyone? Here's some telltale signs that you're playing it safe.

So, safe means you're writing generic sounding articles like Five Ways to Boost Your Google Ranking, 10 Really Great Date Night Ideas, but you never share personal stories, difficult lessons that you've learned, or anything with grit, vulnerability, and emotion. You have strong opinions about politics, the Me Too movement, homophobia, transphobia, racism, immigration policies, but you never share your thoughts publicly.

You admire heroic women like Rosa Parks and Maxine Waters but then when you're presented with an opportunity to stand up against a bully, you sit on the sidelines and say nothing. Your podcast is so bland and boring not even your BFF will listen to it.

When you meet someone at an event and then follow up the next day via email, they don't remember who you are. When you've booked a photo shoot, you're very careful not to be too sexy or too much. Your inbox is empty. No enquiries from clients, no emails from appreciative fans. Crickets, tumbleweeds. The most exciting email you've received all week is a spam message about all-natural herbal Viagra.

That's pretty pathetic, right? But here's the telltale signs that you're leading your life and running your business with bravery. So brave examples would be you write about real things you've experienced. Rookie mistakes, painful moments, big lessons you've learned. You get emails from complete strangers saying thank you, I'm crying right now, you said the exact words I needed to hear today.

You have a strong point of view and you share it publicly at the dinner table, on the podium, on camera, on stage, online. When you see something that's not ethical, not fair, not right, or when you see someone in danger, you swoop in like a superhero. You don't stand passively on the sidelines. You step in and make a scene.

And when you meet people at events, you make a strong impression. You get home and you've already got emails in your inbox from people who want to hire you. You have lots of beautiful ideas. Podcasts, books, projects, movements, and you are an implementation machine. The time is now. The world can't wait. You feel light, energized, and liberated.

You're so busy enjoying your life you literally don't have time to get bogged down by the occasional one-star review or bitchy blog comment. Your inbox is packed with messages. Clients who want to hire you, fans who are just sobbing over your latest essay. So moved and touched by your words.

Journalists want to interview you. Hate mail from hysterical people who are so triggered by how brightly you shine. Quite the contrast, right? So I want to encourage you to do something today to shift your world from safe to brave because lord knows I just posted on Facebook pictures from my safety days. My beige real estate blazers. Maybe we'll put a link to it in the show notes.

I've been safe and I've been brave, and you can start with a tweet, an outfit, a photo shoot, a letter to your mayor, or an email to your dream client. Safe is the mud that keeps you stuck and brave is the rain that washes the road clean, clearing the path to the life that you crave. Be very unsafe today.

Now we're moving into the part of the show where I give shout-outs to you. Shout-outs to listeners, clients, all the wonderful people in my business community. And today, I want to give a shout-out to Nancy Howze. So Nancy left the sweetest five-star review on iTunes and she entitled it Best Podcast Ever.

"If you are looking to up your game and be inspired then look no further! Susan Hyatt's Rich Coach Club is the podcast for you. You need not be a coach to benefit from listening to this fun, upbeat, and uber helpful podcast. I cannot say enough good things about Susan and her podcast. Listen to an episode and see for yourself. You will not be sorry."

Thank you so much, Nancy. That means so much to me. And hey, if you have something to say about this show, send an email to my team or post a five-star iTunes review like Nancy, or post something on social media and tag me and you might hear your name on a future episode. I love giving shout-outs to folks in my community so holler at me. Thank you for the love. I love you right back.

Okay, so now it's time for our interview, and I told you I've got a big treat. I've got three coaches lined up and they're going to dig in and give you some critical advice. So let's dig in and hear their brilliance.


Susan: So as you guys know, I have been running a program called Clear Coaches for almost 12 years and over the years, it's had many different iterations. When I was a brand-new life coach, other coaches started to hear that I was making money as a life coach and saying like, hey, how are you doing that? And I was like, wait, you're not? I was kind of over here in this little bubble operating my business the way I used to operate my real estate practice, which was very old school stuff.

But over the years, I have married old school philosophies with new school strategies and today, what you see is Clear Coaches, a digital program, but also a live program called Clear Coaches Select, which all of these beautiful faces are alums of and they've each got something really different out of the program so I thought it would be cool for everybody to learn from them what it was that they got out of the program and then also what's happening in their business.

So one thing that I am really proud of and I've been kind of on a rant about lately is that women in business have been trained to think that they aren't good at business and have been taught an approach to business that's very much like diet culture, which is a prescription that you follow and if you just have enough willpower you can do this crappy plan.

And so the way that I have approached business all these years has been about honoring the creative process of the coach and helping the coach tap into their brilliance, and then using yes, strategies that work, but always bringing it back to the truth of the entrepreneur. Because what I know for sure is that - and I'm so glad I've steered clear of it, but a lot of this stuff that's being taught really disconnects a business owner from their truth.

And this is definitely a much more feminine approach, I think to business, and a much more creative approach to business but also a very lucrative approach to business. So I think I want to start with Dr. Errin because real life, Dr. Errin's kiddos are going to get off the school bus or be home from school very soon...

Dr. Errin: Well, they're here. I just have them all trapped upstairs right now.

Susan: Oh, that is real talk. Real talk, the children are trapped upstairs. I used to have this door to my office shut and it's like a glass - kind of like the door behind me. You can see through it. They're glass panels, and Cora Hyatt, who's home right now from school also would stand there with her Polly Pockets like, smashed to where I could see her and it was always like, listen, don’t interrupt a call unless someone's bleeding or there's an emergency. And she would be like, "But I can't get Polly Pocket's dress on. That's an emergency."

Dr. Errin: Mine will - we have a really thick drape because it's a weird shape for a door, and you'll just see like, random shit fly by because they're trying to get my attention. So if you guys see randomness just know it's my monsters.

Susan: Awesome. Alright, so Dr. Errin, one of the things that I was impressed with you through the process was one of the things I teach that I think each of you have enjoyed is something called a communication plan, which is not just always being on social media but actually having a plan of how you're going to communicate with your people. And one of the things I loved about you as an ER doctor and you help doctors avoid burnout or recover from burnout is that you were like, listen, doctors are not reading their emails, so having an email strategy as part of my communication plan isn't probably the best strategy.

It's not going to work for your ideal client, which is why I so love this process because it's what works for your people. So what is it - what do you think was the number one shift for you that came out of the program and what did you decide to do instead of emailing that worked for you?

Dr. Errin: Well, we had first started talking about communication plan and I was like, already doing a lot of the things. So I am a young physician so I'm a millennial, so I'm already on social media and I was kind of doing this stuff and I was like, I'm just not getting to the people. I need to get to the people. And you were like, well, we need to do an email sequence and I was like, vom. I don't want to be any part of that, I already get 200 messages a day from all different directions, from ER, to personal email to my hospital email, to everything. I'm like, I don't want more messages like that.

So what I had to figure out was like, how can I really speak to my people so that they know that one, I really am a colleague and I know my shit, and two, that they learn my story that yeah, in fact, I have been burned out and I'm super young and I'm still in medicine. So what I found kind of through that process, podcasting. Podcasting is what has really connected me to my people. My podcast is called Doctor Me First. It totally came out of jealousy of your Go podcast because I was like, it's just amazing, I want to do that. And so I leaned into jealousy, I found the positive in it and I launched about seven months ago.

I'm like, 60+ episodes in and about 9000 downloads. So that's the really cool thing, but emails, you know the open rate and that's the same thing about podcasting. Like, I know who's listening and I know what states they're in, and it's been fun. I would say over the last month I'm starting to get that trickle back of like, oh my god, I can't believe I'm actually talking to you on the phone when we set up a call or when they email me.

And so it took a while. So I would tell all your audience like, don't get frustrated if you don't find the answer right away, but yeah, it's been - my most powerful tool has been podcasting.

Susan: I love that you did that too, and I have a lot of clients right now who are considering starting podcasts and the thing of it is is finding the way that you want to express what you have to share with your people, and if it's not through write an email sequence, maybe it's a podcast. If it's not through a podcast, maybe it's through a YouTube show. But helping you figure that you and package it up in a way that - like you said, your people understand that you are in medicine, you know what you're talking about, and you have a solution to this really prominent problem among doctors.

So awesome, well done. I will circle back to you, but I want to go to Jennifer really quickly because Jennifer, one of the things you reported - so it's been like, almost a year or right at a year since you went through Clear Coaches Select, and you were saying that - many of the things we put together, like a business plan, a communication plan, a signature program with a sales funnel that sells said signature program. And you were like, you know what, I totally changed what my signature program was but I have four times my income this month compared to last year because of what?

Jennifer: Two things. I'm still working on that signature program that I was playing with one year ago. Yes, Mary and I were in the same cohort. So Mary's laughing and I was super jealous of Mary who was making all this instant progress, and I was like, well, that's just not going to be me is what I thought when I told myself at the time. But two things happened, and one was there was something I could do more easily, and I did it.

I launched it and it was great. So I was making things harder than they needed to be, so I'm still excited about the big signature program, but I did a really short mini one. I have - my coaching business is built off the back of my résumé writing business, which I have so much information and content that I could share. But I hadn't been sharing it. So you helped me recognize how I could package that in a program rather than just one on one.

So yeah, I did a quick little job interview coaching program that was really accessible to people, so that was a big piece was doing the easier thing. I have other big dreams that I'm excited to turn into programs, but this was the - it was right at my fingertips.

Mary: Just to say real quick, I love that so much because so many times we think like, we were there. We were thinking it has to be really hard because like, isn't this supposed to be hard? And I remember the relief in you when you were like, oh, but actually I'm just going to take the easy option and it worked. And so I just wanted to jump in and really acknowledge that because it's such an incredible lesson that you're teaching us all.

Susan: Well, and I think that that's also one of the myths taught in this hustle at any cost culture in business is that no pain no gain and it has to be hard, and yes, you have to do some work, but often when you're working in your zone of genius, it might not feel like the hardest thing and it might be alright to launch the easier thing and build up to something. But something else that you said, Jennifer, was that even though you picked what you felt to be an easier option to launch, it was something that you worked pretty diligently that helped make those sales. What was it?

Jennifer: It was that effing communication plan.

Susan: I was waiting on you to say it.

Jennifer: I'm going to say it. I think Mary, you might have coined the effing part.

Mary: The FCP.

Jennifer: Yes, the FCP. So a big part or one of many really juicy meaty parts of Clear Coaches is about the communication plan and Susan kept saying every piece of content you put out is a thousand bucks, and I was in such resistance about that, which is where the effing part came in. I wasn't the only one in resistance and back to kind of hustle at every cost, my contradiction to that is my body holds me back, or at least that's how I used to see it.

I hustled to the point of burnout. Hi Dr. Errin, I'm one of your people. I'm not in medicine but totally got burned out, totally got chronically ill, so that's part of my message too is about self-care as a way to real success, true success. So for me, I couldn't seem to get that big program out. I did an easy program and I decided to get serious and shift my mindset and start putting out something to my people on a more regular basis.

Susan challenged me to do my first Facebook Live, and that turned into a thing that I do almost every week and also, I started putting out a newsletter almost every week. Really, almost every single week since then. And yeah, my revenue just totally turned around and I think it's probably more a result that piece and all of the - there's more to it. So start your communication plan right now and Susan has much more to support with that, so that's now the whole thing. But really it was something I could do and I could still honor myself, and I'm still iterating.

I think that I'm not sure about email as my best way to connect with my people or my best way to honor my own energy, but it's something I started with and then I'll just keep evolving into what feels right as I try stuff and the fact that I'm showing up seems to just really be turning around my business. I mean, I always answer the phone, but I didn't show up to put stuff out there and make sure there was a connection, and that shift has changed my revenues.

I started pretty soon after Clear Coaches, my revenue started to double almost every month and then I've even had a month that was triple what my monthly averages were a year ago. So it's really, really straightforward. Although it's not a plug and play program that everyone should follow no matter what cost, there were pieces of the program that I was able to implement and they just clearly pay off.

Susan: Thank you. You know, I think that I'm always laughing in the private groups like why y'all fighting me on this because it's like, listen, you have to show up and you have to show up in a consistent way. And often, entrepreneurs - and I totally get it - often entrepreneurs sit down at their desks and they're like, what should I be doing?

And the whole reason Clear Coaches exists is because I started to really document like, okay, what is it in the beginning that I did and then now all these years later, the new stuff that I do, it's like okay, how can I teach this to people in a way that's palatable, in a way that's implementable, and in a way that doesn't insult their integrity. And I think that that's one of the things I love most about helping entrepreneurs craft a communication plan that's based on their own goals and their own integrity is that there's nothing that's going to happen that is against your own rules, so to speak, because everyone gets to pick how they communicate.

And of course, I give advice like, okay, no one's going to buy that, or you know, hey, you can't whistle into a vacuum that you have this thing going on. We have to put it out there in multiple ways, but I appreciate that and I'm really excited for you Jennifer, because I remember when we had our phone conversation before the program started and you expressed like, listen, I'm just been scared because I've been so depleted from burnout that I don't want to jump into a program that's going to exacerbate that. So I'm pleased as punch for you, lady.

Dr. Errin: I have to say one thing, Susan, just to jump in. So just this month in the mastermind that I'm running for female physician entrepreneurs, we are talking about this exact thing. And I always theme every month, so this month's theme was showing up and owning it. And so I took a bite size amount of your communication plan and shared it with them like okay, and my one point for when I was presenting to them is like, you know how we all are. We all like protocols, we all like checklists to go down. Type A personality, got it all done 100%.

And I was like, but that's not what it's about. It's about where do you show up and how can you best do that, and then how can you own your message. Because a lot of my female physicians who are starting businesses, there's a lot of fear about going out into the world and being your whole self, being your whole doctor self, being your whole woman self, being your whole mother self, and that vulnerability factor of like, how much is too much and how much is too little.

And so I actually gave them a peek sheet on one of your - I think it was the topics one where you do the different days and you break down. And I told them my experience was like, I tried to do the Susan thing. I tried to exactly the Susan thing because she obviously has a solution so I just plug my shit in and we're good. And I said but then I have to modify it and I'm like, I don't post every single day on every single social media source because it took me some time to lean in and be like, where are my people, what is my message, how can I be most impactful.

And like you were saying Jennifer, that modifies over time and that's totally fine because people shift. Like for instance, I love Instagram. I do not like Facebook right now with all the pay to play.

Susan: Do like our viewers.

Dr. Errin: Well, I need that. But what I'm saying is like, I don't like my personal feed because I don't feel like it shows me what I want to see. And so I'm modifying and changing my own personal viewing habits, so your people's are going to too. So I'm just going to plug in that that's one thing that I've done with Clear Coaches is I've like, internalized your teaching and then kind of like, mashed them up in my science brain and then now regurgitating them to other people to be like, no, don't do that, try this instead.

Susan: Well, and that's honestly - the whole purpose of Clear Coaches is for entrepreneurs to get clear so that they can then shine in the way that they want to shine and teach what they want to teach. And so it's like, it delights me to hear that. That’s awesome.

Dr. Errin: Yeah, because that's the other thing too like, I've actually had a couple doctors who were like, who's this Susan Hyatt that you keep talking about? I'm like, she's the bomb, first of all, and she's in Indiana so that's like a square power right there. And I was like, but she's not going to tell you the answers, so that's the one thing is like, no, you've got to take this and it's going to take time.

I haven't had the financial payoffs but I most certainly had the friendship payoffs and the emotional payoffs by being part of the Clear Coaches group. I remember that intro phone call when you were like, you were doing the screening to make sure that I was fit and you were like, why do you want to be in this group? And I don’t know if you remember my answer, but I wanted to be in this group because I'm like, I am ready to be surrounded by other women who are like, go girl, go, and I found it.

Susan: Well, and that is one thing I am very proud about with all my communities is that I tend to repel assholes and attract nice people who want to be supportive and uplifting of other people.

Mary: Susan, you need that on a t-shirt.

Susan: I repel assholes. Yes, I do. I have a whole t-shirt line waiting to be born.

Dr. Errin: Asshat repellent.

Susan: Asshat repellent Clear Coaches. So Ms. Mary, I love talking about you because you have such a compelling story in terms of signing up with - which I didn't know - with your rent money. Let's be clear. Had I known that, I would have told her not to. But she signed up with her rent money and it was go time. So talk a little bit about what the biggest shift for you was and what's happening.

Mary: I think one of the biggest shifts for me was that, A, was like the first really big investment that I made. So I'd already been teasing myself with this expensive hobby for like, two and a half years or so and getting nowhere. And so when I jumped into Clear Coaches, it was really that first big leap investment, and that alone, laying down that money and having skin in the game, that alone was an absolute game changer.

Because suddenly, it was like, now I have to make this money. I put my rent money down and I had 30 days to make it back. And so suddenly - and that's different to I've just invested $49 in a digital something or other that's going to tell me something that you never read that's clogging up those emails that Dr. Errin hates. I never did that stuff because it wasn't financially heavy enough for me to show up.

But that investment was. So that was the first thing, and as a result of that, like Clear Coaches and making that investment and the impact that me paying that amount of money had, I tripled my prices instantly because I was like, when women invest in themselves in that way, something magical happens in our mindset. We were all talking about owning our authentic self and owning our voice, but there is something about making and committing to a financial investment that really shifts.

And so then as a result I had that magical 30K in 30 days and people were like, how did you do that? And I was like, well, I went from giving away my services to actually saying hell no, I'm really good at this and you helped me see my value and the whole Clear Coaches experience made me realize - I'm a single mom to a special needs child and I homeschool him. The month that I joined Clear Coaches, Flynn came out of school because I now know he has autism so he was really struggling in school.

He was only five, he'd only had six months in school and it was just a disaster. So here I was with this massive I have to make this happen, and so a bit like Jennifer, I was like, what's the easy thing to do? It's like, okay, get over yourself Mary, and charge some decent money for your services. That was my easy thing. So I tripled my prices and I made 15K in five days.

Susan: I know, it really is. I think that for many people watching, they're like, wow. But there really is a decision for everybody here on this panel. There was a decision to be made. At first with the investment, but then once you made the investment, like okay, what am I going to do about it now?

And I know for me, there are things that I've hemmed and hawed about, Mary, like you were saying for years, and then when I finally get serious then it's like - even with my own business. Just deciding I was sort of hemming and hawing myself with I've always really prided myself because all these years when I was real estate combined with this company, 17 years of creating my own paycheck and my own wealth, I have always been like a lean, mean, bootstrapping machine though.

Like it's always been me and an assistant and then the past couple of years I added a marketing director and had consultants doing things, but I was shying away from adding a big team, more and more employees because I had this idea or this pride almost, this idea that well, but I'm scrappy. I'm a boot-strapper, I don't need all that.

Well, let me tell you something. You reach a certain point where yes, you freaking do, and I had to - when I made that decision then everything started to change in terms of how I'm operating my business, like stepping into that new belief that okay, yes, I do manage employees. It seems so silly, but it was a big shift in my own belief system.

And so for any of you watching - and it was a big investment - so for any of you watching that have thought about whether or not it's my program or somebody else's thinking like, I don't know if I should invest that money, there's a decision to be made. Who is the woman who invests in something like that and then what does she do with it? Because there's nothing sadder than making the investment and I've certainly done it before, making an investment in something and then not following through and feeling like you wasted the money.

Mary: It was huge for me because now I can actually say like, when I did Clear Coaches Select, like I said, so I'm a single mom, homeschooling my son. I was living on benefits. So now when people come to me and they're like, I don't have the money to get started, I don't have the money to invest, like now I can absolutely go, "Sorry, but I can absolutely say been there, done that, it is possible," because you just refocus. It's like you said, when you make that decision.

And for anybody who's watching who is a lean startup and is struggling to think how can I make that investment, once I'd made that first payment, I sold stuff like I was just clearing out my closets and getting on it. I was like, I don't need that stuff anymore. My business is more important than all this clutter...

Dr. Errin: I got a question for everybody. So Mary, you did a payment program, right? I did a payment program to pay for Clear Coaches even though people see the Dr, in front of my name. We did, we had to like, same thing, it was an investment each month. I remember emailing Larissa and being like, what are the dates when this comes out of my account? So I could check it because one of them slipped up on me and the money was there but I was like, you know, make sure that doesn't happen. Jennifer, did you do payments or did you do the lump sum?

Jennifer: I think I did payment. I honestly don't remember. I remember the details of the mindset shift very clearly, but yeah, I'm not positive.

Dr. Errin: I don't know, I'm doing my own case study right now because I think it just shows we all really wanted it and none of us like, upfront were like, here, take my money because I got it all just laying over here in this little safe. And with that process, I think it is a testament to our clients because even the physicians that come to me, they're like, I got to talk to my husband about it, and I think about this too now as my new belief.

I'm like, I paid 5000 whatever dollars for a group program and I'm asking you this for one on one? No, you got to show up to the table. Like this is worth it. This is worth it. So I guess that's another thing I would say to the audience too is that it's not the ROI. It's not the actual - there's so much more that surrounds any investment be it's one of our programs, Susan's programs, all the many great coaches out there is you've really got to look at your beliefs going into it and have a really good life coach who will call you to the bar, to belly up to the bar and talk about it.

Mary: And I think for me as well, and I didn't - Susan really called me out on this was up until that point, entitlement had been a real big thing for me, like you're saying Errin. You've really got to show up for yourself because it's not just about I'm paying this coach this money, what are you going to do for me? It's really this no, this is about me and I'm going to show up for me, and that was one of the biggest gifts of working with you, Susan, and joining Clear Coaches, and then having that accountability of all my cohort just saying, come on Mary, you can do this, you don't have to go into those beliefs and those thoughts.

And I think so many of us - most of our clients are women and we all have that belief system that it's just a permanent boot on our head of down treading ourselves. And it takes a lot of courage to rise up and say actually no, I'm worth this and I want to do this and I own this for myself. It takes tremendous...

Susan: It takes a ton of courage to be a woman in business who is creating her own wealth, which is why community is so important to me because when I started, I did already have some business experience, but there wasn't - I keep joking about like, you guys, we were on Myspace in 2007. They weren't even letting us old people on the Facebook yet and I was like, just searching everywhere, which is why I just relief on what I had learned in real estate to attract clients, which worked.

But there's - of course there's much more to learn in business, online is totally different than it was 12 years ago. But it took a lot of courage to say I'm a coach now and the women that I work with, it's not unusual for them to feel they're patronized or not taken seriously or confused or overwhelmed about which way to go with it because it is different when you're in business for yourself.

So I'm wondering in terms of your best tip for someone watching, you know, just to piggyback on what Mary was saying, what all of you have been contributing, I would say the number one thing I want to encourage women watching this to think about is what do you need to think and do to become the woman who operates the kind of business that you want to be operating, and how is your daily life and thoughts and behaviors, how will they be different?

So when I'm thinking about this bigger company that I'm running and the impact that I want to have on the world with Bare and with my next book and all the things I want to do, it definitely - there's a certain level of nonsense that I'm just not available for anymore. Just when I was done with all nonsense, I can find more that I've been tolerating and I'm like, you know what, I don't really have time for that if I'm going to be over here doing this.

And so I wonder, when you think about a woman who wants to take a leap in her business, what do you think the number one shift tip would be from you for that? Jennifer, we'll start with you.

Jennifer: Yeah, I've got - it's very, very clear to me and it's a combination kind of what you guys have been saying about mindset and the courage it took. For me, the courage was allowing myself to want to make more of an impact. I got sick 10 years ago and there was a big pivot. I had been always super capable and high achieving, high producing before, and then I got so sick I wasn't. And I had decided to make do. I've been making do very, very well.

I haven't been working at the capacity I want to or thought I had to in order to succeed, but I was making do and so for me, the courage was about daring to let myself want to show up in a way that's scary to be out there. There's trolls and stuff, and you're such a model for that, for how to manage that, Susan. But also, to want to earn more income. I had been coaching myself not to want more, like you've been doing so well coaching in your pajamas when you're not feeling so good, so I should be happy with that.

So for me, the courage was to let myself dream big again and want more, and then when I could allow that, I could line up and make priority decisions without overwhelming myself, because that was part of it too is I want a bunch of stuff so I was overwhelmed by what to do, as you mentioned earlier. But when I really dared to want what I want, that stuff got much clearer.

Susan: Isn't that amazing? Like, I love what you just said because so often a client will come to me and violently afraid of just saying what it is that she really wants because the feeling of disappointment, trying to avoid feeling disappointed or shamed for having a goal that big is ingrained in us. And it's like, no, if it is not letting go of you, you're meant for it, so I'm happy to be part of that for you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Thank you, but it was also watching the other people in the cohort. Mary, you were in mine, and there were others, and something about the shared - so having Susan as a model and a leader and then also witnessing the other folks in the cohort managing their own mindsets and coming to their own epiphanies, it fueled mine and energized me. Yeah, it created this safe space for me to start taking some risks. I had a ton of judgments and I wasn't really aware of how they were holding me back.

Susan: Awesome. Alright, what about you, Dr. Errin?

Dr. Errin: Mine is a tip that I am continuing to teach myself because we are our own best teachers and that was one quote that you hammered into my head and that continues to stick with me is that you can do all the things but you can't control the time and season.

So my husband farms here in southern Indiana, it's planting season right now, it's been raining like crazy. It's going to be like, 40 degrees tonight, and he reflects this all the time to me. He's like, prepare your fields. You're doing all the things, Errin, sometimes you just have to sit back and wait for the rain clouds to part. And because I am such a pusher, I experience burnout really hard in medicine because of that, because I could grind it out. I could work those 36-hour shifts. I could take a three and a half week maternity leave and come back to the hospital.

That's a lesson that I just would impart on everybody. You're doing all the things, girl. You're right in the middle of where you need to be and you're aligned. You just have to give it space to grow and that involves time. And from one very impatient recovering burnout survivor to another, just breathe.

Susan: That's so good. I forgot that your husband was a farmer. No wonder you knew it was blackberry summer here in Indiana. I'm wearing my slippers because my toes are cold and I was complaining before we started this broadcast. But my daughter - actually, I have a black thumb, believe it or not. I can grow humans and businesses, but I cannot grow plants of any kind. And my daughter started gardening last summer and she has a garden started and she had like, tomatoes and something else...

Dr. Errin: She had pumpkins, didn't she?

Mary: Ginormous and hundreds of them.

Susan: It was like a cartoon. It was like - I would look out my bedroom window and it kept getting more crazy like...

Dr. Errin: Cinderella style.

Susan: But this year she started inside from seeds, some different things, and she's so patient and she did such a good job with it but she had like, the little seedlings or whatever in the windowsill and every day she would come home from school and she would water them and she would stare at them. And one day she was like, I don't think these things are growing. And I was like, no I think they are, I think they are, you just have to wait for them to sprout, which is what I talk about in business all the time. And then two days later, these beautiful green sprouts came up and I was like, this is what I teach in business. Don't walk away from the farm.

Dr. Errin: Don't dig up your seeds. Just let them be. That's what I have to tell myself all the time. Let them be. But I say that because I'm not where I want to be. I'm not where I want to be in my coaching business, I'm not where I want to be in my financial goals. I took Clear Coaches a year ago and I wanted it done like, nine months ago. I wanted to be at my goals and so I just give that out there to the world, to everybody who's listening and being like, you are successful, you're exactly where you need to be, and you're saying and you're serving the people who you need to in this moment, so just hold to that.

Susan: Well, and I think that that's like, the number one thing is having a palms up mentality, which is like I'm here to serve, instead of a palms down, which is like, let me take what I can get, which is when I started the broadcast ranting about frat boy marketing techniques, that's all let me get as many people as possible so I can take, as opposed to how can I best serve and ultimately the reward, the monetary reward comes from taking the time to plant your seed.

Dr. Errin: And also the tip that you gave me, so I was at Finish Strong as well, which is a great event in Chicago. I'd encourage everybody to do that one, I plan to come again, is that you reminded me again to find the pleasure in my life and I know that's all with Bare's work and it's wonderful. But from October until now, I still am pulling that quote back for you, so I appreciate that.

Susan: Yeah, I mean, I do think that one of the differences in the business approach that I take and something that Jennifer said too is that self-care is part of my business plan and that it's instrumental in sustainable business growth, as opposed to hit and run.

Dr. Errin: Well, that's what helps you weather the storms. It helps you get to the mountaintops and when you have that built in, like for me for instance, that's what's helped me keep a positive attitude through it all is to be like, it's going to be fine because I'm not in that super cortisol high, super stressed burned out place.

Susan: Yeah, you look very healthy and glowy.

Dr. Errin: Thank you.

Susan: So Mary, how about you?

Mary: It's really interesting hearing Jennifer and Errin's tips because mine, it could be taken the wrong way in some ways but mine is I remember you saying to me, you do not have the luxury of thinking that, and sitting down and feeling sorry for yourself because for me, my back was against the wall and I really had no choice, and I really had - I had been the opposite to Jennifer. I am like, the biggest big dreamer and I am like, I'm just going to make these vision boards and I'm going to look at these pictures and I'm going to lie down and dream of everything and it's going to turn up, I can feel it.

And then you were like, yeah girl, you kind of need to do something. And I was like, but Susan, I can't, my son and this and that. She was like, Mary, I'm not listening to it. You don't have the luxury of that. Look at your situation. And so that for me is like, not to say because I do not - I mean, I work five hours a week most weeks. 10 is a lot. I have times seven my income in the last year on five hours a week.

Susan: Right. We're not talking about she's not working like 50 hours a week.

Mary: No, it's like I do five hours a week and I have three client calls because my prices are high so now, I just have four clients in one go. So I work those five hours and I'm not advocating pushing and working yourself to the bone, but there comes a point where you've got to say how many excuses am I tolerating? And stop the dreaming and to start taking action, and I think that's one of the beautiful things that you do with Clear Coaches is that you weave in this incredible ability to actually start to think about income-generating activities in a really soulful, unpanic-inducing way.

So that you just start to weave it in. It's like Jennifer said before, every Facebook post that you don't make is £1000 on the table. You just have this ability to help us see what's the most important income-generating thing I can do from where I am that doesn't have to involve lots of stress and loads of effort and just doing those little things and then watching your excuses. And I'm balancing that self-care and that dreaming with that action taking, and that shit talking to yourself all the time.

Susan: I'm serious, like I do say that to myself too, Mary. When I notice that I'm thinking something crummy, and let me tell everybody something. I posted on social media how thoughtful the silver fox was that he gave me a red velvet cake on Friday in preparation for Mother's Day. It's my favorite, red velvet cake with a buttercream frosting, and he wrote this beautiful message on the cover of the box.

That cake screwed me up for two days. Mary got a bonbon video from me and she was like, are you okay? You look exhausted. And I'm like, I literally am hungover from cake. The older I get, you guys, the older I get, I cannot drink and I'm not anti any food group or anything. You guys know that. But I have to really make some hard choices and I had a couple of beautiful pieces of this delicious red velvet cake and it screwed up my mood and it screwed up - I noticed myself thinking like, mind crap.

I was in the gutter in my mind and I said that to myself this morning, Mary. I'm like, you do not have the luxury to give into cake hangover. You have shit to do, let's go. Be kind to yourself. So if any of you watching this notice that you like to story fondle, meaning you like to ruminate on things that make you feel bad, that is going to be one of the biggest things taking money out of your bank account and helping you leave money on the table instead of energizing yourself with thoughts that are mind fuel, that are positive, that help you show up and help other people. Jennifer, why don't you tell everybody where they can find you and it's Wednesdays, right? Good Med Wed?

Jennifer: It is. Good Medicine Wednesday. I often do a Facebook Live for how to bring good medicine into the middle of our workweek. So everything we're talking about, how to bring self-care, even into the middle of a focused workweek and then I'm having technical difficulties today because I'm migrating my website from my old it'll work again tomorrow, I hope. But I'm changing it to

Susan: I've been mispronouncing your last name.

Jennifer: I mean, most people do, but I don't think you did Susan.

Susan: I'm not even going to tell you how I used to say your name.

Jennifer: I answer to all of it.

Susan: Alright, Dr. Errin, where can they find you and your podcast?

Dr. Errin: Sure. Well, you could hang out with me at Truth Prescriptions. That's where I do all things doctor wiseman. You can find the podcast on there, you can also get on iTunes. It's called Doctor Me First, because really as physicians, we have got to start taking care of ourselves so then we can pour out into other people.

I love hanging out on Instagram so truthrxs. Truth Prescriptions, the shortened version, so come find me on Instagram and hang out with me there and check out the podcast. Really, I think any woman could listen to it and appreciate it because yeah, we do talk medical but I think that it's just so much just everything that everyone's struggling with so my podcast specifically is all about authentic conversations between female physicians so I'm talking with other female docs and hearing the amazing things they're doing, and then afterwards you get a kick of encourage from me. I keep it short and to the point because ain't nobody got time for anything longer than that.

Susan: Well, also people could recommend your podcast to their physician because who doesn't have a physician that needs some extra love and...

Dr. Errin: Exactly, and you know what I'm finding is RAPPs, our advanced service providers, our PAs, our nurse practitioners, our nurses, pharmacists, they are more willing to come talk to me than my physician colleagues. So if there is anybody in healthcare, send them my way because truly, we are fighting a cultural change in medicine and I'm starting to see whiffs of it where it's like, old school kind of versus this new wave of like, hey, we're just not going to go like this anymore, we're not going to drive ourselves to the bone, we're not going to be chronically ill and then be hiding it under the white coat.

It's time. It's time for us to be healthy and I think in turn, that is what is going to heal healthcare in America is really the leadership change needs to be from what it is. So I could go on and on, and I would love to talk to anybody about this. If you want my newsletter, I call it Sunday Sunshine and so it kicks your week off great before you jump into a busy workweek and you can sign up for that.

Susan: And hey, I could give out these mugs for Sunday Sunshine.

Dr. Errin: Because I named it that because Monday - I had Monday dreads like, bad, and I've talked about this before where I would sit in the doctors parking lot and just bawl before I get out of my car and I want to be that ray of sunshine for women who are feeling that now so they can walk into their workweek and know I'm not alone and this can change, because it definitely can.

Susan: And the last but certainly not least, Mary. Where can people find you?

Mary: Firstly Susan, I think you just discounted me being able to send this webinar to my mom by doing a close up of your mug.

Dr. Errin: It's just a word.

Mary: Mostly hanging out on Facebook and I'm doing a whole month of Facebook Lives on how to make more money this May. So there's loads of stuff happening on my Facebook page, which is The Mary Houston, and my website is I'm always talking about it. It's been beautiful to hear Jennifer and Errin talk about self-care, but for me, the ultimate act in self-care and self-love for me is healing your money story because I think when you can make peace and get in right relationship with money, then so much in your life can unfold. So I'm all big about self-care from a financial happiness point of view, and that's what you'll hear me jamming a lot about and yeah, come and play.

Susan: Nice. Well, I want to thank you all for being here. If those of you watching have questions about Clear Coaches Select, we start in a week. I'm sure the lovely Larissa has already put the link in the comments but we are going to set the world on fire with female-owned businesses and programs. That is my mission to end wage gap, not thigh gap. So I hope everybody has a beautiful rest of their Monday. Thank you panel for being here and you guys look these amazing women up. Alright, bye guys.


Thank you so much for listening to today's episode. I hope you picked up some nuggets of wisdom from our business convo. Three things that stood out for me was that all of these coaches had to make a decision to go all in. I was so warmed to hear that putting yourself in community was a big takeaway for them, surrounding yourself with people who are actually in the arena, doing big things, cheering each other on.

And also, they learned how to get consistent with their messaging. So I want to encourage you to think about how you can go all in in your business, how you can surround yourself with the right kind of community, and how you can get consistent with your own messaging and your own business efforts.

And hey, if that includes joining Clear Coaches Select, I would be honored. The details are in the show notes. When the show drops, we're actually starting class today so it's not too late. But if it's not with me, let it be with somebody who you think can help you go all in.

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