May 14, 2018

BARE Season Two Episode Nine

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Hello and welcome to the BARE Podcast!

This is your host, Susan Hyatt. This is Season Two, Episode Nine.

The BARE Podcast is a show where we talk about your body and your life.

If you’ve been listening all season long, then you already know the dealio. On this show, we talk about food, fitness, and self-care. We talk about mental and physical health. We talk about confidence, courage, and feminism. With every episode, my goal is to leave you feeling strong and inspired, ready to take charge of your day.

Let’s get into today’s episode…

The BIG QUESTION I’m answering today:

I’m choosing a question from a client, or from a woman in my BARE DAILY program, and I’m answering it here.

Here’s today’s question. It comes from Nadia. She writes:

“Hi Susan. It amazes me how you’re always up at 5am, and how you go running or hit the gym almost every single day. I want to be that kind of woman! But I feel like no matter what I do, I always find some excuse to avoid exercising. I’ve tried literally everything. I got a workout buddy. Didn’t work. I flaked on her. I started putting my workout clothes right by the side of my bed so I couldn’t ignore them. Didn’t work. I still ignored them. I scheduled workouts onto my calendar. Didn’t work. I ignored those appointments. I always feel great after moving my body and yet I almost NEVER do it. Plus I work at home, so some days, I don’t even walk outside the house! I feel like a gross, sedentary slug. WTF is wrong with me?”

And here’s my answer:

Ohhhhh honey, you are not a gross slug, and nothing is wrong with you!

Please understand that I used to be the biggest couch potato in the ENTIRE WORLD so if I can learn how to love exercising, you can do it, too. There is hope for all of us! Truly!

Look, the secret to creating a consistent exercise routine is to focus on… PLEASURE.

This is something I’ve talking about several times on this podcast. If you want to stick with a new habit, then it’s got to be a pleasurable habit. It’s got to be fun. It’s got to feel rewarding. It’s got to be something you actually WANT to do, not something you force yourself to do.

So Nadia, I would invite you to ask yourself:

“What is one form of movement, one form of exercise, that actually sounds pleasurable?”

It does NOT have to jogging, running, or going to the gym.

It could be water aerobics. It could be snow-shoeing in the woods. It could be gentle yoga surrounded by candles. It could be hula dancing. It could be Caribbean dancing. (I tried that once in NYC and it was SO FUN!) It could be Zumba. It could be playing with your dog at the park. It could be having sex. It could be vigorously cleaning your house. (Yes, that counts! That does NOT sound pleasurable to ME but you might be feel differently! Haha!) It could be Tai Chi. It could be pole dancing or burlesque dancing. It could be hiking in nature. It could be walking around the block while you listen to Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday podcast. Or while you listen to THIS podcast!

There are literally millions of ways to move your body, so there has got to be SOMETHING that sounds pleasurable to you. Something that sounds beautiful, inspiring, like a special treat rather than a chore.

Instead of saying to yourself, “I am committing to a consistent exercise regime!” try saying to yourself, “I am committing to having more pleasure and beauty in my life!” See if that makes a difference for you.

Whenever you’re struggling to stick with a goal, the solution is always… more pleasure.

Not more willpower. More pleasure. I know this is a total reversal of what most people are taught, but trust me. It works. Pleasure changes lives.

I will also say… having a community behind you can make a big difference. That’s why I am so passionate about my BARE DAILY community. When you’re part of a family where everyone is posting their workout ideas, posting their victories, posting support for one another, you really get LIFTED by the community energy. You start believing in yourself in a new way. So if you’re not already a member, Google BARE DAILY to see what this online community is all about. It’s a pretty amazing corner of the Internet. Maybe I will see YOU in there soon!

Our next segment is called TELL ME EVERYTHING!

This is where I chat with an amazing woman that I L-O-V-E and we have a conversation about food, feminism, fitness, sex, or… something else that I am dying to talk about.

Today we’re chatting with the ILLUMINATING Mel Wells!

Here we go!

About Mel Wells:

Mel Wells is a Certified Health Coach, Eating Psychology Coach, International Speaker and the Bestselling Author of widely acclaimed, ‘The Goddess Revolution’ and soon to be released ‘Hungry For More’

She is Hay House’s youngest author and has been featured in Forbes Under 30, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, BBC Radio 1 and more, as a leading women’s expert in her field.

Mel dedicates her time to helping women worldwide ditch the dieting for good, make peace with food and love their healthy bodies.

Mel coaches women via her famous online Academy, and luxury Goddess Retreats all over the world

Mel empowers women to stop dieting for good, and challenge their entire belief system around food and their bodies, by working on the relationship they have with themselves.

Find her on Instagram here!

Find her on her website here!

In this episode Mel Wells shares:

  • Her personal history with food and body image as a young actress in a competitive industry.
  • Her “Type A” personality driving her to be the “best at losing weight.”
  • Using exercise as a punishment.
  • The moment she realized she had to change her relationship with food and with herself.
  • Her two books, The Goddess Revolution and soon to be released, Hungry For More and what’s changed and progressed in the messaging between the two.

From your desktop you can skip right to her interview here! From a mobile device manually go to 5:11!

Wanna watch the interview?? Click the video below!

Today’s BARE Victory:

This is where I share some posts, emails, and texts from women in my community to say CONGRATULATIONS and YAY!

Here’s the first BARE VICTORY…Ashley writes:

Love feeling strong and working with my trainer. I have been working with her since January 1-2x a week. I remember someone on here asking me if I notice benefits and the answer is yes! It took some time. Please don’t feel discouraged if you find it’s not possible to commit to a trainer 5x a week. I find benefits from once a week! Feeling stronger and I love feeling strong, more energized and more confident, motivated and I leave feeling happier, and with a spring in my step. It helps me with back pain too.

Congratulations Ashley! That’s so amazing. I LOVE that you’re getting so much benefit from working with your trainer!

And Meredith writes:

It feels like we had about 115 days in January here on the East Coast, so today – inspired by the article Susan posted in the group about taking lunch and the Facebook Live yesterday – I decided to go out and enjoy the abundant sunshine at lunch. I never take a lunch and never leave the building. Very rare. Today I left the 23rd floor of the high rise I work in and took a little walk to Rittenhouse Square and then grabbed a fresh juice. Vitamin PLEASURE! Wishing you all a beautiful day!


That’s all for this episode!

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BARE DAILY. Google it. Find it. Register. Try it for a month. What a beautiful gift to give your body, and to your whole self. I will see you in there!

Thank you for listening… and I’ll see you in the next season!!