January 22, 2018

BARE Podcast: Season One-Episode Seven

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Hello and welcome back to the BARE Podcast! This is your host, Susan Hyatt. This is Season One, Episode Seven.

Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

The BARE Podcast is a show where we talk about your body and your life.

We discuss things like… how to treat your body with love and respect… how to build more energy and the confidence to go after your goals… and how to make the most of each and every day.
On the last episode, we discussed how to… Detox your mind. We talked about how to notice the thoughts that are happening in your mind—especially negative, cruel thoughts about your body. Thoughts like, “Ugh, I am such a pig” or “I can’t wear THAT” or “I am disgusting” or “I am so lazy and weak.”

Often, these negative thoughts can be very sneaky. They happen almost unconsciously. We all have to wake up, be more alert and vigilant, notice these thoughts when they creep in, and then change the channel.

And now, here we are… it’s the final episode of Season One!

On this episode, we’re talking about why it’s so important to show up and be seen.

As a woman, it’s so tempting to hide from mirrors, to hide from photos, to hide from videos, to hide from big opportunities in our careers, to hide from our purpose, to hide from uncomfortable emotions that we don’t want to feel. But you were not born to hide. You were born to be BRAVE and to be OUT in the world and building your legacy, NOT hiding.

That’s what this episode is all about. Buckle up and get ready. It’s a big one.

STEP 7. Show up and be seen.

I have a friend who got invited to speak onstage in front of about 400 people. She was really honored to be invited. She was asked to share a story about her sexual identity—a story about coming out of the closet as bisexual.

She wrote her speech. She rehearsed for weeks and weeks. She felt really proud and excited to get onstage, because she had a big message she wanted to share. She wanted the audience to know that it’s OK to be whoever you are—straight, gay, bi, trans, whoever you are, whoever you love, however, you want to express yourself, it’s OK and it’s beautiful.

But then a few nights before the event, my friend started to feel anxious. She started wondering, “Maybe my story is stupid? Maybe nobody will care? Maybe I need to rehearse more? Maybe I’m not ready?” She also started wondering, “Maybe I am too chubby?” She knew the event would be filmed and the videos would be posted online. All of a sudden, all kinds of body insecurities flooded into her mind. Negative thoughts. Mean thoughts. Cruel thoughts.

And then my friend started writing an email to the event producers, telling them she couldn’t come to the event. She was going to cancel the whole thing. She almost sent that email. But then, at the last moment, she realized, “Oh my god. NO. I am having some weird, ugly thoughts about my body, but I will NOT let these thoughts stop me from getting on that stage.”

She didn’t send that email. She didn’t cancel. She got onstage and she did it.

Later that night, at the event, a woman from the audience came up to my friend with tears in her eyes, and said, “Thank you for sharing your story. It meant so much to me.”

My friend started crying, too. Because she realized, “Whoa. I almost canceled this entire thing because I felt insecure about my body. I am so glad I didn’t do that. I’m so I decided to show up and be seen.”

And that’s what I want for YOU, too. I want you to show up and be seen.

The next time you’re experiencing ugly, mean, cruel, weird thoughts about your body, I want you to stop in your tracks and say, “NO.” I want you to make a decision, in that moment, and decide NOT to believe those thoughts.

Instead of canceling or hiding or shielding yourself, I want you to show up and be seen.

I want you to post your online dating profile with photos that show you right now, just as you are.

I want you to record your YouTube video and post it.

I want you to go to your college reunion or family reunion.

I want you to give your speech or seminar or TED talk.

I want you to be in photos with your kids instead of hiding.

I want you to speak up and say whatever needs to be said.

For centuries, women have been silenced and beaten down and abused and mistreated. For centuries, we’ve been taught that our bodies are sinful and our opinions do not matter. It’s time say FUCCCCCCCCK THAT. It’s time to take back our power. This means showing up and being seen, regardless of your current age, size or weight.

I urge you to show up and be seen.

This can be something as small as posting a Selfie of yourself on Instagram.

Or it can be something as big as a TV appearance or a speaking engagement.

Challenge yourself to show up in public and be seen. No more hiding. It’s time to let the sunshine and the spotlight fall on YOU.


Now we’re moving into a segment that I call BARE VICTORIES! This is where I share some posts, emails, and texts from women in my community to say CONGRATULATIONS and YAY!

Here’s the first BARE VICTORY…

So grateful to start Attentive Eating week. As someone mentioned last week, I think I’ll stay here for a few weeks, especially since the holidays are upon us; I feel I have a lot to learn here. Today as I was (almost) mindlessly eating at 3:00, I realized that everything I go for at that time of day doesn’t fill me up and I still feel physically empty. And then I realized that it’s an empty promise that I want the chocolate and the chips to fulfill – I want it to lessen the stress and fatigue I feel at the start of the second half Of the day. And when I was writing about it later, I kept writing that I wanted to “treat myself” before the mayhem of driving kids to and from, homework, dinner, etc… And as soon as this realization hit me, I started thinking about how I was using the word “treat”. And I almost immediately changed the thought to “I treat myself with exceptional care” and my body completely relaxed and I felt so grateful. I feel so free right now, beautiful and happy in my own body. Grateful for my body and all that it does. I love moving for movement’s sake instead of punishing my body for what I think it isn’t. So grateful.

Here’s another victory…

She went from policing her husband’s food to focusing on herself.

Thanks for the discussion about husbands’ eating habits in today’s FB live, Susan Hyatt. I had already been scheming ways to “make my husband love his body and eat better.” LOL. I hadn’t even really noticed that train of thought until I saw today’s video. Going to let myself take care of me instead.


And now it’s time for a segment that I call BARE Q&A. I’m choosing a question that’s been submitted by a client, be a BARE DAILY member, or from a podcast listener like you. If you have a question, you can send it to: SUPPORT@SHYATT.COM.

Today’s question comes from Abigail. She asks:

Isn’t wanting to be seen conceited? I was raised to be humble so I am struggling with this one.

Here’s my answer:

I believe that women are trained from birth that modesty and being humble is above all else and that we should really strive to be humble… to keep us in our place. That’s what I think. I say FUCK HUMBLE and FUCK MODESTY.

Wanting to be seen is not conceited. Wanting to be the center of attention 100% of the time… IS.

This is just about stepping from behind the shadows into the sunlight.

This is about giving yourself a front burner.

This is about taking up as much space as you need.

So… NO, it’s not conceited. Every human being deserves to see themselves. That’s really what this is about.

I hope that’s helpful! Again, if you have a question you’d like to send in, you can send it to: SUPPORT@SHYATT.COM. I’d love to see it. You can send me a BARE VICTORY, too! I’d love to hear all about it.


This is a segment where I gush about a woman I really admire. It might be a politician, an artist, an entrepreneur, or someone who’s not necessarily “famous” but who has deeply inspired me.

Today, I want to talk about Riley Hemson!

I read an article online about her and fell in love with her.

She’s a paramedic and she lost about forty pounds over two years and she tracked that on Instagram.

She’s not your typical fitness blogger. She very much a body positivity advocate. She’s passionate about celebrating the journey to true mental and physical health. I love her because, in terms of being seen, her Instagram handle is @healthychick101  and she posts REAL photos of her, bra, underwear, cellulite, rolls and all. Celebrating her body as it is.

I love it because I love for my daughter to see women of all sizes. Now, this woman has a beautiful body, but in terms of online fitness bloggers, the top online fitness bloggers are women who have size 0 or 2 chiseled bodies. That is beautiful, but the rest of us need to be represented out there as well. I think Riley does a great job of that. She’s super positive. She definitely is into health and fitness and she shows photos of her working out, drinking healthy smoothies, eating a delicious Buddha bowl, lifting weights, and that sort of thing!
I think she falls into the category of body positivity and celebrates her curves.

You should definitely check out what she’s doing, and you can find her at:@healthychick101  

She is my HERO. I have a feeling she’ll become one of your heroes, too.


That’s all for this episode!

To recap what I mentioned earlier…

Today, and every day, I want you to show up and be seen.

Instead of volunteering to take the family photo, BE in the photo.

Instead of canceling an appointment because you feel like your body isn’t acceptable, just GO.

Instead of postponing your beach vacation because you feel insecure about your body, put on a bathing suit and GO and enjoy the sun on your skin.

As women, we have GOT to stop the pattern of hiding and stalling and making ourselves invisible, or we will never progress into the future we all want. So, do your part to create a better world for women and girls everywhere. Show up and be seen.

This is the final episode of Season One of the BARE podcast, but don’t worry ladies, there’s more to come!

We’ll have a little break and then Season Two will go up with new stories, new challenges for you to do, and some new surprises, too.

If you’ve been enjoying the BARE Podcast, please take 5 seconds and leave an iTunes review. Go to your computer right now. Google “BARE PODCAST” to find the page. Or search for “BARE PODCAST” on iTunes. Then leave a review. Please do it right now because this really helps new listeners to discover this show.

Have a beautiful day. Take good care of your body, because it’s the only body you’ve got. We only get ONE body, and we only get ONE life, so let’s LIVE while we can… and make the most of each and every day.

I’m sending tons of love to you—and I’ll see you in the next season!



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