January 22, 2018

BARE Podcast : Season One-Episode One

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Hello and welcome to the BARE Podcast! This is your host, Susan Hyatt. This is Season One, Episode One.

Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

The BARE Podcast is a show where we talk about your body AND your life.

I’ll be talking about how to treat your body with love and respect… how to build more energy and the confidence to go after your goals… and how to make the most of each and every day.

My philosophy is:

– Take excellent care of your body, because it’s the only body you’ve got.

– And, create an exciting, satisfying life filled with all the experiences you really want, because this life is the only life you’ve got.

One body. One life. This is it, people. There’s no do-over. This. Is. It.

I want to live to the fullest and treat every day like it’s a precious and temporary gift. Because it is. That’s what I want for YOU, too—and that’s what this show is all about.

Prior to this episode, I posted a special Introduction episode where I share a little info about my backstory, and my work, how I developed the BARE process, and why I’m doing this BARE Podcast. If you don’t know me at all, you might wanna go back and listen to that Introduction before listening to this episode.

OK, so here’s how the BARE Podcast is going to work…

I’m going to release one season at a time, and each season will have seven episodes. Why seven episodes? Because there are seven steps in the BARE process. So, each episode is dedicated to one step.

Here are the seven steps we’ll be discussing:

Step 1. Clean up your environment.

Step 2. Add pleasure into your day.

Step 3. Eat with attentiveness.

Step 4. Exercise with love.

Step 5. Declutter your closet.

Step 6. Detox your mind.

Step 7. Show up and be seen.

Over the last ten years or so, I’ve guided about 1,000 women through these seven steps, and the results are uhhhh-mazing.

Women who go through the BARE process feel so much better. They sleep better. They feel less stressed. They have more energy. They eat differently. They start moving and dressing differently. They even THINK differently. They stop thinking such mean things about their bodies. Their inner dialogue totally shifts. They shed tons of emotional weight—and shed physical weight, too.

I’m so excited to guide YOU through this process in each episode. OK, let’s get into it!

On this episode, we’re discussing…


When you look around your home, what do you see, and how do you feel?

When you look around your office or workspace, what do you see, and how do you feel?

When you look at what’s on your TV, what’s on your computer screen, the blogs you read, the podcasts you listen to, the kinds of conversations you’re having each day, what are the messages that are flooding into your brain?

Everything in your environment is sending a message to you. Sometimes it’s a subtle message—and sometimes it’s a really obvious message. It might be a really positive, empowering message—or it might be a negative, harmful message,

For example, I used to have tons of diet books and low-calorie cookbooks in my house. Books about the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet, the Weight Watchers program, and books with titles like: The 10 Day Belly Fat Blaster Bootcamp Plan.

All of those books sent a harmful message to me, and the message was: “Your body isn’t good enough. You’re disgusting. And you don’t deserve to eat food that you actually enjoy. You can’t be trusted around food. You’re a failure.” Once I cleared all of those diet books out of my home, immediately, I felt less stressed and more energized.

Here’s another example: I used to have lots of friends who weren’t *really* great friends. When we got together, they just wanted to whine and moan about their husbands or complain about their bodies. It was a lot of whining… but not a lot of ACTION to make things better! It was the same conversation, over and over, and it became really tedious. I’d hang with these friends and then I’d leave feeling exhausted rather than energized. Once I started distancing myself from those kinds of friends, I felt less stressed and so much better. My quality of life improved right away.

Sometime today, I want you to do an assessment of your environment. You don’t have to do your entire house or your entire life. You can choose something really small—like your bedside table, or your desk, or your bedtime routine.

Pick something small, for starters. Look at everything that’s part of that space or environment. What do you see? What are the messages you’re receiving? How does all of that make you feel?

And then, find a way to upgrade that part of your environment and make it feel better, calmer, happier, or more beautiful. Your environment is always sending you a message, so find a way to switch from a negative message to a positive one.

This can be something as simple as draping a big cozy blanket over your favorite chair and reading an inspiring book before bedtime… instead of watching a terrifying show like CSI or SVU or some other show that depicts horrific murder scenes.

OMG, that used to be MY bedtime routine and it left me feeling panicky right before bedtime and then I had awful dreams. I didn’t even REALIZE how much I was being affected by those TV shows until I decided to stop watching. Immediately, I slept so much better. Just by changing that one small part of my environment, I upgraded my whole night… and day.

So, that’s what I want you to explore today. Choose one area of your environment that you could declutter, or clean up, or detoxify, or upgrade in some way. And do it. You will feel so much better. Your body will say “THANK YOU” in a thousand different ways.


OK ladies, now we’re moving into a segment that I call BARE VICTORIES! This is where I share some posts, emails, and texts from women in my community to say CONGRATULATIONS and YAY!

Here’s the first BARE VICTORY…

Jennifer emailed me and she said, “I just went to a kickboxing class! I felt nervous because I knew I wouldn’t be the most ‘fit’ person in the class, and I’m still carrying some extra weight that I don’t want, BUT I went to the class anyway and it was so fun! Turns out, I LOVE PUNCHING THINGS! I can’t wait to go again.”

Jennifer, that is amazing! I am so proud of you. Jennifer is a member of my BARE DAILY program, which is an online program where ladies get inspiring videos, workouts, recipes, and other resources every single day.

Jennifer, thank you for being part of BARE DAILY and thank you for sharing this BARE VICTORY! So cool.


OK, now it’s time for a segment that I call BARE Q&A. I’m choosing a question that’s been submitted by a client, by a BARE DAILY member, or from a podcast listener like you. If you have a question, you can send it to: SUPPORT@SHYATT.COM.

Today’s question comes from Patty. She asks:

I’m doing the Environmental Diet, and I discovered that there are family members who drain me and I leave them feeling icky. What do I do?

Here’s my answer:

This is actually pretty common. When you start to assess what’s coming at you:

What are you seeing?

What are you hearing?

What kinds of conversations are happening around you?

Energetically how do you feel when you experience certain people?

It may come up that your boss, or a family member, or someone that you think is a permanent fixture in your life, it doesn’t feel supportive to be around this person. There’s a couple of different ways I think that this could be handled.

The number one thing is, if it’s a family member that you are choosing to continue to have a relationship with, there are different levels of boundaries that you could create around the relationship with this person. Sometimes I think we have to explore the belief or the thought, that because this person is FAMILY, there’s nothing I can do and I just must suffer and that’s simply not true. I, myself, have boundaries with a family member who I choose to love from afar. I love them very much, but when we spend time together, it’s just not in the best service of anyone. We disagree on most things. We don’t get along very well, and I choose to have the boundary that I’m only around this person if it’s a major family event that someone is hosting and it’s important to them that I be there. A family wedding. A family funeral. A family Christmas meal. But, I choose to love this person, just not with frequent visits.

You can take a look at this family member and decide for yourself…is this someone that I want to continue to spend a lot of time with? Can I create boundaries, where if I’m choosing to have this person still in my life… and if the answer is “yes” explore why and then ask yourself:

How can I make this better for myself?

Can I limit contact?
So even when I’m around someone at a major family event, I make sure that I understand for myself:

How could I support myself since I’m going to be around this person that typically leaves me feeling depleted and icky?
Can I make sure that I’m seated further away from this person?
Can I limit the amount of conversation that I have with this person?

Is there a way for me to DIRECT the conversation so that it doesn’t end up feeling draining and icky?

So… that’s my answer!
Decide if you EVEN need to have contact.

If you CHOOSE to have contact, create some valuable boundaries for yourself so that you’re not just left with, “oh, whoa is me I have to experience this person.”

I hope that’s helpful, Patty! Again, if you have a question you’d like to send in, you can send it to: SUPPORT@SHYATT.COM. I’d love to see it.


Get your Wonder Woman cuffs and your superhero cape because it’s time to meet a… BARE HERO!

This is a segment where I gush about a woman I really admire. It might be a politician, an artist, an entrepreneur, or someone who’s not necessarily “famous” but who has deeply inspired me.

Right now, one of my BIGGEST heroes is someone I know you’ve all heard of, J.K. Rowling!

I love this woman because when I was trying to get published and kept getting rejected… she was someone whose story kept me going. She actually wrote Harry Potter in various coffee shops because she couldn’t afford heat for her apartment. She was a single mom, no money. She was quoted as saying that, “she could wallpaper her house with all the rejection letters she received.”

Just knowing someone who wrote one of the biggest, best sellers of all time, that she was rejected… it kept me going.

Most recently, if you aren’t following her on Twitter, you might want to! She is a FORCE of the resistence. She has the best tweets of anybody online. She is constantly shutting down ignorance.

You should definitely check out what she’s doing, and you can find her at:


You can find her on Twitter here. 

She is my HERO. I have a feeling she’ll become one of your heroes, too.


 That’s all for this episode! Whoo hoo! Episode one, all done!

To recap what I mentioned earlier…

Sometime today, I encourage you to choose one area of your environment that you could declutter, clean up, or upgrade in some way.

It could be your bedroom, or something even smaller, like your bedside table. Or it could be part of your media environment, like the websites you visit each day.

Find a way to upgrade your environment so that it feels calmer, happier, more beautiful and empowering. You will feel so much better. Your body will say “THANK YOU” in so many ways.

If you’re enjoying the BARE Podcast, please take 5 seconds and leave an iTunes review, or tell a friend about the show, or tell five or ten friends. That is the BEST way for new listeners to find this show.

Have a beautiful day. Take good care of your body, because it’s the only body you’ve got. We only get ONE body, and we only get ONE life, so let’s LIVE while we can… and make the most of each and every day.

I’m sending tons of love to you—and I’ll see you in the next episode!



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