January 22, 2018

BARE Podcast: Season One-Episode Four

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Hello and welcome back to the BARE Podcast! This is your host, Susan Hyatt. This is Season One, Episode Four.

Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

The BARE Podcast is a show where we talk about your body and your life.

We discuss things like… how to treat your body with love and respect… how to build more energy and the confidence to go after your goals… and how to make the most of each and every day.

If you’ve been hanging with me for awhile, then maybe you’ve taken my BARE program, or maybe you’re a member of BARE DAILY, or maybe you’re a certified BARE coach. If so, then you’re a BARE veteran and you’re already very familiar with my work.

 But if you’re new to all of this stuff, here’s the dealio…

 BARE is a women’s health and empowerment program that I developed after working with clients for ten years. It’s all about taking excellent care of your body AND creating a braver, more exciting, more satisfying life.

The BARE process has seven steps:

  1. Clean up your environment.
  2. Add pleasure into your day.
  3. Eat with attentiveness.
  4. Exercise with love.
  5. Declutter your closet.
  6. Detox your mind.
  7. Show up and be seen.

If you incorporate these seven steps into your life, then you’re going to HUGELY upgrade your quality of life. You’ll feel less stressed. You’ll have more energy. Your life will transform AND your body will transform, too.

On the last episode, we discussed Step 3. Eat with attentiveness. On this episode, we’re discussing…


OK, people. I used to be a major couch potato. Totally sedentary. In my twenties and early thirties, if you said to me, “Hey Susan, let’s go for a jog…” or “Let’s take an aerobics class…” I would have laughed in your face. HELL to the NO.

Back then, my attitude was that exercise is “just for bimbos.” I had a career and kids, and I wasn’t going to waste my time bouncing around in a leotard at the gym. NO WAY. I had way too many other things to do!

I have to admit, I really scoffed at woman who worked out. I felt like, “They’re so vapid and frivolous.” I felt like I was “better” than them, like somehow I was a “better feminist” because I refused to move my body. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but that was my attitude back then.

But then, I reached a point where my body started to break down. It was after I had my first kid, Ryan. Ryan was—and still is—an incredibly active kid. He was constantly running around the house, breaking things, leaping off the couches, and causing general mayhem. I remember feeling so exhausted and out of breath just trying to keep up with him. I felt completed wiped out every single day. I was so out of shape.

That’s when I started to realize, “Huh. Maybe I need to take better care of my body and start exercising… because otherwise, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with Ryan!”

I was really resistant at first. I definitely did NOT want to do jazzercise classes at the gym. So I decided to start walking for 20 minutes every morning around the block. Nothing crazy. Just walking. I figured, that’s something I’d be willing to try.

And then I found some Pilates DVDs that I could do at home by myself. So I started doing those 2-3 times a week. I didn’t exactly LOVE walking or Pilates at first, but I just buckled down and made myself do it for a couple weeks in a row.

And then, something interesting happened…

After doing my walking and Pilates routine for a couple weeks, I noticed that I felt A LOT better. I felt calmer. I felt happier. I even felt physically stronger—I could walk a bit faster without running out of breath. I could feel more strength in my core. I started to see my efforts paying off, both mentally and physically, and then I felt excited to keep it up.

Over the course of about a year, my daily walk turned into a daily jog, and then a daily run. Pilates turned into weight lifting. I experimented with lots of other types of movement, too. Riding a bicycle. Yoga. Dance classes. I started feeling curious to find out, “What would feel fun? What else can my body do?”

Today, I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. I run almost every day. Rain or snow or sunshine, I don’t skip it. I lift weights a few times a week and it feels so empowering. I love seeing my strong biceps and knowing that I could probably drag my husband out of a burning building if I needed to!

Exercise has become a natural, normal part of my routine—just like brushing my teeth. It’s something that gets plugged into my schedule just like any other important appointment.

Yes, I have a full, busy life. But there are 168 hours in every week. That’s a lot of hours. I carve out 5-7 of those hours to move my body because I know how good it makes me feel.

And people, please remember, I used to be a MAJOR couch potato who avoided exercise at ALL COSTS! So if I can make these kinds of changes, and if I can make time for exercise, then I know you can too.

Before today is over, I want you to move your body in a way that feels loving and kind—like you’re giving a GIFT to your body. Like you’re giving some LOVE to your body.

What would feel like a beautiful gift? What would feel like a lovely treat? Maybe a short walk. Maybe a yoga class. Maybe ten minutes of stretching in your bedroom by candlelight right before bedtime. Maybe a kickboxing class with a friend. Maybe a Pilates DVD in your living room, like I used to do. Or a dance class. Or a hike in nature.

There’s an unlimited number of options. Pick something that feels like a loving gift for your body… and do it.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t allow yourself to come up with a zillion excuses. Just DO I

Your body was designed to move. Moving is not optional. Moving is what you were born to do… so do it, and do it often, and notice how good it feels.

Once a couple weeks have gone by, you will be saying to yourself, “Whoa. I feel so much better.” You’ll start feeling the benefits… and this will make you even more excited to keep going!

One day, exercise might even become the highlight of your week! It might be something you love and even crave and look forward to! You might be shaking your head right now, but truly, it is possible!

A while ago, a friend invited me to go to a Caribbean dance class in NYC called PON DE FLO and it was SO MUCH FUN. We got to wear glow in the dark face paint and dance to awesome music for an hour. We still talk about it, months later! It was a highlight of the year!

My point is, exercise doesn’t have to be dreary and boring. It can be a beautiful way to connect with friends. It can be a celebration of your body, and a celebration of life. When we start viewing exercise as a “celebration” instead of a “chore” or a “punishment,” it changes everything.


Now we’re moving into a segment that I call BARE VICTORIES! This is where I share some posts, emails, and texts from women in my community to say CONGRATULATIONS and YAY!

Here’s the first BARE VICTORY…

I’m finally getting the attentive eating thing. Not so much the paying attention the whole time I’m eating (yet!), but the idea that every single time I eat is an individual choice to give my body some love, or to fulfill some other goal. This is leading to a LOT of interesting information. Like… no one should have to work between the hours of 1 and 3pm! It is SO hard for me to go without a soda or a coffee or a sugar treat to get over the sleepiness. But my body is over it – none of those things are actually working for me anymore. Which leads me to a place where I know I need to either come up with something exciting to do then, or find a nearby nap pod. Other information I’ve received: bread, even delicious Como bread toast with avocado and egg on top, makes me feel sick afterward. Sad. But since I’ve allowed myself the bread with love and paid attention, I don’t feel all angry and rebellious like I used to whenever I thought I needed to give something up. Allowing all the foods somehow makes it so much easier to start saying no to the ones that don’t feel good. Thanks to BARE, I’ve accepted a whole new level of intimacy with food. It’s absolute magic after 34 years of restrictive dieting. It feels like love!

Here’s another victory…

So far I have been making myself seen more in just 2 days of 2018. I’m calling that a win. If I only do one thing in 2018, it is to Make a Scene.


And now it’s time for a segment that I call BARE Q&A. I’m choosing a question that’s been submitted by a client, it could be a BARE DAILY member, or from a podcast listener like you. If you have a question, you can send it to: SUPPORT@SHYATT.COM.

Today’s question comes from Lisa. She asks:

I hate exercise. There is no kind of workout that I like. But I know I need to move. What do you recommend?

Here’s my answer:

This was ME, Lisa! This was me when I was a couch potato with a Ph.D. in couch potato-ism.

I actually said to my coach, “I’m not going to exercise and you can’t make me.” She still laughs about that.

I felt very tantrum-y when people would suggest that I work out. But, like I said, I ultimately decided to do it because I needed to keep my energy level up to keep up with my kids.

So, here’s my answer. On the onset of this, I believe you that you think you hate exercise and that you don’t like any kind of working out. I totally get it. But here’s the thing… if you wait until you convince yourself that you love exercise, you’ll never get started.

What I noticed was that after I was doing it a while, I started to love how it made me feel.

Would I love to be able to feel that way, and stay in my pajamas in my warm bed at 5:30am and not go running, YES!

I would love to have the result without the action! Actually, I take that back because…some of my best ideas have come to me during the solitude of a morning run.

You’ve got to go ahead and get started and diversify your workout.

I used to say I hated exercise and I thought the ONLY kind of available exercise was Jazzercise, step aerobics, stuff I didn’t like to do.

What’s interesting is that now I love Zumba! Anyway… something I have that we will share in the show notes is a workout called the Anti-Leotard Exercise Campaign.

It’s actually the first coaching tool I ever created and it was created because I hated working out!

What it is is an opportunity for you to be able to date your inner athlete. SO… you’re going to take yourself out on exercise dates trying things you’ve never tried before. I did things like:

Hiking in the woods.

Rock climbing.

I tried all kinds of things until I ultimately settled on stuff that I liked! I never thought, in the beginning of all this, that I would end up being a runner, who gets upset if the weather messes up her workout.

You’ve gotta just start where you are. Don’t try to make yourself like it yet. You’ve got to just diversify your workouts and date your inner athlete. You don’t have to do the kinds of workouts that you loathe.
You will NEVER catch me on an elliptical machine. NEVER. I hate the elliptical. A lot of people love it, I don’t.
There’s so many ways to move your body. So… just get out there and try some different ways you haven’t tried before.

I hope that’s helpful! Again, if you have a question you’d like to send in, you can send it to: SUPPORT@SHYATT.COM. I’d love to see it. You can send me a BARE VICTORY, too! I’d love to hear all about it.


This is a segment where I gush about a woman I really admire. It might be a politician, an artist, an entrepreneur, or someone who’s not necessarily “famous” but who has deeply inspired me.

Today, I want to talk about Louise Green. And if you don’t know about Louise, prepare to be delighted. 

I love this woman because:

She noticed a gap in the fitness industry where women who were round, women who were heavy, typically feel very intimidated and aren’t included. There’s no diversity in advertising workouts. Any workout video, typically, that you look at has a super fit and trim model doing the workouts. Louise decided that she was going to change that.
She created something called The Body Exchange, you can check it online at bodyexhange.ca

She has become a leader in the fitness industry, just because she’s paying attention, to all of us who were excluded from the fitness industry. She’s also written a book called Big Fit Girl and it’s about health at any size. She is basically creating a movement within the fitness industry to be inclusive of all body types and I love that.

You should definitely check out what she’s doing, and you can find her at: bodyexchange.ca 

or you could just Google Louise Green and her book comes up on Amazon. I think you’d like it!

She is my HERO. I have a feeling she’ll become one of your heroes, too.



That’s all for this episode!

To recap what I mentioned earlier…

Today, I want you to exercise with love.

This means asking yourself, “What kind of movement would feel like a beautiful, loving GIFT for my body?”

It could be something very gentle, like a super-mellow yoga class or a walk. It could be something sweaty and intense. It could be something you do alone, or in a class, or with friends.

Whatever would feel like a loving gift to your body—do that. Move daily. Move with love. Move in whatever manner feels good for you. Your body will say “thank you” in so many ways.

And if you really struggle to make time in your life for fitness, please know that you’re not alone. This is a HUGE struggle for millions of people! So, get some help. Ask your best friend to work out with you and keep you on track. Do it together. Help each other. Or join a walking club in your city. Or join a community like BARE DAILY so you can get DAILY inspiration and encouragement. Google BARE DAILY to see all the info.

Bottom line… You don’t have to do this all alone. There are so many women who want to take better care of their bodies, and move more, and we can do it together and support one another.

Having some community support and accountability can make such a difference.

If you’re enjoying the BARE Podcast, please take 5 seconds and leave an iTunes review, or tell a friend about the show, or tell five or ten friends. That is the BEST way for new listeners to find this show.

Have a beautiful day. Take good care of your body, because it’s the only body you’ve got. We only get ONE body, and we only get ONE life, so let’s LIVE while we can… and make the most of each and every day.

I’m sending tons of love to you—and I’ll see you in the next episode!