April 23, 2018


Hello and happy Monday! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time.

This is a show where we talk about goals, and courage, and going after what you really want in life. 

This is episode number 146.

And this is a SPECIAL episode.

This episode is part of a special 7-part series that I’m calling…


People who are consistently productive and successful… are people who’ve cultivated a certain kind of mindset. A certain attitude.

The attitude of a warrior. The attitude of a champion. A positive, powerful attitude.

THAT’S the kind of attitude I want YOU to have as you’re tackling your day.

And if you’re not quite there yet… don’t worry. Because right now, it’s time to give you… an attitude adjustment!

Here’s the attitude we’re discussing today:


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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

I will never forget this one time, I was talking to a friend about… money.

This was pretty early in my career as a coach, about eleven years ago. Back then, I was charging around $100 an hour for coaching services. And it seemed like a HUGE amount of money. But my clients were getting AWESOME results. I had a great track record of success. So, I knew I was worth $100 an hour.

But then I found out, there’s this guy who’s charging $250 an hour for the same type of coaching service. Our businesses were almost identical, and he was the same experience level as me.

I remember asking my friend, “I wonder why he’s charging $250? I wonder why he’s able to charge that much?”

And my friend said, “Susan, you’re just as good of a coach as that guy. The only difference between you and him is… he BELIEVES he’s worth $250 an hour.”

I’m sharing this anecdote because it illustrates a very common issue amongst women entrepreneurs.

Ladies, we don’t lack talent. We don’t lack ambition. We certainly don’t lack training, credentials, and skills.

What we lack is BELIEF in ourselves.

Here’s a big challenge for you:

The next time you catch yourself thinking, “I don’t have what it takes…” or “I couldn’t possibly do that…” I want you to interrupt that thought and ask yourself, “Wait a sec, what the hell am I saying… why NOT me?”

If your friend gets a book deal… Next year, why not you?

If your colleague wins a business award… Why not you, next time around?

If a local business owner throws a party to celebrate serving their 1,000th customer… Eventually, that can be you too. Why not?

Why not you?

Why shouldn’t it be you?

You have what it takes.

You have your mind. Your have your heart. You have 24 hours in every day. You have resourcefulness and creativity. You have access to the Internet. You have access to public libraries. You have a computer. And now, since you’ve listened to this entire podcast series, you have tools to shift bullshit thoughts into positive ones—which is basically a superpower.

You have everything you need.

Once, a client said to me, “I bought a lottery ticket last night because the jackpot is over $5 million. That kind of money would be amazing! I want to win the Powerball.”

I told her, “Woman, you don’t need to ‘win’ the Powerball. YOU ARE THE POWERBALL.”

And to you, listening to this at home, or in your office or car or gym… the same is true for YOU.

YOU have the power to create ANYTHING. A book. A painting. A product. A class. A tiny business. A big business. A dinner party. A seminar. A march in Washington DC. A revolution. A legacy.

You worry you don’t have what it takes?

You have EVERYTHING it takes. Plus EXTRA to spare. You have it ALL.

YOU are the Powerball.

I hope you will NEVER forget it.

Attitude adjustment: COMPLETE.

It’s GO time.






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