August 13, 2018

142 Days to go…

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Hey! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time.

So, get this… we’ve got about 142 days left until the end of 2018. I know. Crazy, right? And those days are going to fly by so quickly! We’re going to blink our eyes and whoa, it’s Halloween, and then blink again and DAMN, it’s New Year’s Eve.

With 142 days to go, this is a great time of the year to check in and ask yourself, “How is my year going so far? What’s working for me? What’s not? And how do I want the rest of this year to feel?”

For today’s podcast, we are going to do a quick “check in” together.

I have three questions for you. Just three. This won’t take much time… and it’s going to be very illuminating, I promise.

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

Right now, please grab something to write with—maybe your computer, or a diary, or a notebook and pen—and get ready to write down your responses. You can pause this audio for a sec if you need to scooch across the room and get something to write with. And, here we go…

Over the next 142 days…

– What do you want to say YES to?

– What do you want to say NO to?

– What do you want to just FINISH already?

Let’s look at each of those questions more closely.

– What do you want to say YES to?

All summer long, I’ve been leading a coaching program called the Summer of YES. This program is all about saying YES to life. YES to sunbathing on the beach. YES to hiking with your dogs. YES to lounging outside on the patio with your husband or wife and sipping Rose. YES to putting your happiness first. YES to making memories. YES to all of that.

Leading this program has been so inspiring for me, personally, because I’ve gotten to watch so many people say YES to themselves in a major way.

So what about you? As we head into the final 142 days of the year, what do you want to say YES to? Maybe you want to say YES to putting your health first. YES to making time for creative projects. YES to hedonistic pleasure. YES to swimming in the ocean… whatever pops into your mind, write it down.

Next question:

– What do you want to say NO to?

What’s something that’s been sucking away your energy, lately? Something that’s just not working for you anymore? Write it down. Hell NO to that.

Maybe you want to say NO to oversleeping and then feeling rushed every morning. NO to over-scheduling yourself. NO to afternoon carpool. NO to putting everybody else’s needs above your own. NO to watching stressful news on TV every night right before bedtime. Whatever you want to say NO to, write it down.

And the last question:

– What do you want to just FINISH already?

I know there’s probably SOMETHING that’s been sitting on your desk for weeks, or maybe even months… SOMETHING that you really want to do, or finish, but… you’ve been putting it off.

Like, that book you started writing eighteen months ago. You know, the book that’s 90% done but not quite finished yet.

Or, like, that garage that you want to convert into an office and you kinda started working on it, but then life got in the way and you stopped.

Or, that class you’ve been meaning to register for, but you’ve been putting it off for whatever reason.

Pick something that you’ve been procrastinating on—something that you really, truly want to do—and write it down. Pledge to yourself that you’re gonna DO THIS THING, for real. Think about how good it’s going to feel to finally check that item off your list!

OK, lovely people. I hope those three questions gave you something to think about this week. And you know what to do next. Whatever you want to say YES to… DO IT. Whatever you want to say NO to… DO IT. Whatever you need to FINISH… DO IT. Focus your attention. Blast your favorite music. Roll up your sleeves. Just DO IT. Focus on how great it’s going to feel to make those promises to yourself, and keep them.

You can finish 2018 on such a strong note, and it can all start… today.

It’s GO time.






PS. And hey, if you need some extra motivation and accountability to help you reach your goals, I’ve got you, boo!

Head over to my website—SHYATT.COM—and you’ll find ways to hire me for 1:1 coaching, and you’ll find online programs, and a free Facebook community, and so much good stuff to get you fired up.

Again, the site is SHYATT.COM. I recently relaunched my site and the new design is GORGEOUS. I’m obsessed! Head over there. Poke around. You will find tons of services and programs to help you finish 2018 feeling SO good, and SO proud of yourself.

Thanks for listening. I’ll see you next Monday with another episode. Have an amazing week. Make the most of this hour, and this day. Make the most of the next 130 days, too. Those 130 days are going to be… whatever YOU want them to be.

Master Certified Life Coach

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