July 17, 2015

One Romper. 4 Looks.


When I work with weight loss/body love private 1:1 clients, one of my favorite things to ask them is, “Once your body is at it’s natural weight, what are the first 3 things you will do?”

Almost always, one of the answers is, “Buy cute clothes.”

Can you guess what I have them do?

Because I believe so strongly that every woman deserves to dress in a way that feels like love, I have them immediately buy 3 things that fit and that they love, so that they are not delaying feeling and looking amazing for another hot second.

And because I am all about getting as much mileage as you can from quality pieces, it was fun to conspire with my stylish fellow lady boss, Erin Morrison, owner of Flutter Newburgh.

Erin took one romper and created four different looks for me, using shoes and accessories.

flutter1 fluttter2

And let me just say, we both agreed that we had steered clear of the whole romper thing until we saw THIS ONE. (Fun and comfortable, and it doesn’t look like it belongs on a high school student.)


I’m SO IN LOVE with all of this. It will be easy to pack, versatile for many looks and fun to take to Ireland!

If you want any of these pieces, please reach out to Erin and she’ll hook you UP.



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