June 1, 2020

On Your Feet!

A girlfriend of mine has been waiting patiently for an important legal contract—and payment—to come her way. 

The company promised it would arrive in December. December came and went. No contract. No money. 

Then January passed. Not one cent. 

She politely inquired a few times and was assured, “Oh, things take awhile around here. It’s a big corporation so it takes time for things to get approved and move through the proper channels. But don’t worry. It’s coming.” 

February came and went. Now it’s nearly March. Meanwhile, she’s been completing work on the project—with no legally binding agreement and no pay.

She’s done waiting. 

Stand Up

She sent them a very professional, calm, attorney-approved message that basically said: 

Dear Sir and/or Madam,

I am writing to inquire: ‘What the hell is going on?!’ It’s been four months. I need you to give me an exact date when I can expect my contract and payment. A vague answer like ‘soon’ is not good enough. I grow weary of this nonsense.

In conclusion: Bitch Better Have My Money!

Hahaaaaa. So, she didn’t email exactly those words. But that’s the gist of it.

They replied immediately (on a Sunday afternoon, too—“Fastest reply I’ve ever gotten from them,” she said) and now things are getting straightened out a.s.a.p.

She stood up for herself. 

Now she’s gonna get paid.

Women are conditioned to be “polite” and “keep the peace.” We’re praised for being “chill,” “cool,” “relaxed,” “easy going,” the kind of woman who just “goes with the flow.”

I’m all about relaxation and flow. But when “going with the flow” is costing you $100K? I don’t think so. No mo’ flow. 

If you want something to change, it won’t happen by sitting down and keeping quiet. 

Change never happens that way.

Stand up.

What’s one area of your career, business, financial world, or personal life where you need to stand up for yourself? 

Stand up and ask for the money that’s owed to you.

Stand up and ask the person who wronged you to make things right.

Stand up and ask for your policies (“No interruptions when I’m working,” “No calls after 5 p.m.” “I’m not responsible for carpool/dinner/etc. on Tuesdays,”) to be honored.

How will you stand up for yourself today?

Susan Hyatt


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PPS. Imagine your life-story is a movie. The audience is filled with girls, teenagers, young women. These girls are watching you move through your day, watching you make decisions. Will you stand up for yourself—or not? Will you make a scene—or be “chill” and just “go with the flow”? Which kind of decision would cause your audience to explode into joyful applause? Which decision would a brave heroine make? Do that. Make those girls proud. 



Stand Up

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