(On The Six Mastermind)


If you run a coaching practice or service business – or you’re ready to launch one, if you want to earn six figures in 2021, or if you’re ready to make big moves and really make this happen, On the 6 is for you.


You run a coaching practice—or you’re about to launch one soon. And you’re not here to play small.

You want it all: meaningful work, dream clients, freedom and flexibility in your schedule, and serious money, too.

You want to earn six figures this year. Minimum.

You’re ready to make big moves and really make this happen. No hiding, stalling, or procrastinating.

If you’re determined to bring your coaching income to $100K and beyond, ON THE 6 is where you belong.

Length of Program

12 Months

Group Mastermind Calls

24 Mastermind Calls with Susan Hyatt

1:1 Mastermind Calls

Quarterly Private 1:1 Accountability Calls with your business coach

Group Marketing Calls

24 Marketing Strategy Calls with Ana Micka

Group Co-Working Sessions

24 Group Co-Working Sessions with your business coach

Monthly Intensives with Experts

Dive deeper into copywriting, social media, sales, course creation and more. Each month we bring you experts to help in this area of your business.

In Demand Access

Access In Demand, our complete digital marketing training program

Calls are Tuesdays 12pm CT, 1pm ET, 10am PT


24 group Mastermind Coaching calls with Susan Hyatt

Burn through your money blocks. Clear anything and everything standing in your way.

24 *Marketing Power Hour* sessions with Ana

Put simple, efficient marketing systems into place. Make sales inevitable.

12 Monthly Intensives with Experts

Dive deeper into copywriting, social media, sales, course creation and more. Each month we bring you experts to help in this area of your business.

12 money-generating assignments

Complete your first assignment. Make money. Cha-ching! Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Until you’re bored of making so much money.

*Make it Better* marketing reviews with the ON THE 6 team

Each week you can submit something you’re working on (newsletter, landing page, program description, anything you’ve got)—we review your work and give feedback to make it stronger!

4 *Build a Better World* sessions with an expert on racial equity and diversity.

Learn what it means to build an anti-racist coaching business, and specific ways to do this. Get educated, take a stand, and be a leader in our industry.

4 *All About You* private 1:1 business coaching calls your business coach.

Share your big goals, get unstuck, boss up, and move swiftly towards what you want.

24 *Get it Done* co-working sessions.

Tackle your to-do list, and get tons of important things done! This is a procrastination-free zone!

Plus a *two thousand dollar welcome gift* to welcome you to the family!

You get IN DEMAND, an incredible program that normally retails for $2K. You’re welcome! Learn how to become a sought-after coach who is highly in demand—with so many clients, you will need to start a wait-list!


Inside ON THE 6, you will find: life coaches, leadership coaches, relationship coaches, wellness coaches, writing coaches, all kinds of professional coaches as well as therapists, counselors, educators, and other professionals.

Get inspired by fellow coaches who are thriving. Get motivated to up-level your own coaching practice. When you hang with high-achievers, you become one.

"This On the 6 voodoo works! $89,202 generated in 5 months. Best decision I ever made. I'm so grateful for the incredible fortune to be part of this group and among all of (the) incredible women. My heart is bursting!"

–Jessica Miller

"I've had my highest paying client and May was my most profitable month in my business ever."

–Emily Murnen

"My first launch was $20k! My first month in On the 6 was my best business month EVER!"

–Kimberly Lucht

"In terms of quantifiable result, the top result is selling out my group program this month. I more than quadrupled my income this month and had my best month yet business-wise. But the bigger picture is this: high quality mindset and tactics. The result that means the most is that I feel the mental confidence to create my own destiny and have a smorgasbord of brilliant tactics to choose from."

–Kaitlyn Lyons

"I am the busiest I have ever been!"

–Jackie Gartman

"Being in OT6 has caused me to step into my identity as a coach and see what's possible for my new business going forward. I can now say, with confidence, "I'm doin' the damn thing!" Without Susan, her incredible team, and the most supportive and loving mastermind sisters, I'd still be spinning my wheels."

–Stacey Bruce


ON THE 6 is just the beginning of your journey.

We’re committed to helping you succeed, long term.

Once you are earning $8K per month, consistently, several months in a row, you’ll be invited to join THE MASTERMIND—an advanced program for coaches who are ready to grow to multi-six and seven figures.

But let’s get you to that $100K milestone, first! Then we build upward from there!


Imagine having $100K per year, or $500K, or $750K. One day, $1 million.

  • You could invest in real estate.
  • You could start a college fund for your child.
  • You could give generously to social justice causes.
  • You could finally quit that crappy day-job. Byeee!
  • You could hire a nanny, housekeeper, tutor, driver, or personal assistant who improves your quality of life by 1,000x.

Money isn’t “everything," but money makes a lot of things possible.

The days of over-working, under-charging, and earning piddly coin…are over. Join us—it’s time to reach for more. Let’s bring your coaching income to $100K and beyond!

The sooner you start, the sooner you hit that six figure mark! Let’s do this.

— Susan, Ana, Patti, and the ON THE 6 team

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