January 18, 2017

OMG! This just in…

Hey hey…

Happy Wednesday! 

It has been an #EPIC several days at my house—aka: the Hyatt Riot Crib. We had a marathon video shoot with tons of outfit changes, hair and makeup, the whole nine yards. My filming crew is the BEST. Total pros. You know you’ve got a great team when they offer to drive four hours round trip to shoot in your home to make your life SO much easier!

After we wrapped up the video shoot, I flopped into my favorite chair and started reminiscing about what my life coaching practice looked like back in the “early days”… 10 years ago. 

Back then, like most newbie coaches, all I wanted was to find ANYBODY who’d be willing to hire me. Video shoots, digital magazines, international retreats, book deals? Totally NOT part of my business plan back then. I was just focused on “the basics”—putting my website together, building up my confidence, and lining up paying clients, any way that I could.

It’s incredible how much things can evolve in 10 years—or just 1 year, for that matter. 

(Curious about the 1 thing I’m so glad I did for my coaching business back when I was just getting started, plus 1 thing I wish I’d done a lot sooner? Grab your seat here for my free training happening today! There will be a recording, but you gotta sign up to get it!)

I honestly have no idea what my coaching business will look like 10 years from today— but I’m excited to find out. 🙂

Speaking of coaching & biz goals & big dreams…

You’ve signed up for CLEAR COACHES, right? 

CLEAR COACHES is a program for coaches, consultants, healers, and other service providers who work in the personal/professional development industry. 

– It’s a program where I teach you the “best of” everything I know about how to get booked solid, how to build confidence and find your groove as a coach, how to figure out what to charge, and… how to develop new, exciting revenue streams (aside from just doing 1-on-1 coaching) if you want to expand in that way!

– You get 21 gorgeous, professionally-produced videos covering all kinds of topics—like your marketing plan, your image/style, your client intake forms, your business policies, your pricing, legal issues to watch out for… and tons more. (Check out the complete list of video topics on this page.)

– You can watch the videos whenever you want, on your own schedule. No appointments. No time restrictions. Easy breezy.

– You can “level up” and select an enrollment level where you get personalized business mentoring from me, plus a ticket to the CLEAR COACHES LIVE conference. Or you can stick with the basic video program. Up to you.

– AND, this just in! My writing mentor, Alex Franzen, has agreed to co-teach 3 EXTRA CLASSES specifically on: Writing and telling your story. If you want to write blog posts that make people laugh, cry, and feel all the feels… If you want to tell your personal story of transformation, but you’re not sure how to do it without “over-sharing”… If you want your website language to sizzle and pop… then you will LOVE these bonus classes with me and Alex. 

– In addition to those 3 extra classes, Alex is also contributing a huge collection of her best WORKSHEETS—like a worksheet on how to write your website Homepage, how to write your About page, how to come up with brilliant names for new products and services, how to write emails that inspire people to hire you, and lots of other goodies. 

I know you’re going to LOVE these worksheets and use them for years to come. #Goldmine

Needless to say: Get your bootie into CLEAR COACHES because this program is totally “Turnt,” “Extra” and “Lit,” as my teenagers would say. (Apparently “On Fleek” is OUT. We don’t say that anymore. It’s sooo last year. So I’m told. But “Slay” is still acceptable. Thank GOD. LOL.)

xoxo & enjoy the rest of your week!

PS. Any questions about CLEAR COACHES? Not sure which enrollment level is ideal for you? No question is “silly” or “too small,” so feel free to email support@shyatt.com and ask anything on your mind.



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