May 6, 2013

Off Our Asses Now, Okay?

Your big goal/dream/idea wants you to know that it is waiting for you. Pining away. Would send you roses and chocolates and a handwritten love poem if it could.  I can see the beauty that is meant for you and am smirking at your excuses. (With love, of course.  I adore us humans. Seriously, I love how ridiculous and miraculous we are. Highly entertaining.)

What I do not love is how quickly and easily smart and talented people will squash dreams with excuses. I do it, you do it, we all do it. It’s a not so charming part of life.

Want some miracles on demand? With just a little bit of mind fuel, we can change and train our minds. Consider this your kick in the ass to make your thing happen.

Over the past two weeks, here are some of the favorite excuses I’ve heard (and my reply):

The shit is really hitting the fan right now….It’s not the right time. There’s a time for licking our wounds and a time for moving on. Know the difference. What I’ve learned is that we have to keep living and trying, especially when the shit hits the fan. Mastering how to surf the dark seems to conjure up the light. Hang ten.

I’m waiting for a sign. This is your sign. Ok? There are hundreds of signs sent our way a day. We miss them when we are “waiting.” Go paint your own sign. Come on.

Mercury is in retrograde/my psychic said I wouldn’t/I pulled a bad tarot card/A black cat pooped in my driveway

I have had psychics tell me the following in just the past 2 years: No, you will not ever write a book (published in 2011). Your husband will leave you in 2011 (we just celebrated our 20 year anniversary). TV just isn’t in the cards for you (a’hem). Understand, I love me some intuitives. But NO ONE BUT YOU gets to chart the course of your life. Stop replying on external guidance and tap into your own.

I just don’t have the money. You know what? I am not a fan of debt. So do not misunderstand me. I am not recommending that you get yourself into financial trouble. But don’t say that you can’t invest in your dream while you are spending money on purses that cost more than my first car, ok? Make your dream a priority.

I’m not sure how. Change to, “I will learn how.” Take a class, interview people who have done it, read up on it. Empower yourself.

It won’t work. Well, not with that kind of mind crack thought. Ask yourself, “How can I create this?” What resources, knowledge, people, tools can help make it a reality?

No one gets me and what I’m trying to do. Once you get you, and your understand what you going to do, you won’t rely on other people to get it. But still, for the love of all things holy, find a supportive tribe of peeps who will support you as you build your vision.

If you can crave it, you are meant to create it. And that’s a fact. I’d love to hear about your big, fat, amazing dream. Please share so that I help hold the intention that it is happening.



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