September 23, 2018

Not IF. Just WHEN.

My daughter Cora is applying for college scholarships right now.


There are literally hundreds of scholarships out there. She’s wondering, “Which ones should I go for? How much time should I spend on each application? How long is this gonna take? What if I make this huge effort and it doesn’t work out? What if nobody picks me?”


I’ve been watching her move through this process. It’s been interesting to see myself—and so many of my clients—mirrored on Cora’s face.


I watch her typing away at her computer and I see… The dream. The desire. The determination. And the moments of doubt and overwhelm, too.


The advice I’ve been giving to Cora is the exact same advice that I give to my friends, my clients, and to myself.

It goes like this:


– Write down what you want. The dream. The goal. The dollar amount. The vision. Whatever you crave.


– Set aside a specific chunk of time—say, three hours a week—that you‘re going to dedicate to your goal. This is your research time, writing time, application time, production time, marketing time. Basically, your “work time.”


– Put your work time on your calendar. Circle it. Love it. Protect it. Pretend your work time is a Beyoncé concert or Hamilton ticket that you paid $1,000 to get. You will not miss this time, not for ANYTHING.


– When work time begins, really work. Be focused. Be ALL IN, not halfway in.


– When work time ends, really stop. Step away from your desk. Go outside. Recharge.


– Repeat this consistently.


– That’s it.


If you keep taking action, things will start to happen.


We try to make things much more complicated, but it’s not. It’s really just that simple.


If you brush your teeth consistently, they’ll sparkle. If you stretch consistently, you’ll get more flexible. If you apply for scholarships consistently, chances are, sooner or later, you’ll get one. (And in the meantime, your writing skills will improve tremendously because of all those essays you’re writing! And those new skills could lead to unexpected opportunities, like getting an amazing writing/media job that pays way more than a $3,000 scholarship, for instance.)


If you’re putting in your work consistently—really showing up and doing it—then you can relax. Breathe easy. No worries. It’s all happening. Your goal is reachable and you’re moving closer every day. It’s not a matter of IF you will create what you crave… it’s just WHEN. And WHEN might arrive sooner than you think.





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