June 21, 2020

Never Give Up

I’ve never really been good at keeping plants alive.

Some people touch plants and they flourish, but I’ve always been the opposite. Plants wither in my presence, shriveling up into crispy tangles of brown, dead leaves.

“I can grow babies and I can grow businesses,” I’d often joke, “But not plants.”

That’s what I told myself. And it felt like the truth.

But a few months ago, I found myself staring wistfully at photos on social media: friends in their homes, and colleagues in their offices, surrounded by beautiful, thriving, healthy plants. Something tugged at my heart. I realized, “I want to become a ‘plant lady’, too!” 

Today, I am proud to report—despite destroying countless plants in the past—I now have an entire house filled with flourishing greenery. 

How?! What changed?

Three things:

1. I decided to actually give a fuck. 

In order for something to grow (a plant, project, business, relationship, or new habit) you have to actually give a fuck. You have to care. And, your caring needs to be reflected not just in your words but in your actions, too. The first step is deciding, “This matters to me. I’m not going to half-ass it.” 

2. I got educated.

I went online, read tutorials, and watched videos. I got informed about what my specific plants required: how much light, how much water, what kinds of food, what size pot. Important information that I just never bothered to learn before.

3. I created a system.

In the past, I would water my plants “whenever I remembered to do it” (approximately once or twice a year, hahaaa) and surprise, surprise, they always died! These days, I have a Google calendar alert that reminds me to tend to my plants…and they’re thriving.

What’s true for that potted Philodendron on your desk is true for anything else in your life—your income, health, marriage, friendships, pets, everything. 

If you want something to flourish, you need to give a fuck, you need to get educated (read a book, take a class, hire a specialist) and you need a system.

With those three things in place, astonishing things happen.

You might realize that, actually, you’ve had a green thumb all along. 

It was just hiding under a dark cloud of apathy, misinformation, and disorganization. 

Don’t believe everything you think about yourself. 

You might be convinced of something that simply isn’t true.


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