June 25, 2017

Never again…

What’s something that you will never, ever do again?

I bet you can think of something! Or several things! LOL.

This is such a fun question to contemplate, journal about, blog about, or discuss around the dinner table.

Here’s my “Never Again” list…

— I will never do Crossfit again. Way too many injuries and chiropractor appointments. Crossfit athletes are ridiculously inspiring and tough as nails—and if you love Crossfit, that’s great. But it’s not the right kind of workout for my body. No thanks. Never again.

— I will never do eyebrow threading again. OUCHIE! NOOOO! I’ll stick to wax.

— I will never schedule two international retreats back to back again. Did that. Not very smart. It was 2014 and I booked two retreats in Positano, Italy, one right after another. It was so much fun. But after 14 days of nonstop coaching, workshops, adventuring, and (what felt like) thousands of bowls of pasta, I was exhausted and wanted to sleep for a month. Never again.

— I will never waste money on cheap running shoes again. Shoes are IMPORTANT!

— I will never allow Scott Hyatt to buy “art” again. One time, my beloved husband bought home a blue glass sculpture that looked like a softball trophy and it was so hideous I had to hide it. OMG. Sorry honey but… no.

— I will never sit in my privilege regarding politics again. For too many years, I censored myself and hid my political opinions because I didn’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I stayed quiet and played it “safe” in my white, privileged, Midwestern suburbia bubble. Never again. We must stay awake and involved. And when something is not OK, we’ve got to speak up and make a scene.

— I will never underestimate a teenager who wants a tattoo again. The week he turned 18, my son Ryan sold half his wardrobe at Plato’s Closet to get a tattoo on his bicep. Well, he did warn me.

What about you?

Share your “Never Again” list with your friends and family. Discuss over coffee. Or post your list on social media. You’ll learn so much about yourself. And you’ll realize, “Damn. I’m a whole lot smarter than I was 5 years ago.” Lord, it’s true.

P.S. If one of your “never again” items includes, “Never again will I leave my paycheck up to a job I loathe!” you might wanna check this out. My girl, Tina, speaks the truth! 🙂



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