September 2, 2015

My new love. Her name is Periscope.


Oh. Dear. God.

So, once upon a time, I wished for a TV show.

And now, the world has created a social media platform that is all live video, all the time. The COMBINATION of two of my loves? Social media AND live video? The Universe is clearly showing off how much it loves me. 😉

I have a new love and her name is Periscope.

It’s super easy to create a profile and begin connecting on there now.

Step One. Visit the app store on your smartphone and download the app “Periscope.” It’s totally free and quick to download and set up.

Step Two. Open the Periscope App and create your new user profile (it’s easy!)

Step Three. Search for @susanhyatt. Click on my profile picture. I’m wearing a cute Italian hat. 😉

Select “FOLLOW” so that you’ll get notifications when I’m live.

And, just to catch you up, here are my two first scopes:


How to Deal With Haters and Copycats and How to Overcome Fear and Go For It.

I’ll be hopping on scope several times a week spontaneously, but you can for sure catch me on Mondays at 12 noon CT serving up Hyatt Riot goodness.

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