September 14, 2016

My Ladyboss Tribe


Is there anything more inspiring than seeing other women crush their dreams and turn them into reality?


That’s why I’m so excited to share some of the women that make up my Ladyboss Mastermind program with you.

These ladies are brave, kind, and ambitious lady bosses who aren’t afraid of a little hustle.

rachel-2Rachel Rodgers is an intellectual property lawyer turned business coach who helps entrepreneurs create products and generate more revenue. She especially loves helping women and people of color entrepreneurs create flagship products that generate lots of cash for their business and provide a comfortable lifestyle while enabling them to work less. She is currently in France preparing for her MADE: IN FRANCE retreat where the attendees will be pampered in a beautiful chateau (that’s French for castle!) while creating an incredible digital product for their businesses. Learn more about the different ways to work with Rachel (including deets about her MADE retreats – there’s one spot that just came available for France!) right here.


FullSizeRenderJennifer Elston is a dream creator. Mommy to 4 and corporate attorney turned relationship marketing entrepreneur- she has built an anti-aging “skinpire” by passionately sharing patented products while mentoring others to do the same, achieving time and financial freedom and to build a life of abundance.
You can find out more about Jennifer at



AT headshotAriane Trelaun of Do Your Thing is a pricing & profit consultant to small business owners, primarily women delivering creative and coaching services. Through her signature offering, Pricing Ninja, Ariane helps entrepreneurs right-price their work for the lives they want to create. She offers frequent free online trainings on topics such as How To Price That New ThingWhy You Need a Premium OfferWhat Your Pricing Does to your Schedule, and Winning at the Mental Game of Pricing, and also is available to work with clients 1:1 on becoming the Total Boss of their numbers. Ariane is currently working on a digital offering, Your Hustle-to-Chill Ratio: A practical guide to mastering the entrepreneurial tightrope, which will be available as of October 2016. And there’s a podcast! With partner Rachel Rodgers, Ariane co-hosts the weekly podcast, Your Business Is Your Life, available on iTunes. In her free time, Ariane’s also a beekeeper, avid gardener, book-nerd, runner and super-proud Mother of the Groom, all of which she meticulously documents on her super-active Instagram feed.



Lisa Smith is a Mom and Parent Coach who believes parenting is an opportunity for Personal Growth if you are willing to look within yourself, walk your talk and be fully present. She has transformed frustrated parents — who regularly default to yelling, threatening and punishing — into peaceful leaders within their household. Lisa does this by unlocking a parent’s higher brain, moving them past their own childhood roadblocks, and applying emotional intelligence throughout their parenting journey. As a former dominant parent, Lisa found the path to Peaceful Parenting and is dedicated to helping other parents find their way too!

As a former dominant parent, Lisa found the path to Peaceful Parenting and is dedicated to helping other parents find their way too! Are you ready?

Lisa would love to share four complimentary videos, Win-Win Parenting Tips, with you to get started. Just sign up at and you’ll receive a new video every day for the next several days.  These quick videos are meant to be conversations starters and help you along your path to Peaceful Parenting! With Love!


Profile_blue_dressAs the year draws to an end Kwavi Agbeyegbe is focusing her energy on a cause that is very dear to her. Sexual Assault. She is organizing a 5K race (Kwavithon 5K) as a fundraiser and bring awareness to 2 areas that are important to her – movement and sexual assault that is prevalent in Nigeria. She is working closely with the Mirable Center based in Lagos, Nigeria to help bring awareness of this center which is the first Sexual Assault Referral Center in Lagos. Currently more than 70% of the rape survivors are under the age of 18. In addition to creating the 5K race, she is also running a challenge called the Kwavithon Pushup challenging where she challenges others to do 18 pushups for 18 days.
She is so excited about this project and looks forward to getting as many people as possible involved. Join here:


ebook-27Kristin Alvestad is a smoothie loving health coach from Norway. Her goal is to inspire you to discover the joy of cooking. She want to show how easy it can be to create good, healthy food from scratch and most importantly of all, when you add a dash of love, there is no going wrong.
Join her next 21 day Smoothie Challenge here:


I’m so proud of these ladies and the awesomeness that they are creating and sharing with the world.




If you’d like to have a place where you can confess all of your business struggles, be totally honest, have people listen, and then receive really smart, actionable feedback from people who know what the heck they’re talking about, then you should apply for the 2017 Ladyboss Mastermind.


Applications are open now. Apply here.


2017 is going to be the best year yet!


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