October 7, 2015

My friend, Carmen


Dear Lovely Readers:

This is my friend Carmen, who passed away a week ago today.


So young, gifted and full of life. She was a fellow life coach who spent most days performing random acts of kindness and making others smile. She gave out free hugs, love notes, little paper flowers, hearts made out of pipe cleaners. One of the kindest and loveliest individuals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

I’ve been performing little random acts of kindness today in her memory.

I went to the grocery and when I was in the parking lot, I noticed the most adorable elderly woman (probably 90 years at least) struggling to put her grocery bags in her trunk, with just one workable arm (a cane in the other hand).

I walked over and asked her if it was ok if I helped her. She was so taken aback but agreed to let me help her.

We started talking about how hard it is for her to let others help her, even though she knows she needs the help sometimes.

I said, you know, I sometimes have trouble asking and receiving help too. We don’t have to be Wonder Woman all the time.

And then she said, “My name is Carmen. What’s your name, love?”

<Right? Pause for tears.>


I have a a few favors to ask:

1. Please join me and perform a random act of kindness this week in her honor. It could be buying someone’s coffee at Starbucks, letting someone move ahead of you in line at the grocery, taking an elderly neighbor some flowers. There are hundreds of opportunities a day to make someone smile. Think of Carmen and do that.

2. Whatever you are scared to do, thinking you can’t do, holding back in any way in your lives— DO ALL THE THINGS. MAKE ALL THE LEAPS. LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE.

Live fully. Love openly. Life is precious. Go make it delicious.

With love and a grieving heart,



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