August 7, 2015

My Favorite Travel Outfit


Today as you are reading this, I am heading the lakehouse to have a private retreat weekend with one of my “Ultimate” clients. We are going to boat and hike and hoop it up while getting her business plan kicked into high gear. I can’t wait!

What that ALSO means, since I am leaving for Ireland on Sunday, is that I packed enough fashion goodness for 16 days! Ryan and I fly out right after I kiss my client farewell. Very exciting.

All this mega packing got me thinking… I do a lot of amazing travel and I’ve truly learned how to dress for it.

I’ve been stuck on an airplane with frozen toes for hours, I’ve tripped in the security line trying to pry boots off my feet, and I’ve landed in the sweltering heat wearing leather pants and and sweatshirt. Let my travel faux pas be your gain! I’ve put together my favorite travel style for you today.

From Evansville to Killarney, I’ll be comfortable, able to adjust according to the temperature, and have remarkable ease going through security. (Psssst: Have you heard about TSA Precheck and Global Entry? Just earned my status and won’t have to deal with taking my shoes off and all that jazz now. It was quick, easy and I highly recommend getting that for yourself!)


I selected my Hudson skinny jeans first. They have just enough stretch to feel like pajamas and look nice on! Next I decided to throw on a solid tank with my favorite Navy J Crew blazer. I can take off the blazer if I get too hot.

And the shoes! I still swoon over my Jimmy Choo pumps. Low heel. Easy to slip on and off. I’ve also sprinted through the airport in these hot mamas and my feet were FINE.

My large bag has all my extras: lap top, book, fuzzy socks if my feet get cold, and one of those gorgeous Chan Luu scarves to put on if I get cold.

Things to consider:

-Departing and arrival weather
-Comfort without sacrificing style
-Footwear is KEY (always)

All in all, this outfit will wear well, look nice, is temperature adjustable and I feel terrific in it!



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