Master Life Coach Certification

Deepen Your Skills  •  Dismantle Oppressive Systems    Earn the Highest Coaching Credential    Achieve Mastery

  • Upcoming Program: February 2024
  • Duration: 6 month program
  • Investment: $9997 – Payment plans available.

This six-month Master Life Coach certification program centers on diversity, equity & inclusion as well as trauma-informed teaching to help you make an even more powerful difference in people’s lives.

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Choosing to become a Certified Master Life Coach with ULCT demonstrates your unwavering commitment to becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive coach.

Most Life Coach and Master Life Coach certification programs do not deeply address topics like identity, oppression, trauma, inclusive language or practice.


Our world-class faculty includes leaders, experts, noted psychologists, physicians, and bestselling authors with the strongest commitment to and understanding of DEI.


By getting your Master Life Coach certification at ULCT, you’ll be able to offer the safest and most inclusive coaching practice, and be equipped to handle difficult, sensitive, and emotionally charged topics for all types of clients, including (but not limited to):

  • Working with clients who experience racism.
  • Working with neurodivergent and/or neuroadaptive folks.
  • Working with clients who are LGBTQIA+.
  • How to ethically support individuals who have experienced trauma.
  • Supporting clients who have experienced sizeism, fat-phobia, eating disorders, or body image issues.

The Master Life Coach Certification Program at ULCT provides ADVANCED DEI training—allowing you to be more skillful in your coaching so that you can better help your clients succeed

The DEI Continuum

The Gold Standard in Training

At the University for Life Coach Training, DEI is a central piece of our curriculum. We teach our students a DEI-focused coaching model—the Five C’s—that we’ve developed along with a leading DEI expert.

Our Master Life Coach certification program deepens this model because, in order to be an effective coach, you need a skilled and nuanced understanding of all the factors that have shaped your client’s life and identity.


Having the full context surrounding your client's situation is crucial to getting the results they desire.


Removing assumptions and biases by deeply understanding where your client is now, where they want their life to go, their current mindset, and circumstances.


Fueled by the context and clarity you’ve gained, and keeping all factors in play, you’ll make an informed suggestion of a tool, practice, exercise, or program.


Coming to an agreement on a step that your client can “confidently commit” to.


Celebrate your client’s achievements—which can be making an effort, trying something new, or making progress, no matter how big or small.


What You Receive

  • Master-level supervision and feedback from Susan Hyatt, Diversity Expert Ericka Hines, and the rest of our world-class faculty.
  • 12 masterclasses taught fully through a DEI focus.
  • 12 advanced mentor training sessions where you’ll implement the teachings and sharpen your skills.
  • Additional mentor coaching and performance evaluation from our coaching leaders, exciting practice modalities, and cutting-edge coaching resources. We are dedicated to making sure that you are completely supported during your training.
  • The prestigious ULCT Master Life Coach emblem & title upon graduation. 


  • Before enrolling in the ULCT Master Certified Life Coach program, you must be a certified life coach.

Enroll Now

The six-month ULCT Master Coach Certification program kicks off in February 2024.

Spots are limited to provide the deepest learning and most individualized experience. Spaces will fill up fast, and due to high interest – we expect to be sold out soon.

Enroll now and secure your spot.

We can’t wait to lead you to coaching mastery!

  • 6 month program
  • $9997 — Payment Plans Available
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