July 25, 2014

Life Is Delicious TV Episode 2 live!

“I’m sooo busy!” 

It’s the three-word battle cry for a generation of women who wear their busyness like a badge of honor. 
Kids. Partners. Careers. Volunteer work. A never-ending stream of “I’d be glad to!” and “Of course!”
But one woman is saying: enough!
In this episode of Life Is Delicious TV, host Susan Hyatt lays down the law, with an extra shot of love. 
Her challenge? A frenzied mom who’s so busy taking care of other people, she barely has time to eat, sleep or breathe. 

Raw, real and unabashedly sassy, this 10-minute TV show delivers personal transformation like you’ve never seen it before. 
Watch, laugh + share it with a woman you love. (Especially if she says, “I’m too busy to watch!”)


Episode 2 is live!!!




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