February 4, 2013

Life is Delicious & Truth Statements

You are not perfect. Your life is not perfect. (And it never will be.)

Oh no! Did you hear that? It was the sound of 10,000 personal development gurus throwing a hissy fit!

But sister friend, it’s true. Perfection is a myth. Control is a myth. Imperfection is the only reality.

And here’s the crazy truth: when you wake up & enjoy the imperfect life you already have, it makes it sooo much easier to create the life that you want. It really is that simple. It really can be … that delicious.


Life is Delicious is a 7-part video program that’s all about the miracle of getting what you want — by appreciating, celebrating, and seriously adoring the life that you’ve got.

We’re gonna talk about your daily routines, your career ambitions, your personal edge, your capacity to take risks, and yes — even your money, honey.

It’s simple, sweet, and kinda sexy. Definitely NOT self-help as usual.

The next cycle of Life is Delicious is now open for enrollment for one week.


Join the party. And get ready to create an imperfect life that makes you freak-dance with happiness.

And here are some truth statements for you to download.

I’m sending you a delicious hug and a swift kick in the booty-




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