August 16, 2020

Disaster or Liberation

There’s a woman named Makenna.

She used to make an excellent living running luxurious cooking retreats in Europe. Foodies from around the world would fly into France to attend her fabulous retreats. Good times. Great money. Cha-ching!

Then the pandemic hit.

No travel. No events. Cancellations across the board.

100% of her income vanished overnight.

She was dazed and scared, but quickly pivoted.

Within just a few weeks, she whipped together a brand new website and new offer: virtual cooking lessons, beaming straight from her kitchen!

These virtual lessons have been a smash-hit success. Extremely profitable.

Makenna could have given up on her business, entirely. Many people would have done so. Instead, she developed a totally new revenue stream. Incredibly quickly.

Those of you who love Tarot decks are probably familiar with the Tower card. In many decks, this card depicts a stone tower being struck by a lightning bolt. Flames all around. Disruption. Upheaval. The card represents sudden, unexpected change.

When lightning strikes the tower, change is coming. That’s for sure. Things will never be the same. 

But will it be disaster…or liberation?

You decide.

Ultimately, you built the original tower. And you can build a new one. Stronger. Better. More beautiful than before.

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