October 20, 2019

You Want Butterflies and Benjamins? You Better Be You.



A few days ago, I was coaching a client and she was telling me how she’d been scared to put herself out there. So freaked out that it was draining both her energy and fun. And, her business was suffering.


Then, something incredible happened…


After listening to me say over and over again that she needed to “come out of the closet” with her freak flag, the Rubik’s cube in her brain shifted its pattern. Something that we’d been working on finally clicked and SHE GOT IT!


She realized that while she’d been busy “toning it down” and “watching her words” and overanalyzing all her actions—she was CENSORING herself.


While procrastinating and making things just perrrfecttttt, she wasn’t being authentic. She was losing herself, sanitizing her message and it was diluting her power.


Once she took off the filter, she started saying things her way and created services that gave her butterflies.


In just a few weeks, her business took off by leaps and dollar signs. Orders started flowing in quickly and, most importantly, she started having fun again!


And, isn’t that what all things in life should truly be about? The fun, the joy, and the authentic YOU!


This week, think about what you need to do to show up as yourself.


Your cube is not broken! It just needs to click into place.


You are the only one of you and that is your power.


As we ended our session, my client said, “Why did I allow myself to suffer for so long?”


Are you sick of suffering, too? Don’t hide behind distracting diets and censor who you are truly meant to be.


We often create our own shit storm by believing that if we are who we really are then bad things will happen.


Bad things happen when we live a lie. Presenting a fake persona is its own kind of hell.


Be authentic. Be unabashedly you. And, make bank doing it!




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