March 29, 2017

Last call! [coaches, teachers, healers – this one’s for you]

Hey party people! 

I run a program called CLEAR COACHES. It’s a business and marketing training program for professional coaches. 

If you currently work as a coach—life coach, wellness coach, creativity coach, empowerment coach, any type of coach—and if you want more clients, more retreat sign-ups, more product sales, and more money, CLEAR COACHES is for you.

It’s an online program. You can watch the videos, download the materials, and participate from anywhere in the world.

There’s so much gold inside this program. Worksheets to help you write sparkling, clear language for your coaching website. Checklists to help you market your services in the simplest possible way. Videos to help you find your focus, your voice, and your signature coaching style. Tips on how to explain what makes you special and unique, so that people say, “I need to hire you ASAP. When can we start?”

I freaking LOVE this program—and CLEAR COACHES graduates love it, too. Here’s a video with success stories and reviews from coaches currently attending…

Get more clients. Make more money. Leave an even deeper impact on your clients. Build your dream coaching practice. That’s what CLEAR COACHES is all about. 

Registration for CLEAR COACHES closes on March 31st. This is the last call to check out the details, choose your enrollment level, and sign up.

After March 31st, the doors are closed for a whole year—so don’t procrastinate on this. Bust a move, and I’ll see you inside the classroom!



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