February 9, 2015

Just get your shoes on.

Want to know a dirty little secret?

Even after hundreds of hours of training from some of the best minds in the personal development industry (Dr. Martha Beck, Brooke Castillo, I’m looking at you)…

Even after being immersed in the world of “motivational speaking” and “life coaching” for 8 years, personally coaching thousands of clients to get major results…

Even after dropping — and keeping off — thirty-five pounds and becoming a Crossfit athlete (which I never EVER thought would happen)…

It still requires a TON of effort, discipline and grit to peel myself out of bed, into my workout clothes, and out the door for a run.


I wish I could tell you: “It gets easy, eventually — trust me!” or “I bounce out of bed at 5am like a cloud of sugar-dusted positivity, ready to sprint down the street!”

But that’s not actually true.

The reality is: Challenging yourself never gets “easy.”

That’s why it’s called a “challenge.”

Running is hard and uncomfortable and even TO THIS DAY, my mind resists it.

My mind tries to convince me not to it.

And yet… I do it.


Because I put my effing shoes on.

I don’t think about it. I don’t make up a big story about it. I don’t allow myself to have an internal debate about it.

My alarm clock goes off. I groan. I slam it down. I check in with my inner life coach. She tells me: “You always feel so proud when you are done. Your best ideas come to you while running.” (She’s smart like that.) I get up. I put my shoes on.

Once I actually have my shoes on, I know:

This is happening.

Im going for a run.

That’s the advice I give to all of my clients and friends when they are struggling to do things that make them feel scared, vulnerable and uncomfortable.

Just get your shoes on, first.

That’s all.

You can decide not to go AFTER you have your shoes on, if you want.

But you’re not going to do that. Because once you have your shoes on, you will remember: Whatever hard, challenging thing you’re about to do? You are always so proud of yourself when it’s over.

This hard, challenging thing will give you tons of energy.

It will make your whole day flow better.

If you don’t do it? You know how the day is gonna feel…

So, shoes on, girlfriend.

Laces tight.

Doing this hard, challenging thing is THE choice that’s going to get your day started right.


PS. Obviously, running might not be your “thing.” But you can apply this same attitude — shoes on! — to anything you want to do. Writing, blogging, marketing your business, having a tough conversation with someone you love… shoes on, girlfriend. Turn off your chatterbox-brain and just get your shoes on, first. THEN decide if you are going to back out. You won’t.



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