July 21, 2019

Just be honest.

Have you ever had a business experience that was totally…creepy? Like a pushy, icky, or sleazy experience?

Like, for instance, a friend invites you over to her place for brunch, and you’re like “Yaaaaaaas!”

But then, there’s a TWIST! Once you step inside her house, you realize…She wants to sell you Tupperware or sex toys or essential oils or jewelry or whatever.

She did NOT mention this before— and now you’re like, “Uhhhh. I didn’t sign up for this!”

It’s not that the product is “bad,” necessarily, it’s just that you feel duped and trapped. It’s a sleazy experience.

I had this type of experience recently—and I’m gonna tell you the story! I was so creeped out that I decided to make a whole blog and podcast about it. LOL. Because this is a really important topic for coaches, consultants, all kinds of entrepreneurs.

Let’s discusss…How to sell your work in a clear, honest, upfront way, not a sleazy way.



My husband Scott and I were wandering down a cute street recently. A man was standing in front of a shop with a big tray of these beautiful, colorful bath bombs. You know, those aromatherapy balls that you dissolve in a bath tub. This guy was holding a big delightful display of cupcake bath bombs out front.

My daughter Cora is obsessed with bath bombs, so I say to Scott, “Hey, let’s go inside and get some for Cora!”

We step inside the shop. The shop’s owner comes up to me. And immediately, I realize…IT’S A TRAP!

The shop owner immediately launches into a really intense sales pitch, trying to sell me…ANTI WRINKLE SKIN CREAM!

He’s like, “I’ve got something for you that will erase all those lines on your face.”

I’m like, “Huh? Excuse me???!”

I look around the shop. I don’t see bath bombs anywhere. I just see all these display cases full of anti wrinkle serums and creams.

And then I realize…The bath bombs in front are just to lure people inside, and then once you’re inside, that’s where the high-pressure sales begin.

I grab Scott and I’m like, “YO. Let’s get the fuck outta here.”

The whole experience was so creepy. It really felt like, when you check into a hotel and the concierge invites you to enjoy some complimentary wine and chocolate, but then…SURPRISE! Once you get to the chocolate room, you realize the hotel actually wants to sell you a TIMESHARE.

LOL. The ol’ bait and switch.

So, why I am telling this bath bomb story? Well, because it illustrates something important about business, marketing, and sales.

I talk to so many women who are TERRIFIED of being sleazy with their sales.

Literally, hundreds of women over the years have told me, “I want to sell my products and services…but I DON’T want to be sleazy!”

Well, if you DON’T want to be sleazy, it’s actually really simple:

Just be TOTALLY UPFRONT about what you’re selling.

Declare it. Loud and clear. Be direct. Right away.

If you’re totally upfront, then you will NEVER be sleazy!

If you are deceptive and tricky—luring people with one thing but then suddenly offering something else—that’s sleazy.

OR, if you pretend like you’re NOT SELLING SOMETHING when actually, YOU ARE, that’s sleazy, too!

If you’ve ever attended one of my free video classes, you might notice that I always emphasize, right away, at the beginning of class, “Hey! This class is totally free and we’re going to cover some super-valuable material. I hope this free class is really helpful for you. And ALSO, I have a program you might be interested in—so stay tuned for info on that, too.”

I always let people know, “Hey! I’ve got something to sell and I’m excited to tell you about it because…it’s awesome!”

I don’t hide the fact that I’m selling something. I’m proud to declare it!

So, look. The opposite of sleaze is HONESTY.

If you’re selling bath bombs, tell the world, “I’m selling bath bombs and they’re fabulous! Come get some!”

If you’re selling coaching services, tell the world, “I’m a professional coach and I’ve got space for new clients…right now! I’d love to help you transform your life!”

If you are clear, direct, and honest, then you can relax, rest assured…you will NOT be perceived as sleazy.

Remember this when you’re selling your work.

Be 100% honest and upfront.





PS. I’m hosting a free webinar class to help you Do Less & Sell More.  We’re going to cover how to create a simple, minimalist marketing plan that won’t make you completely exhausted! And at the end, I’m going to briefly share some deets about my upcoming 8 week course because (ummmmm) it’s AMAZING. No sleaze. Just good, time tested material to help you get your marketing plan done.

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