November 8, 2020

It Is Okay

This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to remind you:

– It is okay to turn off your phone.

– It is okay to read an email, consider the request, sleep on it, and then reply a few days later once you’ve had time to consider things deeply. Not everything needs to be “immediate.”

– It is okay to take a break from social media for a day, a week, or forever.

– It is okay to block, unfollow, or unsubscribe from things that spike your stress levels instead of bringing strength into your life. 

– It is okay—in fact, just not okay, but imperative—to prioritize your health above all else.

Do whatever you need to do to protect your peace.

You don’t have to buy into the “hustle culture” that tells you you’ve got to be plugged in 24/7, reply instantly to every request, go faster and harder, and rest once you’re dead.

You can do high-caliber work, be an engaged citizen, make great money, and make a difference without running yourself into the ground. It is possible.

It is okay

Today: Do something big or small to create more peace, space, and calm in your life.

A few suggestions:

– Watch this episode of Go Time TV for tips on how to stay strong and calm during especially stressful times.

– Read the book Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving by journalist, researcher, and NPR correspondent Celeste Headlee. 

– Create a Joy Corner in your home where you can cozy up with your favorite pillows, blankets, tea, journal, and pens.

– Take a long walk with your headphones and listen to an entire album of music in its entirety from start to finish.

– Ask someone a deep question and listen while they answer…without getting impatient and interrupting before they’ve had a chance to think.

– Do something the “slow way.” Send a handwritten letter instead of email. Walk to the store instead of driving. Ship a framed photo to a friend instead of texting a pic. Read the full-length book instead of the blog post. Respond thoughtfully instead of reacting. 

The great irony is that slowing down, not speeding up, is the key to doing our best work and creating a beautiful life.

Have a slow Sunday.

Reset and relax with Episode 20 of Go Time TV.



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