IN DEMAND is a digital training program to help you create and sell your programs and services online.

Never worry about *finding enough clients* again. Make sales inevitable.

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As a professional coach, consultant or service provider, you want to:

1. Change people's lives.
2. Make a great living.

Most of us are naturally gifted at #1.

But #2 can feel tricky, discouraging, or stressful.

We can help.

IN DEMAND is a digital training program for coaches & consultants who want to get noticed, get hired, and get money flowing in consistently.

We understand how overwhelming it can feel to put together your offers, communications and sales plan. That’s why we created In Demand…to walk you through our successful process, step-by-step. We’ll show you how to:

Build a solid reputation cut through the online noise, stand out, get discovered, and get people excited about your work.

Set up systems that bring new leads, new clients, and new sales to you every single week.

Become a sought-after coach with sold-out programs, a client docket that’s completely full, and so many inquiries pouring into your inbox, you’ll need to start a wait-list.

Out of all the business investments you could make in 2020, IN DEMAND gives you the biggest financial return. We are determined to help you make more money.

Get started for $97

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Watch videos and ask questions conveniently from anywhere in the world.


We share the exact strategies, campaigns, tools and templates that have built our multi-million dollar coaching business.


You'll get behind the scenes access and get our campaign launch calendars, checklists, timelines, emails, landing pages, sales pages and more from our successful multiple six-figure campaigns.


We walk you through how to not only build a list, but convert browsers into buyers and share everything that is working now in 2020 for us and our clients with you.


We share the exact strategies, campaigns, tools and templates that have built our multi-million dollar coaching business.


No rush to complete the program. After purchasing, all the materials are yours to keep forever.

Do you want to be...IN DEMAND?

IN DEMAND is great for new business who are just starting out or just moving online. (Get your first 10 clients…and get your business started on a strong note!)

IN DEMAND is great for seasoned coaches, too! If you’ve been coaching for awhile and you want sales flowing in consistently, this is for you. (No more dry spells or “Is this going to work?!” pre-launch anxiety.)

Whether you’re a new coach hoping to make your first $10K…or a veteran looking to generate your next $100K, IN DEMAND the place to get organized and get that money rolling in.

Get started for $97



What’s the specific problem you solve for your clients—and how do you solve it? Why should people hire you? Get clear on the basics. Lay the groundwork (including your back-end systems) to build your dream coaching practice. Set things up right.


Develop a signature offer that combines your personality and expertise into an irresistible coaching package. Decide what’s included. Choose the format and pricing. Outline an inspiring plan to spread the word and find your people.


You’ve got your signature offer figured out. Now let’s fill those spots! Roll out a communication plan that brings the biggest possible number of clients to your work. Most importantly, set up systems that convert *curious lookers* into *actual paying clients.*


Your business plan probably looks a lot different now than a month ago. And to succeed, we are all pivoting, testing new approaches and reaching new audiences. And it's working for us and our clients. We'd love to help you do the same.


Your In Demand access includes:

  • Instant Access to the Extensive Training Modules | Create your online success by watching the short, entertaining video lessons packed with proven marketing strategies. You’ll know the back-end systems you need (including short videos walking you through any tech setup), how to create an offer clients can’t resist and the step-by-step process to expand your audience and convert browsers to buyers.
  • Plug and Play Templates and Swipe Files | We share our exact landing pages, webinar registration pages, sales pages, webinar presentation slide deck, sales email sequences and more that you can use for a guide in your own business and launches.
  • Timelines and Checklists | You’ll get the exact timing for your type of launch and business including when to send emails and post on social media, how many sales emails to send and more. .Plus a suite of 33 worksheets, checklists, scripts, templates, and how-tos to guide you through the process.
  • Live support. Weekly live Q&A with experts from The Agency | Ask questions and join us for our weekly live Q&A calls in the Rich Coach Club Facebook group.
  • Professional Help | $200 credit for the Hyatt Marketing Agency. (Must be used before January 2021.) Your credit can be applied towards copywriting, a Facebook Ad campaign to promote your signature offer, or any other services you want.




Susan, Chrissy and Brandon share with you how to set up your lighting, sound and how to record high quality videos at home- simply, without expensive equipment!

Get started for $97


IN DEMAND was created by Susan Hyatt, master-certified life and business coach, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur.

Susan started her career in sales—radio advertising, then residential real estate—before transitioning into the field of life coaching.

13 years ago, she announced to her (stunned) husband, “I’m quitting my job and becoming a coach.” She sketched her very first business plan on the back of an airline napkin…and dove in. The rest is history. Over the last decade, Susan’s coaching practice has grown into a multi-seven figure business with 10 employees and signature programs that have touched thousands of lives.

Susan has been featured on national TV and in magazines like O: The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Woman’s World. She was honored to be a Finalist for the Athena Award, recognizing leadership in the field of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. We can’t wait to help you become IN DEMAND!

To develop the curriculum for IN DEMAND, Susan is joined by Ana Micka, COO of Hyatt Inc., and a powerhouse in the world of online sales and systems. Ana has 15+ years experience helping coaches make money online, and a fierce passion for getting results.

We can’t wait to help you become IN DEMAND!


All genders are welcome! However, you can expect a classroom environment that’s about 95% women/female-identified people. It’s definitely a girl-power environment.

Very different. Clear Coaches was an amazing program that ran for over 10 seasons and helped hundreds of new coaches to launch their coaching practices on a strong foundation.
However, after running the Clear Coaches program for many years, we realized we needed to create something *completely new*…because the business, marketing, and sales landscape in 2020 is not the same as it was 5, 10, or 15 years ago! Things have changed. Our strategies need to change too.

The content you’ll find inside the In Demand program is 100% brand new. New videos. New techniques. New everything.

In Demand also includes a module called Fill It, where you learn how to create automatic systems that bring new leads and new sales to you every week. This module, alone, is worth the entire price of Clear Coaches and In Demand combined!

Bottom line: if you already purchased Clear Coaches, thank you! If you decide to purchase In Demand, you’re getting brand new material that Clear Coaches doesn’t include.

Yes! Enroll now. IN DEMAND will help you lay the groundwork for a profitable online coaching or consulting practice. Let us help you get started on the right foot!

We can’t guarantee that you’ll complete IN DEMAND with a flood of new client enrollments—because we’re not running your business. You are.

However, here’s what we can promise with 100% confidence: When you choose a big goal—for example: making more money—and you focus on that one goal for several weeks in a row, giving it your undivided attention, big things happen.

When you do the work, things shift.

We stand firmly on our track record of success. We know our systems work and we’re determined to help you succeed.

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