Susan Hyatt Inc. is fiercely committed to being an anti-racist business.

We acknowledge that eradicating racism is not accomplished with a one-time post on Instagram, or a one-time donation to Black Lives Matter.

It’s an ongoing commitment.

We believe it’s better to “do something” to help, and risk doing it “imperfectly,” rather than remain silent and do nothing at all. We’re not perfect but we’re always improving. We continually seek new ways to do more and do better.

Here’s our pledge

as of July 15, 2020

– We have hired a leading expert on diversity, equity, and anti-racist training, and will meet with her for additional education at least 4 times per year.

– We have created an online resource library on diversity, equity, anti-racist training, activism, and how to use your voice to change the world. These materials are available for free for our team, clients, and entire online community.

– When purchasing gifts for clients (books, journals, swag for welcome bags, etc.) we will purchase from Black- and minority-owned companies at least 30% of the time.

– When hiring, we will make a strong effort to recruit BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) talent to join the team. By 2022, our goal is to be company where at least 50% of our team is not White.

– When race-motivated violence occurs in the news, we will offer our BIPOC team members the option to take the day off, and speak with a grief counselor at no cost. We understand that violence is painful to everyone, but some carry the burden of the pain more heavily than others.

– Accountability is important. We will post public reports here to show how we’re doing in terms of upholding our pledge, and areas where we still need to improve. Reports will be posted on Sept 15, 2020, January 15, 2021, and every quarter thereafter.

– We welcome suggestions on how we can do better. Reach out here.

*Special thanks to our friend Rachel Rodgers from Hello Seven for inspiring this pledge. Watch Rachel’s Town Hall Meeting on Re-imagining Small Business for guidance on how to create an anti-racist pledge for your own business, too.