April 29, 2018

“If You Wouldn’t Do It To Beyoncé…”

If you wouldn’t do it to Beyoncé, then don’t do it to ANY woman who’s running a business.

If you scheduled a meeting with Beyoncé, would you email her asking to reschedule three different times? Hell no.

If you promised Beyoncé you’d send the email / make the call / tweet the link / pay the invoice / whatever you promised to do, would you flake and not do it? Hell no.

If you bought tickets to see Beyoncé perform, would you email Beyoncé sheepishly the night before the show and plead for a refund because you didn’t get your shit together and your tummy is a little bloated and you forgot to find a dog-sitter so now you can’t come to the show? Hell no.

If you hired Beyoncé for a six month contract, would you cancel on month three and ask for a refund even though she clearly stated at the beginning that she doesn’t do refunds? Hell no.

The level of respect that you would give to Beyoncé… please give that same level of respect to ANY and EVERY woman who’s running a business and trying to make a living.

Don’t be a flake. Don’t be a creep. Don’t ignore policies and boundaries. Don’t “forget” to pay the invoice. Don’t behave like she’s running a charity. Don’t treat her time like it’s worth nothing. Just don’t.

When women mistreat other women, it drags everyone down–financially, emotionally, in every way.

Be the Beyoncé of your industry. Treat fellow entrepreneurs the same way.

If we want more respect in this world, it starts with us respecting each other.



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