August 14, 2014

I see you.

I see you.
Doing your thing. Building your career. Taking care of your body. Raising your kids. Living your life.
Trying your best.
Your best.
(Or at least, the best you can manage … with the tools that you’ve currently got.)
Your best.
(But not your absolute best. Not your “ultimate.”)
Who is the “ultimate” version of you, anyway? What is she capable of?
Can you remember a time when you felt like you were living up to your full human potential? Fully aligned, fully expressed, making quantum leaps forward?
How would it feel to hang out in that zone … for a whole year? Or maybe, for life?
That’s the offer I’m making to you, today.
It’s called The Ultimate.

And it’s an opportunity to have me as your private life, body & business coach for an entire year.
50 one-on-one sessions. 2 lakeside retreats. Access to all of my live events & digital programs. Me, on speed-dial. All up in your grill. Helping you reach your full human potential — and NOT letting you fail.
That’s the offer. It’s a simple one — but it’s big. And I will do everything in my power to make sure it’s the BEST investment you ever make in yourself, in your life. Period.
If you want to be one of my ULTIMATES, write back to this email and say:
And I’ll give you ALL the details.
And as soon as you’re ready? We’ll get to work.
Oh yeah. I see you.
Now let’s see where your story goes, next.

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