September 30, 2015

I Love Blue Door Ceramics


I love featuring fellow women entrepreneurs on LOVE Wednesdays!

When I was in Italy, I swooned over the pottery, but I was so focused on my retreat, that I never went back to purchase the dishes I was drooling over.

But after my ktichen renovation was complete, I decided to go on the hunt for some amazing dishes that complimented my new space. I couldn’t find ANYTHING that made me swoon like those Italian pieces.

UNTIL I stumbled upon Christiane Barbato of Blue Door Ceramics. She’s a mom and an artist and I absolutely adore her work. LOOK AT THESE works of art that I get to eat off of now.


You know what I notice? Everyone carefully rinses these dishes and places them carefully on the counter, even though they are sturdy and can handle more roughness than our old dishes. Nice things command respect.

dishes collage

Take it from my dishes, you can be gorgeous AND strong.

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