February 3, 2019

I had myself a meltdown over coffee.

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re carrying a ten thousand pound load on your back…and nobody is supporting you.

When I’m coaching my clients, I often hear the weariness creep into their voices.

“He never offers to help around the house.”

“I’m so tired of doing everything by myself.”

“I’m constantly giving my time to other people. But when I need some help? Everyone’s suddenly ‘too busy’.”

I can hear the heaviness in their tone—and of course, I can totally relate. Just this week I had one of those weary moments, myself. I found myself grimacing at my computer, feeling brittle and overwhelmed, and feeling irritated because I felt like I wasn’t getting the kind of support I wanted from…oh, basically everyone.


When I notice myself descending into that negative spiral, I know it’s time to step away from my desk, get some fresh air, and give myself an attitude adjustment. Maybe you need an adjustment today, too? Consider this:

Consider, just for starters, the millions of ways in which you are supported…every single day. You flip a switch and light pours down from your ceiling. A miracle. You order a coffee and the barista checks in to make sure it’s exactly how you like it, not too sweet. So thoughtful. You walk past the local library. Thousands of books, centuries of wisdom at your fingertips, for free. Incredible. You text your best friend and tell her you’re feeling heartsick and she texts back fifty-seven rainbow heart emojis and a song to cheer you up. Another miracle. You need funding for your new project and you go online. Within minutes, you’ve pulled up application forms for twelve different grants and scholarships. Beyond amazing.

We can run our lives—and businesses—with a sour attitude, feeling like there’s “no support” and when there is, it’s “never enough.” Or we can re-organize the cells in our brains and view the world differently. We can marvel at the support that’s all around, literally every moment of every day. Help is everywhere. ESPECIALLY when we actually ask for it. More than enough.

“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein

Stay in the miracle.





PS. I’m leading a mastermind event in Savannah this week and guess who was there, pitching in and beaming support and lending a helping hand? My mom. (Thank you mom! When I had a last-minute staffing scramble and needed a miracle, you stepped in and offered to help. I love you. Even grown-up daughters need a mom-miracle, once in a while.)



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