September 1, 2019

I gave up on my dream.

Recently I went into a different than my usual place for a quick manicure.

In conversation, it came up that I was taking my daughter out to Portland for college.

Him: What’s her major?

Me: English. She wants to be a fashion editor.

Him: I guess as long as she doesn’t mind not eating, that’s a fine major….

Me: Actually, I’m a writer and I do quite well. Writers can make plenty of money. In fact, let me tell you about my 25-year-old copywriter client making multiple 6 figures.

Listen up people… stop telling young people they can’t make money doing what they love.

Stop projecting your limited worldview, personal fears and lack of business skills onto others.

Just because you don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

And if you were someone who listened to a negative, jaded authority figure in the past, it’s not too late for you.

I stopped writing between the ages of 18-33 because my English 101 professor told me I would never make it as a writer. She was wrong.

There’s a mysterious magic that allows us to dream. Don’t stifle your creative ability to do that. And don’t ever doubt that you can do the hard things required to make your dream a reality.

If you have a dream, hit reply and tell me what it is. I’ll read it and send you virtual fist bumps.

PS. This October 5th-6th is THE EVENT of the year for coaches and entrepreneurs. Join me to kick it off on a yacht, come as your future self for an epic party. Step into your dreams. Surround yourself with peeps who are cheering you on. Get there, boo. 



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