July 25, 2018

Hustling…Without Burning Out

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Amazing Fierce Queens!!

This idea of the “hustle” has been on my mind a lot lately.
I have the spoon (See picture attached, lol). I have certainly done my fair share of hustling. And YES, I encourage a bit of hustle for my clients, too.

Just not at the expense of your health, your life outside of work, your family, or any of the other things that really matter to you outside of your business.

There are so many gurus and business coaches talking about hustling and posting some bullshit like “The hustle includes the weekend.”

Ummmmmm. ALL THE NOPES!!

It’s great to love what you do. I sure do.

But this culture of “hustle at all costs” will cost you your life.

I know there are coaches out there who are wanting to take their businesses to the next level, but maybe they’re holding back because they want to still…I don’t know… have a life? (lol).


That’s why I created my Clear Coaches Select program. The coaching industry NEEDED a program that was a good mix of still having a life (girl, take your weekends off), but not taking forever to get some serious shit done so that you can get out of business planning mode & into your zone of excellence (where you’re coaching your ass off and changing the lives of your dream clients and yes, being a business owner of a business that is actually making money).


Too many coaches are out there frozen in business planning mode, and not doing the thing they actually love (coaching & living their best lives right along with their clients). Let me tell you something, Boo, when you are trapped in this mode it FEELS like a never ending hustle. It FEELS like it’s never the right time to start living, because you’re still trying to figure out your next blog post, your freebie, your signature program. This is no way to live. I got you, Boo.


There are 2 spots in my next round of Clear Coaches Select. And in just 8 weeks time, I’m going to walk you through this shit, once and for all, so you can get your business moving & get your life back. I am going to put you to werk, yes, but I am also going to show you how to do it in a way that feels good. #weekendsoff

You’ll walk away with:

  • An easy to understand business plan
  • Your signature program
  • A communication plan for the rest of the year
  • A freebie and a funnel
  • A community of supportive friends that get you

And the best part is that with all of this done, hand in hand with me and 9 other fierce entrepreneurs, you’ll get to move out of business planning mode and into coaching mode.


Wanna lock arms with me in a few weeks and get this shit done once and for all?

Fill out this application. Throw your hat in the ring for one of the remaining two spots left.
I hope to see you in my inbox soon!

Still struggling with hustle culture? Need a little inspo? A while back I recorded this podcast episode called Hustling… Without Burning Out. Whether Clear Coaches Select is for you or not… this episode is near and dear to my heart and I think every coach deserves to have these 3 tips in their back pocket. Stress and pressure is real y’all.



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