August 27, 2017

How much would it cost to have everything you want?

Y’all have read The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, right?

The book came out several years ago, and it’s still a #1 bestseller to this day.

It’s one of those books that took the world by storm, and got everyone talking about it.

It’s full of unconventional ideas on how to make more money without being a slave to your computer, how to reclaim your time, and how to take mini-retirements at various points throughout your life, instead of saving all of your travel, pleasure, leisure, and international adventures until you’re 65 or 70 years old. (Because… hellooo? Why postpone all the fun until then?)

In the book, Tim suggests that you sit down and make a list of everything you want. Your ideal life scenario.

Do you want to own an apartment in the city? Which neighborhood? How many bedrooms? Write it down.

Do you want to rent a peaceful cabin in the woods, just a few days per month for a quick getaway? Write it down.

Do you want to lease a sexy sports car for one year, just for fun? Or maybe you don’t want a car, because you’re doing Lyft to get around, or riding your a bike?

Do you want an HBO subscription? A housekeeper? Groceries delivered to your door? A nanny? Or maybe a local high school or college student who can run random errands for you? A massage every week? Fresh flowers in your office? A watercolor painting class every Thursday night? A professional grooming service for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? A monthly budget of $200 to donate to a worthy cause, or to use for “random acts of kindness”? Put it all down.

Try to write down every single detail of your “ideal life.” Then, total it up. Figure out how much it would cost to have literally everything you want… per month.

This is such a fascinating exercise.

One, it helps you to clarify exactly what you care about, and don’t care about.

Two, it’s really interesting to see the exact dollar amount of your dream life. Often, this number is not as humungous as we think it’s going to be. Often, it’s pretty attainable. (I mean, unless you require a constant stream of beluga caviar and the finest champagne flowing into your mouth at all hours of the day, or something like that! In which case, you do you! Get it, queen!)

This week, try to figure out your monthly number. If it’s a lot more than you currently make, tell yourself, “I can rise up to this number. It’s doable.”

A new side-business. A new product. Raising your hourly rate. Negotiating for a raise. There’s always a way.

If you crave it, you can create it.

PS. If your brain is whirling with ideas, and you want to figure out how to dial up your income so that you can have everything on your “ideal life list,” check out my collection of free training videos covering topics like how to get your first 10 clients, how to stay motivated for the long haul, and why self-care is an excellent business plan. Over 10 hours of videos for you to watch anytime. Enjoy!

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