April 21, 2016

How I ended up staying at Paris Hilton’s mansion… for free.

This is a true story about what can happen when you say: “YES.”

Here’s how it went down…

Just 6 days ago, an announcement flashes into my Facebook feed:

Martha Beck (my personal hero and mentor) is speaking in Los Angeles alongside Maria Shriver (another hero of mine) at the end of April. Two lady-bosses that I admire, together, sharing the stage. #Legendary

My heart says: “Susan, you need to be there. Don’t ask why. You just do. Go to LA.”

My brain says: “That’s ridiculous. You’re already doing a trip to Austin to see Martha next week. The kids need you to stay home. The Silver Fox will be annoyed if you book another trip. It’s too soon. It’s too expensive. Not this month. Doesn’t make any sense. Don’t go to LA.”

My heart says: “Ignore your brain. Go to LA. Seriously. Go.”

This “go / don’t go” dialogue continues for a couple of hours. I’m torn. I’m unsure. My brain is putting together a very convincing, extensive list of reasons why I shouldn’t go on this trip.

But then…

I decide to let my heart win the debate.I decide to go for it, all cylinders, full speed ahead. I can’t explain why. It just feels right.

I whirl into action-mode. Plane tickets: booked. Family stuff: sorted. A spontaneous workshop while I’m in town? Why not! Newsletter: out. Facebook marketing: done. Within 24 hours, my spur-of-the-moment LA trip is confirmed. It’s all happening.

Then a colleague contacts me out of the blue to say, “I noticed you’re visiting LA soon. Do you need a place to stay? Because I have a vacation home that you’re welcome to crash at.”

“Oh wow, that’s incredibly generous!” I reply. “Where is it?”

She explains that it’s in West Hollywood near the Sunset Strip, there’s a heated pool, a jacuzzi, a waterfall, an outdoor firepit, multiple bedrooms, orange trees in the garden, a billiards room, nobody is using it at the moment, and oh, by the way, it was Paris Hilton’s former place. I click over to look at the photos and my body literally starts trembling. This is too much. This is insane. Is this really happening? OMG. Yes. This is happening.

“See? Told ya,” my heart says. “Aren’t you glad you decided to set up that trip to LA?”

Heart: you win. I don’t know why I ever doubted you.

And THAT’S how it all happened—and yes, I really am staying at Paris Hilton’s mansion at the end of this month! Squeeeeeee!!!!! (No amount of exclamation points will ever be enough to convey how I feeeel!!!!!)

Your turn, LadyBoss:

When was the last time you received a strong message from your heart (or gut, intuition, whatever term you prefer?)

Did you listen to that message?

Or did you brush it aside dismissively?

Did you let your rational brain talk you out of it?

Or did you follow that spark of YES-ness?

The next time your heart points you towards a particular place, choice, or opportunity—and tells you, “Yes, this, now, YES!!!” I hope you listen—and go for it. Because when you do, amazing things tend to happen. It could be an unexpected gift, a chance meeting, an idea for a new revenue stream, a life-changing friendship, an invitation to soak in Paris Hilton’s jacuzzi (holla!!) or the moment where you discover your newest hobby/passion/obsession…

Who knows what could happen?

Who knows what’s on the other side of that “Yes”?

There’s only one way to find out.

If you feel it, then go with it. Trust it. Run with it. Leap into the “Yes.”


PS. Paris Hilton’s mansion has four bedrooms, which is way too much space for lil’ me all by myself. So I’ve decided to invite 1 LadyBoss to join me there for 2 nights: Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29. Yes. As in: one week from right now.

It’s a VIP coaching intensive—just you and me—working together on whatever you want. We can spend the whole time coming up with income-generating ideas for your business, or figuring out how to create a graceful transition out of your current job, or discussing your legacy project (the work you want to be known for, your permanent mark on the planet) and how to make it happen.

Coaching, gourmet meals, pampering, surprises, accommodation included—of course.

If you’re interested, apply here, tell me about yourself, and tell me what your heart has been whispering to you lately. Can’t wait to read…



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