October 26, 2016

How does BARE work?


Hey hey… 

If you follow me on Facebook, or if you’ve been part of my mailing list tribe for a while, you probably know that I’m the creator of a trademarked weight loss process called BARE.

I’ve been talking about BARE a lot lately because 1) It’s basically my favorite thing I’ve ever created and because 2) The next session is open for enrollment right now. (We’re kicking off on November 14th.) 

I’ve used the BARE process with over 1,000 clients and online program participants to date. It’s extremely effective. When clients hire me for BARE coaching, I take pride in being the last weight loss coach they’ll ever need.

But what happens in this program, exactly? And how does it work?

Let’s discuss!

— What happens during each week of the program? —

BARE is a 6-week experience where you’ll be encouraged to:bare2_bare

Week 1. Clean up your environment.

Week 2. Add pleasure into your day.

Week 3. Eat with attentiveness.

Week 4. Exercise with love.

Week 5. Declutter your closet.

Week 6. Detox your mind. 

Week 7. Show up and be seen.

Each week, you’re given a specific assignment to complete. As you complete each assignment, you feel lighter—physically and emotionally. The excess weight that you’re carrying starts to melt away. 

The weight does not come back, because with BARE, you aren’t going on a temporary crash diet. You are permanently reshaping your mind and your life.

— What kinds of results do BARE clients typically get? —

Women who have taken my BARE program have collectively lost thousands of pounds while simultaneously upgrading/expanding their entire lives.

They’ve taken dance classes at Beyoncé’s rehearsal studio in Manhattan. 

They’ve sunbathed in bikinis and they’ve told me things like, “This is the first time my stomach has felt the sunshine in over 15 years.” 

They’ve left depressing cubicle jobs in favor of entrepreneurship, artistry, and freedom. 

One client was so invigorated by the BARE process that she found the courage to ask a cute guy at the dog park out on a date, and he said “Yes.”

Bottom line: BARE is so much more than a “weight loss program.” You will lose weight, absolutely, but that’s just a side effect of the bigger, deeper work that’s taking place.

With BARE, you’re not just burning fat and dropping a few dress sizes. You’re making a commitment to live in a more courageous way—to charge after the experiences that you crave so that, one day, you can die saying “Well THAT was amazing!” instead of “I wish I’d been a little braver…” 

BARE is a 6-week experience, but the ripple effects last a lifetime.

— How much weight can someone expect to lose? —

My goal is to set you on a path where you will gradually, steadily drop down to your natural weight set-point. 

This set-point is the weight that your body “wants” to be—a weight that feels right, where you feel comfortable in your skin, energized and healthy. A weight that you can maintain effortlessly just by eating and exercising “normally.” To give you an example: I’m 5’3” and my set-point is around 120 pounds. This is a weight that I can maintain with ease and it just feels right. Everybody is different and everyone has her own set-point— once you reach it, you just know.

Reaching your set-point might take 7 weeks, or 5 months, or 15 months, or less time, or more time—it all depends on your current weight, height, body type, fat/muscle ratio, and all of that personalized stuff. But if you commit to the BARE process, you will lose weight steadily and gradually, and eventually, you will arrive at your set-point and you won’t yo-yo or regain. You’ll be “home.”

— Where’s the enrollment page, again? —

Right here.

Make your deposit of $497 to get into the program.

I can only accept 8 clients for this program. I like to keep the group small and intimate. BARE always fills up, every time, so if you want to jump in… enroll right now.

— Any questions? —

Send an email to support@shyatt.com to ask anything you’re wondering about. 

Or if you want to chat with me directly, attend my free BARE WEBINAR on Wednesday, November 9th at 12pm Central. I’ll be sharing a few BARE success stories to inspire you, and answering all of your burning BARE-related questions. 

See you there!







P.S. This is what Mona, a previous BARE participant, had to say about the program:

Ladies and the fabulous Susan Hyatt!! I am so grateful for all of you and our shared journey! I was doing great in BARE then I lost my way. Finally cleaned out my closet and whole house, had to hire a friend to keep me focused, we spent 10 hours getting rid of ALL the things that weren’t serving me anymore. Then I had some health scares and decided to recommit to making changes! 

I’m thrilled to say, I’m down 25 pounds and more importantly….I FEEL amazing. 

I’m launching the evolution of my mortgage company MOXY Money! I’m ready to step fully into my brilliance, light and Bad Assness! The mission of the company I’m creating is to create financial justice for all. Transforming people so that they can be the change they wish to see in the world. It’s a personal sustainable and development company, we will use finance and education to fuel this change!

Beyond grateful. BARE is the gift that keeps on giving! Grateful for all of you. #ownyourmoxy#grateful #keepgoing #glowing



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