January 5, 2020

Highs And Lows Of 2019—With Photos!

Once a year, I post a list of my highs and lows.

The brightest moments from the last twelve months—and the unpleasant experiences, too.

If you’ve never made a high / low list before, I encourage you to try it. Because life can move so quickly. Before we even realize it…boom.

The years zip by, and then your kids are graduating from high school (or college!) and heading into the world, and you’re standing there in the doorway sniffling into your Kleenex and wondering, “What just happened? Where did all the time go?”

It’s so important to slow down, write things down, celebrate the wins, and make peace with everything that didn’t go exactly as planned.

Here’s my list for 2019…


– Flying out to Oregon with my brilliant daughter Cora to get her moved into her college dorm! My last kiddo—all grown up and outta the house! I sometimes walk into her room, sit on her bed and cry. Good, happy tears. Mostly.

– An epic trip to Italy with family and friends. Summer vibes. Cobblestone streets. Leisurely dinners that stretched on for hours. In the school of life, travel is one of my greatest teachers—and Italy is probably my all-time favorite class.

BARE hit bookshelves and became a #1 bestseller on Amazon—thanks to incredible women like you! In this book, I share my personal story of weight gain, weight loss, diet hell, body drama, my journey back to health—and how I decided to try the most radical thing of all: treating my body like a friend. The book is available in several formats: hardcover, Kindle, and audiobook.

– Discovering the wonderful world of Peloton! Y’all, I never thought I’d become an indoor cycling freak, but I’m legitimately obsessed with my Peloton bike. Hopping on for a quick ride feels amazing for my body. I’m basically an unpaid brand ambassador for Peloton because I won’t shut up about them. LOL. Also, just ordered the Peloton Tread and am turning the basement into a gym. YASSSSS.

-Under contract on a building lot downtown—which will eventually become the new headquarters for Susan Hyatt Inc and Susan Hyatt: The Agency.

Three stories. Marketing agency and web/video/audio/content development studios on the first two levels. Luxury home on the top floor with river views (I call it my “empty nester penthouse.”).

Launching The Agency is the biggest, most ambitious project of my career to date. It’s so exciting—and it’s so crazy to think that 20 years ago, Scott and I couldn’t even afford to buy a $37 Christmas tree—let alone invest in commercial real estate! (Baby, we’ve come a long way!)

Big transformations require big courage, consistency, and patience. Millions never get made overnight and there is no magic InstaPot for your dreams. But a lot can happen in 5, 10, or 20 years…when you keep showing up for your goals and refuse to quit.


– Trump’s existence. Big low. Daily.

– As much as I love traveling, the Nationwide book tour for BARE pushed me to the limit. Between the tour and other commitments, I ended up being away from home a lot more than I’d anticipated. I really missed my family—and my bed! I’m looking forward to more chill-time at home in 2020.

– Dealing with my own internal bullshit and resistance. I had to make some big decisions about my company this year (including hiring 5 new team members and letting some go) and I felt major reluctance and overwhelm for awhile. But I’m proud that I eventually put on my big-girl panties and stepped up.


– Hugging Cora goodbye after unpacking in her college dorm. How did my little baby girl grow up so fast and become a gorgeous, brilliant, powerful young woman? Excuse me? What the hell?! Unreal.


– Getting my first royalty check from my publisher for BARE—and depositing that cash into my bank account. I’ll never forget that sweet, victorious feeling.

The money was cool. But of course, it wasn’t just about the dollars—it was about everything that money represented. Belief in myself. Belief in this book. Fighting for a publishing deal even when so many had rejected my proposal. The opportunity to share my story—and share the BARE process—with readers around the world. So many emotions—all summed up in one little slip of paper. Hard work pays off. Dreams do come true.


Too many to choose just one!


Christmas Day gift exchange. The Silver Fox surprised me with a commissioned painting by Leah Badertscher. Victory ^ 2.

There’s so much meaning layered in this painting. Victory Squared.

Scott wanted it to symbolize “A healthy relationship is where two independent people just make a deal that they will help each other become the best version of themselves. Love, Me”

I cried all my makeup off.


This year, I’ve been inspired by so many heroic women—particularly

Greta Thurnberg –“I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is.” – World Economic Forum, Davos, 24 January 2019

Nancy Pelosi – “Having five children in six years is the best training in the world for Speaker of the House.”

— Nancy Pelosi

Lizzo – “Turns out I’m 100% that bitch.”



So many exciting projects!

A few things I’m especially excited about:

– The Susan Hyatt Agency is officially open—and we’re lining up clients for 2020. This is a full-service marketing and branding agency especially for female entrepreneurs, with a hand-selected team of brilliant minds.

Reach out a.s.a.p. to support@shyatt.com if you’d like to hire The Agency to create (or makeover) your brand. From building a gorgeous website, to photography, videography, and audio production, to setting up your mailing list and email sequences, to social media ads, and beyond…We do it all. It’s a one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

– The BARE documentary! Theatrical debut and live online screening: January 10th 2020.

Inspiring conversations with women who’ve changed their bodies and their lives. True stories about incredible transformations. Plus: rollerblading, tiny shorts, and twerking. Obviously.

This movie will leave you feeling so inspired—and so ready to love, appreciate, and celebrate your amazing body. Sign up here to be the first-to-know about this documentary film and how to watch online!

– Trump’s impeachment! I’m lighting candles, saying prayers, and throwing a wild dinner party in celebration of this joyous occasion. Wanna come?



Here are my recaps from 20162017, and 2018.



2020 is gonna be a whole lotta “WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?!”

See you in the NEW YEAR!



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