December 31, 2017

Highs and lows of 2017… with photos!


Once a year, I post a list of my highs and lows.

The brightest moments from the last twelve months—and the unpleasant experiences, too.

If you’ve never made a high/low list before, I encourage you to try it. Because life can move so quickly. Before we even realize it… boom. Ten years zip by, and then your kids are graduating from high school and heading into the world, and you’re standing there in the doorway sniffling into your Kleenex and wondering, “What just happened? Where did all the time go?”

It’s so important to slow down, write things down, celebrate the wins, and make peace with everything that didn’t go exactly as planned.

Without further ado…

Here’s my list for 2017.



– Watching my son Ryan graduate from high school (it was quite a journey to get him across the finish line!) and get accepted to a great college. He’s my first kid to leave the nest, so it was an incredibly emotional experience. I cried for about a month straight. Nonetheless, a major high.


– Visiting Positano, Italy, for the fourth time in four years. Every time I visit Europe—particularly Italy—I am reminded to slow down my pace and stop rushing around like a typical frenzied American. I walk more. I stop to admire the sunset. I take an hour or two to savor dinner instead of just fifteen minutes. It’s so good for my spirit.

– Speaking onstage at some amazing conferences—like Be Golden and Multiply Live. I spend most of my time working from my home office in my post-gym sweaty workout clothes, so it’s always fun to get dolled up and step up to the mic.

– Opening the doors to the BARE DAILY monthly membership community, certifying a wonderful group of new BARE coaches, and getting a book deal for the BARE book. It took over a year to get that book deal. There were so many moments when I wondered, “What am I even doing?” and “Should I keep trying—or change the plan?” So much rejection. So much waiting. But I’m glad I persisted!

– Every 5am morning run around the neighborhood with my best friend Frances.

– Every 5pm cozy fireside reading session in my favorite chair.

– Every episode of Outlander.

– Every meal that I made in my Instant Pot (seriously—the best $100 I’ve ever spent).

– Every moment I got to spend with my husband Scott and my two kids. This year, after losing a beloved family member, and after witnessing all of the atrocities in the news, I am profoundly grateful for the simple privilege of being home with my family—safe, healthy, alive, together. For me, that’s the highest high.



 – Losing my husband’s dad. He was a great man, and this was definitely the lowest moment of the year. The silver lining was that the entire Hyatt family got together, I took some time off work, and we all shared a very meaningful memorial service in his honor.

– Saying goodbye to my amazing assistant, Ashley. For two and a half years, she’s been my right-hand gal, my project manager, and my lifesaver in about a million different ways. Ashley is moving onto some new projects—including starting her own business! So really, this isn’t exactly a “low,” because it’s a beautiful new chapter for Ms. Ashley and I’m so proud of her. Fortunately, I was able to find a new assistant, Larissa, who is already impressing me—daily—with her professionalism and positivity.

– There was an extremely distressing situation that (for legal reasons) I can’t discuss publicly. But I’ll give you the short version: I was conned by a real life, serial CON ARTIST. OMG!!!!

If you’re going through something difficult and painful in your career—or in your life— right now, please know that you’re never alone, and you’re strong enough to get through it. Human beings are incredibly resilient. When you are tested, that’s when you’ll discover deep reserves of strength you didn’t even know you had.



When this lady who’d been posting horrible, insulting things about me on Facebook emails me and asks, “Can I hire you?”




So hard to pick just one! A few faves:



 Seeing my kid graduate from High School. So much pride. So much relief.



Hosting an event in Washington, DC, the weekend of The Women’s March. I was able to donate 100% of the proceeds to female candidates running for office, like Mona Das.



This year, I was profoundly moved and impressed by Maxine Waters (“Reclaiming my time! Reclaiming my time!”), by Ashley Graham for standing up to bullies and body-shamers, by Michelle Obama for her never-ending grace and poise no matter the circumstances, and by both of my children. They both show me what it means to be a real life badass who never gives up!



Ohhh, bring it!

2018 is nearly here and I cannot wait for:

– Less traveling and more quiet time at home. My Passport is jam-packed with stamps. My heart is full of memories. I’m grateful for all of the incredible adventures I’ve had these last few years in Thailand, Spain, Italy, France, and beyond. And… I’m excited to spend a little more time on my couch in my fuzzy slippers. No Passport required. LOL. Although I am going to Savannah, New York and Italy. Balance.

– Refocusing my business. Trimming away some classes and programs that I don’t want to run anymore. Simplifying. I am applying Marie Kondo’s decluttering philosophy to my biz—and it feels so good.

– Smashing diet culture by expanding my BARE work. The book is coming. The revolution is on!

– A new album from Bruno Mars, perhaps? C’mon. Bruno. I NEED THIS.



Here’s my recap from 2015. And here’s a recap from 2016…the first nine years of running my own business.



“If life gives you lemonsdon’t settle for simply making lemonademake a glorious scene at a lemonade stand.” —Elizabeth Gilbert

Life is short. Let’s make our time count—and keep making all kinds of scenes.



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