July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day y’all!!

My wish for you today is that you MAKE A SCENE. Don’t let the fireworks shine alone! Hand the camera over and get IN the pictures with family today.

You deserve to take up as much space as you need. You’ve only got one life. LIVE IT. Holidays can be especially hard. Parties, barbecues, pictures, family & friends. Don’t HIDE. MAKE A SCENE.

Need a little pep talk?
Check out this episode of the BARE Podcast to get you going today.

We’re covering step seven in the BARE process! Show up and be seen. YES ladies. SHOW UP. MAKE A SCENE. You were not put here to hide, so come out of your shell with me today! And the final Q&A of the season will help overcome the fear and belief that if you want to be seen… that would mean you were conceited. Let’s show up today!

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Today, celebrate Independence Day, YES!! But also, celebrate YOURSELF. 

Do you think the Universe is going to throw a party in your honor once you reach your “goal weight”?

Nope. The Universe already LOVES YOU. The celebration is already in progress. All that’s missing is you!


Today: Celebrate yourself! Light a sparkler not only in celebration of Independence Day (if you celebrate this holiday), but more so in celebration of YOU!

Don’t wait for “someday” or for some “perfect weight.” Celebrate yourself now!
Better yet… celebrate WITH US.

The BARE Daily community is full of bright, fierce, amazing women who would love to encourage you to make your scene, to celebrate you.

Don’t go on another diet. It’s summer, boo. It’s time to relax, live life to the fullest, love the body you’re in, sweat because you find something you LOVE (not as a punishment).
It’s time to celebrate you & your body for all it’s done. That’s what we’re doing up in there & enrollment is now open. Click here for deets or email support@shyatt for any questions!








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