May 21, 2013

Grabbing Life By The Lemons

My mother-in-law narrowly escaped death last week and things have been wicked hard. The kind of hard that makes you gain new perspective and understand song lyrics or book quotes that went over your head before. Dickens’ prose “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” keeps swirling in my mind. Suddenly, famous words from A Tale of Two Cities accurately describes my life.

I’m getting comfortable with being both ridiculously happy and excited about some things, while also processing deep grief and anxiety. Allowing and processing two contrasting feeling states is not for wimps, I promise you.

A delicious life doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. Life isn’t always 100% solid. You might have a great family life, but your job is sucking your soul. Or maybe you feel like you have everything all wrapped except the debtors that keep calling. Perhaps your kids are happy and healthy, you are at the peak of your career, and yet your husband is walking out—with a younger woman. Life, quite simply, is messy. And we can learn to love the mess and clean it up, or wallow in it and stay stuck.

I think this is my next phase for Life Is Delicious. I’m documenting and developing coaching tools to address the question: How do you rock out a delicious life, even when the shit hits the fan? My working title is: Life Is Delicious: A Place to Fall Apart So That You Can Build It Back Up. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll tell you now that having a community of support is one of the ways that I have kept my sanity. Creating community is one of my passions. Clear Coaches is a community that I have created for Life Coaches who are building profitable businesses. Check out what my latest coaches created below. I am so proud of the positive impact they are making in the world!

PS. My mother in law has bounced back, rather suddenly. She’s off the vent and back in the rehab wing!

Cynthia O’Kelly

Not losing weight? Let’s talk! Cynthia works with people who have had struggles with weight loss. Through one on one coaching, she can help you lose weight, be fit and healthy and get your joy back. All your dreams can come true. Coach with Cynthia O’Kelly!

Salina DeLarge

(Are You) Living a Life Worthy of Your Calling? We were all put on this earth for a unique purpose. Soul Care and Purpose Coaching will help you uncover your God given strengths. Stop going through life, start growing through life. One-on-one coaching programs available to help you uncover your purpose.

*I am currently working on a downloadable, self-paced, 4 week curriculum. Available soon.

Shawna O’Hagan Morrow

“Find Your Feisty” class coming this summer. This class is a must if you who want to increase your overall well-being and be less stressed while utilizing your personal strengths to help you Find Your Feisty. Be one the first to know about this class and get other freebies at Sign up for my newsletter and be in the know.

Linda Hill Hickok

I work with clients who wish to transition from unsatisfying careers or life situations to a better place. They get clear as to who they are and what they really want. My purpose is to assist my clients in taking charge of their own lives, to dump the fear and live authentically. I believe that we are all designed for purposeful and joyful living.


Susie Shubert

Yo, Stargazers!!

Are you trying to get your amazingly creative self out there in this thing we call life, and yet with all of the many things you’ve tried you just feel unsettled, uninspired, and unsure? It’s time to start living loud. To be heard. To be seen. To be a force. To embrace the Wanderlust. To discover that Creative Badass and set it loose on the world. I help Stargazers kick failure to the curb so they can rock out their badass plans. Susie Shubert–Your Real Life, Coach

Dana Mallon

Share Your Story, Heal a Heart – I’m working on creating a space for a collection of awesome stories from women who have experienced different trials and tribulations in their lives and have overcome them. My intention is to bring women together who are willing to share their journey and life lessons so we all can heal our hearts and empower one another! I believe your story is meant to be share!

Lisa Levine

Shift Out of Overwhelm! – Action is the antidote to overwhelm. I have a toolbox full of ideas to help you free yourself from whatever is holding you up. Free coaching session for the first 5 who get in touch and a great package price for 4! Website coming soon…..

Leslie Plesac

I know first-hand the pressures of living in the shadow of a professional athlete. It’s easy to lose touch with what matters to you and to find yourself living a life that doesn’t resemble the one that you imagined.

I work with wives of professional athletes to help them find peace in world where nothing is certain. Together we can explore the frustration and loneliness that occurs in a life where everyone thinks you have it all. As your coach, we can work together to define your goals and dreams in game that has you focused on someone else as the priority.

Shelle Winkler

Have you discovered that your life is a bit “dull” because you have been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs that you have neglected yourself? What would it take for you to create a life you love? I can help you rediscover your passions and help you design a life that gives you joy so that you can have a richer, fuller and happier life. I am offering four 50 minute sessions for $200 that ar designed to help you kick-start a life you love!



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