July 22, 2018

Got money issues? Read this.

Do you have money issues? 


Maybe you wish you were making more money, but something keeps holding you back. 


Maybe you already make decent money, but somehow it always seems to disappear. Money flows in. Then just as quickly, it flows out, and you’re like, “Where did it all go?”


Maybe you worry about how people might react if you start making serious money. If you reach six, seven, or eight figures per year, will your friends view you differently? Will your husband feel threatened? Trolls on the Internet—what will they post about you?


Are you ready to create a new attitude about money? 

Here’s an attitude adjustment that I love:


Instead of thinking to yourself, “I am making money,” change that thought to: “I am making HISTORY.”


Historically, women have been shut out from the business and financial world. For hundreds of years, women were not allowed to attend college. Not allowed to work. Not allowed to own land or real estate. Not allowed to open a bank account. Not allowed to file a patent. Not allowed to have a credit card—this didn’t change in the US until 1974! Not even that long ago.


So, if you are a woman today and you are working and earning ANY amount of your own money—$1,000 per month, $10,000, $1 million, $10 million, any amount—then you are not just “earning money.” You are “making history.” 


Let me repeat that. Sister, you are making HISTORY. Let that sink it. And don’t be ashamed of the money that you earn. Don’t downplay it. Don’t shy away from it. Be proud of it. Every deposit in your bank account is history in the making. This is the stuff that future historians will write about—that teenage girls will study in classrooms in 2050. This is the world turning, rising, evolving into something better than it was before. 


Let’s make A LOT of history.


Get that dinero.






PS. This article about women’s rights and money fascinating. This one is great, too. And please, do yourself a favor, and watch this music video featuring Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B: Dinero. “Merengue to the money, Bachata to the bank!”


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