Give Yourself a Minute.

I don’t know if I told y’all, but the morning of my TEDx talk practice round, I lost my shit.


We were across the street from the arena, I saw all of the TEDx signage, the lit up marquee sign, and I started to panic.


I literally bent over to breathe, tears were forming, and Scott was standing there holding my phone in one hand and my green juice in the other.


My mind was swirling with, “You are going to say it wrong. You didn’t practice enough. You can back out if you want…”


Scott looked at me and said, “I’m just going to stand over here and give you a minute.”


And he did that. He stood on the corner and let me collect myself.


I could feel his support. And I was able to say to myself, “Go get your ass up on that stage and help people. Say it wrong if you need to, but say it.”


And when I walked over to him he said, “You look great, you sound great, you know this backwards and forwards. Let’s go.”


And now here we are after the qualifying race at Road America.


He did fine but his car is losing power. He’s trying to figure out why.


Hood lifted. Cranky, but working to solve the problem.


And I’m doing what he did. Standing nearby at the ready. Letting him have a minute.


Because that’s what good partners do.


Maybe you need a minute to remember exactly who you are.


Repeat after me: “I am ________, and I have so got this.”


Get your ass on the stage, the race track, or in the room where it happens. I’ll be there waiting for you.


PS. And hey, if you need some extra motivation and accountability to help you reach your goals, I’ve got you, boo! Some of the smartest, kindest and savviest entrepreneurs I know are gathering together with me in San Diego October 4-6 for my annual Finish Strong event. GET ON THE PLANE.



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