February 11, 2018

Give yourself a break.

{A story about keeping things simple… and giving yourself a break.}

Sarah runs a popular blog called Yes & Yes. She loves writing and she posts new pieces multiple times a week.

However, every December, she takes a break from writing so she can chill with her husband and step-kids, recharge, hang with girlfriends, and do cozy holiday activities.

Instead of writing brand new pieces, she digs into her blog archives, picks a few of her favorite pieces from past years, and then she re-posts those on her blog throughout most of December. It’s like “the best of” Yes & Yes. Blog re-runs. Vintage hits. Her readers don’t mind at all—in fact, they love it!

This is a great example of how to keep things simple, build more space into your schedule, and give yourself a break.

Do you really need to write a brand-new blog post this week? Maybe you could re-publish an older piece that’s still great and still relevant.

Do you really need to do an elaborate dinner for Valentine’s? Maybe throwing together an at home picnic by the fire would be way simpler and just as romantic. More time for…. you know. 😉

If you run a business, do you really need to offer a dozen different programs and services to your clients? Maybe it would be better to offer one main service (maybe two) and call it good.

Do you really need to book an expensive venue for your next seminar or workshop? Maybe hosting the event in your backyard would be delightful. Picnic table. Candles. Pitcher of Sangria. Done.

There’s no golden trophy in Heaven for “Completing the Most Complicated Life.”

Keep it simple. Un-complicate your to-do list.

Give yourself a break.



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