March 14, 2018

Get Your Marketing Plan…Done!


Have you figured out your marketing plan for the rest of 2018? Kinda? Sorta? Not yet? No worries.

On March 22nd, join me for a FREE CLASS called GET YOUR MARKETING PLAN… DONE!

Sign up for the class. Come with a blank notebook. Leave with a plan!


What we’ll cover:

 — FOCUS. Instead of doing 27 different things—and feeling exhausted—learn how to focus on 2-3 marketing strategies that work best for you. Do less. Get better results.

 — ORGANIZATION. How to create a content calendar for your blog, podcast, webinars, social media, or wherever you intend to market yourself. Get organized like a BOSS!

 — CREATIVITY. How to bring more creativity and personality into your content. Also, learn some creative marketing approaches that (maybe) you haven’t tried yet.


You’ll leave this class with:

 — A completed marketing plan for the rest of 2018.

 — Or, at the very least, the beginnings of a great plan… and lots of fresh energy and motivation to finish it up.

 Either way, you will leave with more of a plan than before you arrived! This will be a fun, inspiring, super productive class. Sign up to attend live—or watch the video replay whenever you’ve got time.


Class is happening:

Thursday, March 22nd
10am PST//11am MST//12pm CST//1pm EST

Sign up here! 




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