October 30, 2015

Fun, Fashion, and Masquerade Ball Gowns


“You cannot wait for fun to find you. You have to create your own fun and memories.”

That’s some wonderful advice that I received years ago from my friend Karen’s mom. I took that message to heart and have made fun creation a major part of my life.

At the moment, I’m folding linen napkins and polishing the silver for a “Progressive Dinner Party” happening tomorrow night. Ever heard of that? It’s where each couple hosts one course (appetizers, salad, main, dessert, drinks) at their home and then the group moves on to the next home for the next course. We have 5 couples in the same neighborhood collaborating, and I’m having the main course at my house. So fun.

But I am OVER THE MOON about a Masquerade Ball that Scott and I are hosting, Saturday, January 2nd. We’ve rented out an amazing space, hired a kick ass band, and all of our friends are already signed up.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.06.43 PM

Y’all know I’m in it for the dress, right? LOL

I’m scouring the internet for inspiration.


I love this first look! It features Gucci, coin jewelry, and stud earring set. Gorgeous!


If you’re going for classy and sassy, try this look with a blue dress and slip on heels.


Wanna go a little darker? This fashionable look hits the marks and incorporates leather sandals and a cross body handbag.masquerade4

And this one! I mean, this look with red satin tulle strapless ballgown,  silver stilettos, and glam accessories will make any lady feel like a queen!

If you are attending a formal holiday thing this year, but know you’ll only wear the dress once? You might want to check out www.renttherunway.com. My friend Laura SWEARS by them.

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